Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 70

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan By Kellie Brown

Chapter 70 Save The Blue Moon Tree

Tanya’s POV:

Surprise and astonishment cross my face as I stare down at the document in utter confusion. Why would he want to marry me again if he was so upset with me? I look at him curiously. “But why?”

I watch the prince cough, somewhat trying to per long the answer to my expression, as he wipes his face clean of all emotional response. A cold, blunt tone implies he does not feel anything towards me. “Don’t think much of it,” he says. “I don’t love you. Love doesn’t coexist between us from now on since I cannot forgive you.”

Marco talks about love like it’s a logical expression, a switch that can be turned off and on with a quick flick of the wrist. He then explains. “If I don’t act quickly, the Blue Moon Tree is facing possible destruction but putting a dam in its place due to the Blue Moon Pack’s poor economy. Yes, Eric has made the proposal again, and there’s only half a month left before the deadline. So, I’ve come up with a solution. Princess Isabella of the neighboring kingdom, known as the Fauna Kingdom, has a younger sister, Princess Peyton, whose been very sick for a long time.”

I remain silent as he continues to explain. “Isabella has been seeking doctors from far and wide, but Peyton still has yet to be cured from her illness. So, Princess Isabella has issued a royal decree. Anyone who is able to cure her sister will be granted a reward of their choice.

Whatever they desire…. The Blue Moon Pack has an abundance of good natural raw materials, they just lack the communication channels and stable buyers from beyond the pack in order to generate profit. And so, this is where you come in.”

Marco appears methodical in his thought process, like he’s really planned this out well, down to the details. He goes on to say. “If you can cure princess Peyton’s disease, then Isabella will be willing to connect the Blue Moon Pack to good buyers and may even provide the initial funding, giving the pack a long-term source of economic growth, solving the problem and in turn protecting the Blue Moon Tree.”

Now this all seems to make sense, except the part of which he wants me to be his wife, to which I ask. “But what does us being married have to do with this?” he raises a hand, signaling me to stop, as if saying he is about to get to that point.

“You aren’t a doctor, so I need a reason to introduce you to the princess. Plus, you need to make a good first impression on her before she allows you anywhere near her sister. Isabella is a woman whose highly devoted to her family, and particularly allured by love and loyalty. She has a fondness towards happy couples, and so I want you to marry temporarily to use that to our advantage.”

I blink at him; somewhat stunned at how strange the idea is. Yet it does somehow make sense. “I know you care about the Blue Moon Tree Tanya, and so do I. We have the same goal, and this contract is simply a method towards achieving it. It’s as simple as that. Nothing about love. So please don’t take too long considering this. Make your decision now, we need to do this as soon as possible. 

“And Claire?” I say in a hesitant whisper.

“I brought Claire back to register her under my name. Oliver will sort through the relevant procedures so she can be recognized as my daughter. But for the time being, whilst we’re away at the neighboring kingdom, she’ll stay safe and be taken care of by Oliver and Cathy.”

It doesn’t take me long to decide what I am going to do. I sign the contract and say goodbye to Claire before we head off early the next morning to the Fauna Kingdom. Marco invites Caspian, the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, to come along as well.

We arrive by dusk, the sky a mellow pink as the sun begins to set behind the castle. The palace is magnificent, not as grand as the capital palace, but still large and spacious. Its thematic colors are of a sage green and a mauve pink as the flag waves at us from high up above, a deer with antlers painted in gold as the symbol.

Marco has already told Princess Isabella that we were coming, and she eagerly meets us at the entrance, before ushering us inside to join her for dinner. The dining room takes on a rustic appearance, with a wooden table and wooden chairs that have patterns carved into their wood pieces. A green silk cloth rest upon the table, as food galore lays atop.

The dinner first starts with formalities, with Marco introducing himself, Caspian, and me. The two royals talk politics for a bit and how each of their families are doing as well as the economy of the differing kingdoms. But I watch that throughout this conversation Isabella’s eyes consistently drift to Caspian. Curiosity sparking beneath her gaze, as he too sneaks small looks in her direction.

