Mission To Remarry Chapter 68

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 68

Archie and Benny proceeded to compare Aubree with Roxanne from head to toe. In the end. they felt that she was all too far beneath their mother.

Daddy actually abandoned Mommy for that woman? How blind of him!

After inwardly disdaining him for a while, Archie suddenly remembered the conversation in the restaurant earlier. He leaned close to Roxanne and inquired, “Mommy, what did you mean when you said that the woman sabotaged you just now? Did she pick on you?”

Roxanne didn’t want to involve her two sons in the mess, so she denied it casually, “It’s nothing. It was just a work issue, and it has been resolved.”

No sooner had she said that than Archie’s determined voice rang out beside her ear. “She did pick on you, then! What happened exactly? Hurry up and tell us, Mommy!” The boy’s pet*ite face was stretched taut, and he frowned in an adult-like manner. “Didn’t we promise each other that there can be no secrets between us, Mommy? You can’t lie to us!” Benny seconded.

Roxanne’s brows knitted together in exasperation.

She had almost forgotten that Archie and Benny were different from other children. Their intelligence quotient was ridiculously high.

In the face of their interrogative gazes, Roxanne finally broke down and told them about Aubree teaming up with the medicinal herb suppliers in Horington to boycott their research inst*itute.

Upon hearing that she actually picked on their mother, Archie and Benny were so furious that their hands balled into fists. “That woman is simply too evil!” “Everything’s fine now, so don’t do anything rash,” Roxanne urged.

Archie and Benny nodded docilely, but inwardly, they raged.

Once they were home, they seized the opportunity while Roxanne was bathing to sneak into the study.

Archie whispered something or other into his brother’s ear mysteriously. In the next heartbeat, Benny’s eyes lit up. He turned on his laptop, his fingers flying across the keyboard. Shortly after, he hacked into Pearson Group’s system. When Roxanne came out after her bath, Archie and Benny had already slipped into bed innocently. They gazed at her with bright eyes, imploring her to tell them a bedtime story.

Early the next morning, Aubree was awakened by the ringing of her phone. Displeasure was written all over her face.

Infuriated after learning that Lucian had met Roxanne last night, she had gone to bed very late.

Thus, she was furious about being awakened carly in the morning then.

“What is it?” Her voice brimmed with impatience when she answered the call. On the other end of the phone, Charles sounded exceedingly frantic. “Ms. Pearson, come to the office quickly! There’s a huge problem with the company’s system!” The instant Aubree heard that, she jolted awake. Getting out of bed, she washed up for a bit before rushing to the office.

Only when she arrived at the office did she discover that the entire company’s system was down. All the employees were standing at the side with peculiar expressions on their faces, whereas those from the technical department were trying to fix things. No one knew the origin of the virus, but no matter what method they employed, they couldn’t resolve it.

When Aubree turned up, all the employees at the side lowered their heads in unison as though concealing something.

Meanwhile, the employees from the technical department wore grim expressions. “What’s going on? What use is the lot of you when you can’t resolve things even after so long?”

Aubree strode right over to the computers. As soon as she saw the picture on the screen, her face flushed bright red with fury.

Two cartoon characters were fighting on the screen. Precisely speaking, one of them was pummeling the other.

The character taking a beating had Aubree’s name written on her face and the words “evil woman” printed clearly on her shirt.

Next to the character dishing out the beating was a speech bubble with the phrase, “Let’s pummel the evil woman!”

It was clear as day that the person behind the virus was targeting her.

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