Mission To Remarry Chapter 63

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 63

At noon both Elias and Sonya stayed at the manor for lunch. Aubree also made up an excuse and stayed.

At the dining table, she put on an attentive act. Not only did she take soup and food for the couple every so often, but she even helped Estella peel prawns that she didn’t eat much herself.

“Here, I remember that you love eating prawns, so I peeled them especially for you, Essie.”

Aubree slid the plate of prawns she had peeled to Estella.

Estella merely lifted her head and glanced at it. Then, she dipped her head again and continued eating the food in her bowl as though she didn’t see anything.

Aubree’s hand was still on the plate, and the smile on her face stiffened slightly. Some time passed, but still, Estella didn’t touch that plate of prawns at all. “Essie, why are you not eating the prawns Ms. Pearson peeled especially for you. Besides, you didn’t even thank her,” Sonya chided.

Estella turned a deaf ear to it and continued eating.

Upon seeing that, Sonya frowned slightly, and her voice turned significantly harsher as she said, “Such behavior is exceedingly rude, Essie.”

Stilling, Estella lifted her head, her eyes brimming with obstinacy. I just don’t want to eat anything from this evil woman!

Beside her, Aubree hurriedly acted considerate and sensible when she saw that Sonya was standing up for her. “Don’t be angry, Mrs. Farwell. Perhaps Essie isn’t eating the prawns because she’s already full. Besides, she’s emotionally unstable in the first place. You’ll frighten her.”

“What a considerate girl! I’ll rest easy with you taking care of her in the future,” Sonya lauded in gratification.

Aubree cautiously shifted her gaze to Lucian with a somewhat f0rced smile on her face. Likewise, Sonya looked at her son, but her eyes were filled with recrimination. As Lucian met their gazes, his expression tensed, and he said to Aubree in a clipped voice, “Essie doesn’t eat food from outsiders. You don’t need to try anymore.” When Aubree heard that, a flash of hurt flittered across her face, and she sheepishly took the plate of prawns back.

Sonya wanted to smooth over their relationship upon seeing that Aubree was hurt. She turned and chastised her son, “This is all on you for pampering her.”

Lucian remained indifferent. “Children should have some safety awareness in the first place. At

the very least, she won’t simply eat food from strangers when she’s outside.” Sonya wanted to speak further, but Elias beside her gave a cough and seconded. “Lucian is right Essie likes to wander around these few days. No one can afford to take responsibility if she eats something she shouldn’t be eating outside.” Only then did Sonya relent.

After lunch, Lucian still had work to handle, so he asked them about their plans. Regarding her granddaughter lovingly, Sonya remarked, “It’s been a long while since I last brought Essie out to shop. Essie, I’ll bring you out to buy some beautiful dresses!” Although she was dissatisfied with her son’s marriage, she still loved her granddaughter from the depths of her heart. Considering that her son was a man and would inevitably be negligent in that aspect, she would always bring Estella out to buy things favored by little girls every time she visited.

Estella was just about to agree when Aubree came over. “I’ll go with you, Mrs. Farwell. I can also see what Essie likes.”

“Sure!” Sonya agreed with a smile.

Having said that, she reached out to take Estella’s hand, only to grasp empty air. Estella shook her head at her grandmother before writing in her notebook: I don’t want to go out today. I want to practice writing at home.

I don’t want to be with this evil woman! Sonya didn’t f0rce the issue.

Elias led his granddaughter to the couch for a seat. “Here, I’ll teach you. Tell me what word you’d like to practice today.”

Recalling the names of the two boys she glimpsed written on their books when she was in kindergarten, Estella wrote “Archie” and “Benny” in her notebook.

At that, puzzlement inundated Elias. “Why do you suddenly want to practice writing these two words?”

After all, those two words weren’t common nouns, and he couldn’t think of any special meaning to them.

Shaking her head, Estella tugged at her grandfather’s sleeve, imploring him to teach her.

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