“So um, you’re the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack?” she finally addresses Caspian directly. With the attention on him, he immediately straightens his posture.

“Yes, I’m Caspian.”

The princess giggles playfully. “I already know your name silly?” her giggling continues, and I watch as Caspian remains stiff in his posture, which is very uncharacteristic of his more relaxed and animated nature. •

“I’ve always been so fascinated by the Blue Moon Tree. Do you have to tend to it often to keep it healthy?”

I see Caspian’s eyes light up with excitement, not many people outside of the Mador Kingdom show interest in the Blue Moon Tree. His chest puffs out slightly in growing pride. “Actually, the tree barely needs any maintenance, the forest of our pack flourish so well, our soil is fresh and untampered with chemicals. And we ever rarely experience drought. The tree thrives in our sanctuary.”

Isabella smiles broadly. “Wow! That’s brilliant! I’ve never met an Alpha so well versed with the necessities of nature. Usually, others are interested in politics or the economy and other trades. I think it’s wonderful you care so much about the forest.”

Caspian’s pride grows by the second as she continues. “Have you seen my garden? I love tending to it. I’d be happy to show you around tomorrow morning!”

“Of course!” Then he finally seems to realize that the cordial conversation between him and Isabella has made him forget his initial restraint. He coughs and reverts back to his initial formality. “I mean, yes I’d love to see your garden princess.” 

“Please, call me Isabella.”

I’m almost in awe of the ease of conversation between the princess and Caspian, that I forget why I’m here in the first place. I need to show her that I am truly in love with Marco and we’re a happy couple.

Although when I later look back at my performance on this day, I realize I have gone overboard with my acting methods, 1

“Marco….” I purr, turning to him as I flutter my eyelids obnoxiously in his direction. My arms go to link itself round his, tugging him closer. “You’re not looking at those other girls, sweetie?”

I feel his body stiffen momentarily, confusion crossing his face as I continue. “I’m the only girl that matters to you, aren’t I? Aren’t I baby?”


As Marco clearly tries to comprehend what’s going on, I turn to my meal, making weak whiny noises as I pretend to struggle with cutting the slab of steak on my plate. “Marco…” I drawl out again. “Honey… I need you to cut this for me. I don’t have the strength.” n

I pout my lip at him, again flashing my lashes in his direction. And once again I’m met with a curious glance. “Pretty please.” I add.

To which even now Caspian snaps his head in my direction, bewildered by my actions that appear from usual. Both men knew me to be soft spoken and reserved, conservative in my affections towards those I cared about. I’d never be so brash about it in front of others, and yet here I am, doing so because I have to.

I see recognition spark behind Marco’s eyes, as he finally realizes what I’ve been attempting to do. And an unannounced chuckle eventually disperses from his lips.

“Course,” he takes his knife and fork and begins cutting away at my steak, before dipping a piece in the sauce and lifting it up to my mouth.

I try not to hesitate, opening my mouth as he feeds me the piece of food. He’s smiling, almost humored by my predicament. And I can’t help but smile back, giggling pretentiously.

Isabella loudly clears her throat. And both our heads snap in her direction. “I understand you both are very much in love,” she says. “But I’d rather not be drowning in the dramatics if that’s alright?”

She’s not trying to be rude, but I can tell she’s somehow bored of our display, which confuses me. I duck my head sheepishly as I say. “I’m sorry. It’s just that. I heard you were very fond of couples that display a lot of affection. That you like marriages that are full of devotion?”

Isabella blinks, and then blinks again, a puzzled look cascading across her features that surprises me, as well as feeling Marco stiffen beside me. “Where on earth did you hear that?”

I look surprised, mirroring her confusion as I stutter, trying to formulate a response, when Marco suddenly rises from his chair. “Oh, why don’t we all go see the garden now!” abruptly ending our conversation.

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