Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 51

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan By Kellie Brown

Chapter 51 Meet Again

Tanya’s POV:

The afternoon sun casts its waning rays of light through my shop window, declaring it the typical time for Mr. Barlow to waltz into my store in clear dire need of some company. And in my store, he is. Despite his elderly appearance and stumpy stature, one could tell he was quite the looker when he’d been in his prime.

He has a smooth bald head, and broad shoulders, although his age means the loss in some strength, it’s apparent he has once been very muscular. If it is not for his terrible drinking habits, maybe he’d still look the same, and smell less of age-old whiskey which tends to put people off. If not for that, Mr. Barlow would’ve had more people to talk to other than just me.

For he is rather charming, in a childish, temperamental, playful sort of way, always cracking a joke or two, before going off on long rambles about stories he deems ever so interesting. Course I never mind, I enjoy the company, and arguing over the drink in his hand that he technically isn’t allowed to bring into my shop. If only he’d buy one of my perfumes.

Our odd friendship began when I saved his life. Three years ago, I found him terribly wounded on the edge of the Blue Moon Pack territory. I nursed him back to health, and he hasn’t missed a day to come see me since. And every time I attempt to convince him to take home one of my perfumes. At least he gives me a chance to practice my skills in sales.

“Mr. Barlow, all these perfumes will have a substantially positive effect on your life.”

“Ha! Yeah right. How so child? How so?”

“Well, this one will keep the air in your home smelling nice and fresh, since we both know you bother little about the state of it. Don’t you want a nice smelling home?”

He scoffs, but there is a playfulness in his gaze. Nothing is ever personal between us, all our conversations are in jest as he would charismatically criticize the price of my perfumes, whilst I’d take pot shots at his willingness to only talk to me.

“This one is meant to be sprayed on your back to help reduce the pain from your old injuries and help with any sore joints. It can even reduce the pain of arthritis,” I show him a sparkling orange bottle, before putting it into his hand.

“Then this one is to help you quit drinking. Really Mr. Barlow, you must stuff consuming it, it’s terrible for your health. And it does nothing good for you.”

He impatiently rolls his eyes. “Liquor is my gallant old friend, why must you try to get me to part with the one thing that I care for? Also, I’m a man! I don’t want to be smelling like a feminine daisy!” now I playfully roll my eyes as the man continues. “Plus, I much rather the smell of whiskey than be scented in your overpriced perfumes.”

We both pause, glaring at each other as if upset, before we erupt in joyous chuckles, “You’re a stubborn old goat Mr. Barlow.”

“And I’ll never deny it,” he says with a grin. 

“Just take the perfumes. You don’t have to pay. Please.” “Never!”

As Mr. Barlow tries to scurry off, I hurry round the counter trying to shove the multiple perfume bottles into his hands, whilst he tries to shove them back. Our silly back and forth only last for a minute, till the bell of the shop chimes like a boxing bell, signally the end to our charades as other customers walk through the door. “Is this store forcing customers to buy goods regardless of their wishes?”

My eyes snap towards the voice, only to see two identical pairs of pupils, both emitting the same soft blue glow. I’m left stunned, and of course Mr. Barlow takes this opportunity to escape my grasp. He shoves the perfumes back into my arms and scurries out the door in an old man like fashion.

The reason I’m stunned however, is because… it’s Marco … and he is holding my daughter-our daughter-in his arms. I couldn’t believe what I’m seeing, and I’m barely able to acknowledge Caspian who comes up beside me. “Mommy!”

My daughter spreads her out in a joyous display, clearly happy to see me, and pulling me back to my senses. I quickly f*orc*e myself to adjust my expression. “Hello Marco, long time no see.”

Marco’s gaze bares down with no ounce of softness. He silently lowers my daughter to the ground before facing me. But there’s no recognition in his eyes, they are clouded by unfamiliarity, it is as if I am a stranger to him. “You’re Tanya, aren’t you?”

My brows crinkle. “Um, yes?”

“You’re that winner from the perfume contest?” he says coldly.

Confusion strikes me immediately. “Is that how you know me?” my words come out slowly as I exchange a look with Caspian. He too mirrors my puzzled expression towards Marco’s statement.

“Yes, I saw your picture from the contest,” he explains. “The worsening conditioning of my curse put me in a deep coma for a long time, they told me what you did,” I don’t know how to respond, confusion littering my thoughts as try and understand what is going on, but Marco doesn’t give me a chance to reply.

“I found out after I woke up that you took that opportunity to poison my fated mate Lily, making her lose her sense of smell,” Marco says bluntly. “I see you still haven’t changed for the better. Still forcing customers to buy your products.”

“What?” I’m completely and utterly perplexed by the accusation. “Marco, wait, don’t you remember me?”

He only appears to grow more agitated by my confusion. “Why should I remember you? Shouldn’t you be dead already?”

With only a frown, Marco swivels round and brashly leaves my store.

After he leaves, both me and Caspian with mirrored astonished glances, I’m completely surprised by Marco’s loss of memory. I don’t know how to feel. Whether to be upset that he’s lost all our memories together, and now he believes me to be some vicious woman. Or feel at ease that Marco’s alive and glad he doesn’t remember how I heartlessly abandoned him when he was about to die.

And yet, if he still had his memory, would he hate me even more?

Despite not wanting to leave me so unsettled, Caspian must excuse himself for the afternoon, needing to deal with pack matters, leaving my daughter Claire at my side. After which Lisa, one of the pack residents, an endearing young girl, enters. Her mischievous smile tells me all I need to know.

“Not again Lisa…” I say with a chuckle.

“You bet! Got another rich fool to rent out my place,” Lisa often tried to rent out her long-vacant decrepit house, which was falling apart at the seams. Course she never expressed that to any of her possible tenants.

“Did you tell him you needed money for a tombstone for your recently deceased father?” her excited nod has me chuckle once more as I turn to put perfumes back on the shelve. “Oh Lisa, this will be the seventh time this month that your father has died. He won’t be happy when he returns home,” I tease, before laughing.

Lisa’s nose wrinkles in an adorable display. “You know how hard it is to do business nowadays, I’m just being smart in my methods of attaining customers,” she states with a giggle. “But I’m here because I need your help. The house I’m renting out is right next to yours. And you know how angry those tenants get once they find out all the broken facilities within the house. If you could… you know, maybe alleviate some of the frustration and anger of the new tenant when he starts seeing all the problems. Help me out a little, ya know?”


I turn round to see her blinking at me innocently, pleading with her hands. “Oh, please Tanya, pretty please! You’re the nicest person I know! And the house is right next door to yours! It’s only a small ask, please.” I sigh, shaking my head with a smile, recalling how Lisa has pulled the same trick on me and now I am living in one of her houses. Nevertheless, I don’t mind, finally- nodding my head. “Alright alright. I’ll help.”

The girl twirls with joy, thanking me before skipping off and out the door. I chuckle, before closing up the shop for the evening.

Me and my daughter head home, and as we make it to the door, my eyes can’t help but flicker to the house beside us. The curtains haven’t been closed yet, and with the light on in one of the rooms, I can see Marco unpacking his things. My eyes widen in realization. And just as I notice him, Marco looks through the window and notices me. He only glares, before returning back to unpacking his things.

Lisa failed to tell me that her new tenant was Marco!

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