Mission To Remarry Chapter 58

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 58

Roxanne had wanted to call the research inst*itute just to mention that she would be heading there a little later today.

Yet, the one who answered the phone was Colby, who proceeded to consult her on a project they were rushing the past two days. He had sought her help on some group data before she could even say anything

As Roxanne delved into a long discussion with him, she eventually lost track of time. The woman only remembered to end the call after hearing Lucian’s voice coming from downstairs.

That was when she quickly drew a conclusion, hung up, and hurried down the stairs. She had nearly forgotten that Lucian was showing up soon and that her two sons were still keeping Estella company downstairs.

If Lucian were to see her boys…

She instantly grew flustered at the thought.

Alas, by the time she arrived downstairs to prevent both sides from meeting each other, it was already too late.

As soon as she turned at the corner of the stairs, she saw the man standing next to the carpet, and the three children were almost done keeping their toys by now. Lucian turned around coldly after seemingly having heard her come down.

Roxanne’s expression stiffened as their eyes met, but she squeezed her palms in an attempt to calm down before greeting the man casually, “You’re here.” e

Lucian nodded chillingly but kept his gaze on her. No one could tell what he was thinking deep down.

Thinking that he had already figured out who the two boys were, Roxanne couldn’t hide her guilt. “So. are you going to take Essie home now, or.”

She was terrified that Lucian might want to sit down and talk after finding out the boys’ origins.

To her luck, the man merely thought she was hinting him to leave. “We’ll be leaving now. Don’t worry. I won’t stay here much longer,” he replied glacially.

Then, he turned to look at Estella, who was still slowly keeping the Lego bricks. “Are you done packing up? It’s time to go.”

Estella had deliberately tried to keep her movements slow since she didn’t want to leave, but Archie and Benny were so quick that the area was now almost spotless. Upon hearing her father’s prompting, the little girl stood up reluctantly and gazed at Roxanne with tears in her eyes.

Povonne’s chest tightened at the sight, but with Lucian here and whatever happened vesterdav. no words of comfort could come out of her mouth.

“Thank Ms. Jarvis, then we’ll go home,” Lucian instructed frigidly.

Estella’s expression softened more as she heard that, and she stared at Roxanne

expectantly, hoping that the woman would invite her to drop by again next time. Yet, after all that waiting, she received not a single word of response. The girl looked down dejectedly.

“Ms. Jarvis has to go to work. We shouldn’t bother her anymore,” Lucian urged. Estella finally picked up her notebook and began to write in it again.

It seemed to take her a long time just to write “Thank you.”

Yet, when she was done scribbling, she raised her notebook at Lucian instead. Daddy, can I come to see Ms. Jarvis again next time? I want to be friends with Archie and Benny.

Everyone saw what she had written.

Roxanne and her two boys felt sorry for her, but they dared not say anything due to Lucian’s sullen expression.

Noticing their reactions and seeing how clingy his daughter was with them, Lucian gritted his teeth. “No.”

Estella’s face fell the moment he said that. With her eyes reddening, she pursed her lips and began to cry silently.

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