Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 29

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan By Kellie Brown

Chapter 29 The Blue Moon Tree

Tanya’s POV:

After an early dinner, Marco invites me to go on a drive with him. He takes me out of the capital, driving for miles until we reach a glen on the outskirts of the kingdom. He tells me that we’re in the Blue Moon Pack.

It’s impressive to see how expansive the Kingdom of Mador truly is, and I’m reminded of how much power his family holds to rule over all of this, even the territories inhabited by other packs.

“I want to show you something.”

Marco parks the car, and we walk for a short while, reaching a beautiful clearing in the glen. At the heart of the small valley is an enormous tree with hundreds of little beautiful flowers. I’d never seen it before, but I immediately recognize where we are. Even I’ve heard the wondrous stories of the Blue Moon Tree. Legend says the ancient tree was blessed by the Moon Goddess herself many centuries ago, and those beautiful flowers around the tree must be the Blue Moon Flowers.

People are gathered in the open space, some walking around peacefully while others sit or kneel by the tree in prayer or meditation. Many of them are couples.

“This is where my parents met many years ago. They crossed paths right under the tree, and it was love at first sight.”

I gasp softly at Marco’s words. 

According to folklore, the tree is not only considered a sacred space but a holy relic for lovers. As we walk closer, I can see dozens and dozens of multicolored ribbons tied around the branches of the tree. It is said that if you visit the tree with your lover and tie a ribbon around one of its branches, the Blue Moon Tree will grant your wish and bless your love, so you can be together forever.

Marco says none of this, but there’s something new in his expression that makes my heart flutter.

“Did you ever come here with Lily? To make a wish together?” I ask, trying to keep my tone impartial. I barely manage to bite back the smile on my lips when he says:


I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up. But maybe bringing me here is a sign that Marco has started to truly care for me, even if it’s just a little. My tentative speculation and blissful hopes are interrupted by the sound of a man yelling.

“How can they give such an order?!”

The screaming man is young and handsome, quite like a fox. He’s probably in his twenties or early thirties. He’s tall and lean, with an elegant and remarkably muscular build. He has an unshaven beard on his chin as well as kind eyes. He holds his head high while another flustered fellow trips over himself to hold him back.

“The Blue Moon Tree is sacred to our pack and -ow!” he cries out as the shorter, anxious man steps on him by accident, but the tall, handsome man ignores him. “No, no, no, my friend, I will NOT calm down! I want to go to the capital and fight this -get off me, good sir!” he bats away the flustered fellow.

The two men struggle somewhat comically and mutter intangibly before scurrying off, looking rather agitated. Once they’ve wandered off, Marco and I continue our stroll, walking up to the Blue Moon Tree.

The sun is beginning to set over the horizon, casting a gentle fading glow over the peaceful landscape.

Marco watches me with patient curiosity as I trail my fingers along the leaves of the drooping branches. The Blue Moon Flower petals give off a lovely floral scent, and I can suddenly understand why this place is considered so special. On the branches, there’s a whimsical a*s*sortment of bows, ribbons, string, and scraps of fabric, each colorful little knot representing a wish fluttering in the wind.

The Blue Moon Tree is beyond beautiful; it’s magical.

I can feel Marco’s eyes burning on my skin, watching my every move as I reach for the rosy pink ribbon I’d used earlier to tie up my hair in a half-up-do. Soft black waves fall over my shoulders as I untie the bow from my hair and extend the ribbon toward him.

“Will you make a wish with me? I’d like to pray for our unborn child’s happiness,” I ask him shyly.

Something glimmers in his eyes, and it makes my soul sing. After a long moment, he gives a small nod. Together, we reach for the nearest low-hanging branch, and he takes one end of the ribbon while I take the other. Our fingers brush against each other as soft as a breeze. We tie the ribbon around the drooping branch, making our holy wish, as pure as a promise.

I close my eyes, and we stay there for a while, our hands just barely touching. When I open my eyes again, the sun has finished setting, but I find that the world has not gone dark. Instead, the Blue Moon Flowers are glowing around me with a soft blue light that twinkles like starlight at my fingertips.

My lips part at the sheer beauty of it, but when I turn to face Marco, I find that he’s only looking at me. “How is this possible?”

He tears his eyes away from mine to take in the shining petals.

“Bioluminescent flowers. They only grow on the Blue Moon Tree. No other land in the world has them.” Extraordinary.

I stand there surrounded by the hopes and wishes made by generation after generation of lovers, fluttering in the breeze with flowers that twinkle like stars, and I know without a doubt that I will treasure this moment for the rest of my life.

The next day, Marco and I have returned to the capital and are back to everyday life.

I spend the morning working with Lady Vivian’s home for my apprenticeship. As we wrap up the latest batch of fragrances we’ve been working on, Vivian pulls me aside and excitedly hands me a piece of paper.

“What’s this?” I ask, scanning the writing on the sheet. “It’s an application for this year’s national perfume contest. It’s a very prestigious compet*ition that’s well- known throughout the kingdom. This year is particularly special because they’ve changed the price. In the past, winners simply got praise and acclaim for winning the contest, but starting this year, the best perfumer will be awarded the opportunity of a lifetime. The first-place winner gets their perfume advertised across the kingdom, as well as the offer to partner with several retailers that would allow you to sell your work at an unprecedented scale. It’s an amazing business opportunity.”

I take the application form gratefully.

“This compet*ition would be perfect for you. It’s a wonderful chance for your work to get the exposure it deserves and build your brand. This kind of recognition could skyrocket your career.”

Anxious butterflies flutter in my stomach with equal measures of nerves and excitement.

“Do you really think I should enter? Would I even stand a chance at winning?”

Vivian offers me her signature warm and nurturing smile.

“Of course, you do, young lady. I wouldn’t suggest it otherwise. You are my apprentice, after all, and there hasn’t been a gift like yours in a while. Not even my talented daughter possesses your natural skill.”

I survey the application, reading over some of the questionnaires.

“But it says I need a referral to apply for the compet*ition,” I muse.

Vivian pinches my chin tenderly.

“And if you decide to enter, I would be more than happy to sponsor you. Just say the word, and I’ll write the referral letter myself. Promise me you’ll think about it?” At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt to consider it. “Okay. I promise.”

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