Mission To Remarry Chapter 76

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 76

At first, Roxanne was stunned by Estella’s actions. But after that, her heart ached for the latter. She instinctively lowered herself and pulled Estella into her embrace, patting her on the back.

Estella tugged at the hem of Roxanne’s clothes, sobbing uncontrollably. A look of helplessness flashed past Lucian’s eyes as he watched the scene before him. When we were at home a while ago, all Estella did was avoid me. Now that Roxanne’s here, this girl actually reached out without hesitation to ask for a hug. Are children naturally dependent on their mothers?

“Okay. Stop crying. Can you tell me what’s wrong?” Roxanne consoled Estella, feeling worried.

Naturally, Estella did not know how to speak. Finally, Lucian cleared his throat and said nonchalantly, “She went to kindergarten today and did not see your boys, so she thought they stopped going. She went home and cried the entire night, asking to come here to confirm their reason for absence.”.

Roxanne sighed inwardly upon hearing that. This little girl is really clingy to my boys, eh?

Realizing that, Roxanne said in a softer tone, “There, there. Don’t cry. The boys were having an upset stomach today, so I helped them to apply for a leave of absence. They’ll be going back to school to play with you tomorrow.”

When she heard Roxanne saying the same words as Lucian, Estella finally believed it. Slowly, she stopped sobbing and removed herself from Roxanne’s embrace. And carefully, she peeped into the house, wanting to see the two boys.

However, it was impossible to view the dining room from the entrance. When she did not see the twins, she started feeling uneasy again.

Roxanne noticed Estella’s cautious looks, and her heart melted. Patting Estella’s head, she asked, “Do you want to play with them? I can take you to them.”

With that, she smiled and carried Estella. Just as she was about to walk into the house, Estella

suddenly leaned back.

It was at that moment Roxanne recalled that the man was still standing at the door. On top of that, he would not enter the house without her invitation.

At that thought, she turned around to look at the man.

As the night breeze blew, Lucian’s shirt clung to his body, and he stared impassively at the girls.

Looks like he was rushing to bring Essie here that he forgot to put on a coat. Thanks to Estella, who was in her arms, Roxanne felt bad for him, and she said calmly, “Have a seat inside, Mr. Farwell.”

Lucian entered the house as soon as she spoke.

The boys are having their dinner. Let me bring you over to them.” Roxanne walked slowly, comforting Estella along the way.

Soon, three of them arrived in the dining room.

Archie and Benny were enjoying their food when they saw them walking in. They swallowed the food in their mouths, a puzzled look on their faces. “What is Essie doing here?”

Roxanne placed Estella between them and said softly, “Essie got worried when both of you didn’t go to kindergarten today. She cried, wanting to look for you. Go on. Talk to her.”

As if to confirm Roxanne’s words, Estella interlaced her fingers nervously on her dress and looked unblinkingly at Archie and Benny with her large eyes. The tip of her nose was slightly pink, making her look like a doll.

Archie and Benny exchanged gazes when they saw Estella in such a state. They found her cute yet pitiful at the same time.

“We weren’t feeling well this morning. We’re much better now. Don’t worry,” Archie rea*s*sured earnestly.

Benny turned to Essie and made a face. “Look at you, all scared like that. We’re just taking a day off. Can’t you be away from us for just a day? You little minion.”

A sense of relief washed over Estella when she heard their words, and she broke into a smile.

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