Mission To Remarry Chapter 82

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 82

When they arrived in the living room, Roxanne was f0rced to sit on the couch. The children flocked around her as they stared with concern at her finger wrapped in a handkerchief while Lucian rummaged unsuccessfully through the living room to locate the medical kit.

In the end, Archie was the one to jump off the couch to produce the medical kit from the TV cabinet.

Lucian patted the boy’s head in grat*itude and stood next to Roxanne with the kit now in his hand. The children hurriedly stepped aside.

Lucian sat down beside Roxanne. Though his face did not betray a hint of his thoughts and his presence caused a perceptible shudder in her, his movements seemed gentler than usual.

Roxanne watched him work for several seconds before being compelled to look away.

She willed herself to keep her gaze on the floor.

Looking any longer would create unnecessary misunderstandings. The man obviously hates me. Why is he so caring all of a sudden?

After having iodine applied to her cut, Lucian produced another Band-Aid and wrapped it around her wound.

Roxanne sighed in secret relief when he finally let go of her hand. She leaped up as soon as she could place some distance between them. “Thank you, and sorry again for troubling you.”

The man frowned slightly at her words but did not respond.



Roxanne glanced at the mess on the kitchen floor and made to get up. messo

“What are you doing?” The sullen voice sounded again.

Roxanne froze. “The floor needs cleaning up,” she said. “The children might step on the shards.”

Lucian’s scowl deepened.

Despite this woman’s stellar credentials, she can’t even take care of herself! Roxanne grew anxious at the man’s gloomy expression, not knowing what she had done wrong this time.

Could it be because of the trouble she had caused him earlier?


After careful consideration, Roxanne was about to apologize when he spoke again. “You can’t get your bandage w*et. Let me find you a housekeeper.”

Without giving her a chance to respond, Lucian gave his a*s*sistant a call.

After his dinner, Cayden was about to wash up and tuck in when he suddenly received a call from his employer. He picked up the phone nervously. “Find me housekeeper and deliver them to No. 32 of Durwest Garden within half an hour*

Cayden was stunned. Before he managed to formulate his question, the other had already hung up.

After gazing at his darkened screen in confusion for several seconds, Cayden contacted a housekeeping company and personally escorted the housekeeper to the address as instructed by Lucian.

“They’re on their way,” Lucian informed Roxanne in a low voice after hanging up. Roxanne’s protests ceased as he had already found a housekeeper. She seated herself some distance away from him.

The three children sat between the two adults and exchanged glances in silence. The atmosphere in the living room was stiff.

Nearly twenty minutes later, the doorbell was a relief as it broke the uncomfortable silence in the living room.

Roxanne was about to get up to answer the door, but Lucian arrived first. “Mr. Farwell.” Cayden stood on the other end with a middle-aged woman with short hair. Lucian stood sideways as he beckoned them in.

The housekeeper cleaned the kitchen with surprising efficiency while striking up an animated conversation with the three children as she worked.

She amused the children so much they could not stop laughing.

After seeing how fond the children were of the housekeeper, Roxanne was struck with an idea. She decided to take the initiative to ask, “Excuse me. I’d like to ask if you would consider working here full time. Your main duties will be caring for the children with some housekeeping now and then. I’ll leave the salary to you.”

The woman readily agreed, “I would love to; I happen to like children. You can call me Lysa.”

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