Mission To Remarry Chapter 86

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 86

It was a rare sight as Estella ran toward the school’s entrance while waving wordlessly at Roxanne and the boys.

Seeing that the little girl was too caught up in the excitement to care about road safety, Roxanne quickly rushed over to hold her hand. When she saw Lucian walking calmly toward them, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness.

Estella grinned from ear to ear as she held Roxanne’s hand. Once they stopped walking, she even hugged the latter’s leg affectionately.

Archie and Benny weren’t jealous either and greeted Estella with big, friendly smiles. When Lucian finally came to stand beside them, Benny boldly tugged at his suit sleeve. Puzzled, the man lowered his head to look at the boy. “Good morning, Mr. Farwell!” Benny exclaimed, flashing an innocent grin.

Lucian raised his eyebrows slightly, but his surprise soon turned to gentleness. “Oh, good morning to you too.”

Having gotten his father’s reply, Benny smiled even brighter. Archie, however, merely pursed his lips and gave Lucian a nod.

Of course, Lucian returned the greeting in the same manner.

Upon seeing how close the two families seemed, Pippa mused, “Wow, Ms. Jarvis, I suppose you must be on excellent terms with Estella. That’s pretty rare, you know? I’ve taught her for so long, yet she’s never been this clingy with me.”

Roxanne glanced at the little girl holding her leg and simply answered with a chuckle. Estella refused to leave Roxanne’s side, but that didn’t matter since it was still early, and not many children had arrived at the kindergarten.

Thus, Roxanne and the kids decided to remain standing at the door to chat with Pippa. Fortunately, Lucian had called the kindergarten head the night before to scrap the twins’ expulsion, so Pippa never once mentioned how close Archie and Benny had been to getting kicked out of school.

Naturally, Roxanne continued to be kept in the dark.

After the three kids held hands and walked into school together, Roxanne turned around to prepare to leave. Alas, she felt her heart skip a beat when she accidentally met Lucian’s gaze.

She had been chatting with Pippa for so long that she almost forgot that Lucian was standing quietly behind her.

*If there’s nothing else, I’ll be off to work, Mr. Farwell,” Roxanne uttered, striding off before Lucian could even say anything.

As he watched her retreating figure, Lucian’s gaze darkened.

The sight of Roxanne and the three kids chatting with Pippa earlier had left him in a daze. To him, it felt as though they were a family.

Only after Roxanne had sped off in her car did Lucian finally gather his thoughts and walk to his Bentley.

After leaving the kindergarten, Roxanne made a beeline for the research inst*itute. Thanks to the Queen family’s supply of herbs, the once-stagnant research gradually got back on track and continued to progress smoothly.

Roxanne kept herself busy the entire morning, and by the time Jonathan called, it was already noon.

“Dr. Jarvis, what time will you be dropping by this afternoon? I’ll wait for you at home.” Hearing that, Roxanne suddenly recalled her appointment with Alfred for his treatment. Oh my gosh. I’ve been so busy this morning that if it weren’t for Jonathan’s reminder, I’d have forgotten something as important as this.

Snapping herself out of it, Roxanne glanced at the work she had left and gave Jonathan a time.

Despite that, she made it a point to arrive earlier before her appointment that afternoon.

The Queens’ butler was already acquainted with Roxanne and knew her treatment was working wonders for Alfred’s health. As such, his att*itude toward her underwent a one- eighty, and he now treated her with the utmost respect.

Roxanne had only just stepped into the house when her brows furrowed at the person sitting on the couch.

“We meet again, Ms. Jarvis,” Aubree piped up. Even though she was wearing a smile, there was no hiding the cold glint in her eyes.

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