Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 84

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan By Kellie Brown

Chapter 84 Lily Escapes

Third POV:

Eric enters the ward. He’s greeted by many of the hospital staff, and he offers them a warm gentlemanly smile. Little did they know that the Lycan Prince’s good nature was all just a disguise. Beneath his perfect mask lays a much darker alter ego that he does well to hide.

Upon entering his father’s hospital room, his smile straightens into a blank and expressionless line, eyes lacking any true care for his father that lies lifeless in his bed. But before Eric walks over, he notices that the main window in the room has been left wide open.

Something about it rises suspicion within the prince, and he begins checking the various corners in the room. Not totally sure what he’s looking for, but something does seem off. As he does so, Tanya is hidden beneath the King’s hospital bed. She shrinks as far back as she possibly can into the darkness, hoping, praying that Eric doesn’t see her. *

Just as he nears, Tanya clasps a hand over her mouth, trying to stop her panicked breaths from escaping into the air. The other hand is pressed against the ruby necklace that sits once again upon her chest. It had been Freya’s idea to put it back on since it temporarily hid her scent. Opening the window had just been an additional aid, hoping the breeze from the outside would disperse her scent.

Just as Eric approaches her position, the door to the room opens once more. Tanya is immensely relieved as a nurse enters to do a routine check up on Joseph, and consequentially distracts Eric.

“Why is the window open?” Eric asks in a nonchalant tone.

There is slight fear and discomfort in the nurse’s voice. “Oh, I’m so sorry, another one of the nurses probably opened the window when conducting a check-up and must’ve forgotten to close it,” she sounds extremely flustered. “I’m so so sorry about that. I’ll be sure to reprimand them to ensure the window is closed.”

Eric doesn’t bother to console her, as he only nods his head in approval. But evidently, the nurse’s apology dispels any suspicion previously felt by the Prince, and soon he and the nurse leave the room.

With both of them gone, Tanya hesitates at first, waiting to be sure no one would return before remerging from under the bed. She quickly leaves the ward and takes off the ruby necklace, thanking Freya for the idea. And without anyone noticing, she leaves the hospital.

Marco’s POV:

It’s a day-and-a-half journey, but we finally arrive at the pinpointed location of where the maid who looked after mother lives. Her name is Susan, and she resides in a small insignificant pack. We drop off our stuff at the hotel we’re staying at before going to a restaurant where she’s agreed to meet us.

We greet her and sit down for lunch and Oliver and I explain why we asked to see her. But to our disappointment she shakes her head and says. “Your mother was a wonderful person Marco. She loved you very much, and I know how much she meant to you. I can see that it’s easier to go chasing this mystery than accepting the fact that she committed suicide. But that’s the truth Marco. I’m very sorry.”

The nurse is obviously trying to remain respectful, but her words hit me where it hurts. Something in my gut tells me that my mother wouldn’t have just ended her life. It just couldn’t be true. “Susan please, we’ve collected enough evidence to prove that my mother may have been murdered. And the facts about her suicide just don’t line up.”

Oliver tries to appear more intimidating, hoping our good cop, bad cop ensemble might pressure her into revealing the truth. “Susan, you were the last person to see her before she died. You could easily become a suspect in this if you don’t tell us the truth. Just make this easier for yourself, give us the information you need and prove your innocence.”

But again, to no avail. The nurse shakes her head, once again refusing to budge. “But there is no truth to tell,” she reiterates. “Your mother died from suicide after falling into sadness after King Joseph’s rejection. There’s nothing to question.”

Nothing we can say makes Susan budge, and Oliver and I return to the hotel empty handed. Again and again, we return to visit Susan, sometimes at her house or again at a restaurant. And while she entertains us, again and again she doesn’t crack.

This nearly seems impossible, but I never doubt my suspicions. I’m sure something happened to my mother. And no matter what, I’m going to get to the bottom of it. It is another day that we show up at Susan’s house. But something is different, we hear a loud scream coming from inside, and the two of us rush in without question.

Susan’s daughter who is pregnant is lying on the floor, around her is a w*et liquid, a mixture of blood and what I a*s*sumed to be amniotic fluid.

Susan is panicked, her eyes wide in fear. “Please help! Please! She fell down and she’s bleeding badly. I think she’s going into labour!”

The pregnant girl is wailing in terrible pain and Oliver and I look to one another. We have to help her. No matter how I feel towards Susan and the secrets she is keeping. Her daughter is innocent and in so much pain. With little time to waste we hurry and help the daughter get to the hospital. As we called the doctors ahead of time, they knew we’d be arriving and take her into the emergency room immediately. What we learn is that her situation is very critical. And she’s at risk of dying and also losing the baby.

It’s a terrible situation that appears bleak in nature. And after the doctor explains to Susan how they would try their best but not to hold out for hope, the maid breakdown into tears, muttering to herself. “The Moon Goddess is angry with me. She’s enacting her revenge because of my cowardice, because of my reluctance to tell the truth to protect myself. I’m being punished.”

She sighs, finally turning to the two of us. “I will tell you the truth of what happened all those years ago. You deserve to know the truth, Marco.”

Third POV:

Eric quietly works in his office, looking over certain documents and typing away at his computer when there’s a knock at his door. One of his subordinates comes in, bowing to the Prince before being allowed to speak. “Your Highness, Susan, the maid who we’ve been monitoring all these years. Marco and Oliver found her and went to meet her.”

Although the Prince appears calm and unbothered by the news, there’s a slight twitch to his lips. Something within him stirs, annoyed that his brother has become so adamant in finding out the truth. The subordinate presents photos, laying them out on the desk that show Marco, Oliver and the maid conversing with one another at a restaurant and then out her house.

Of course, to Eric this hasn’t changed anything. Marco has only sped up Eric’s plans to eradicate him. Everything else is going accordingly. “And how is Lily?” “Everything is normal. She remains in her prison cell. Although she is growing impatient.”

Eric scoffs. “Well, she won’t have to wait much longer. It’s time,” the subordinate only lowers himself into a bow in clear acknowledgment.

“It shall be done your highness,” he says before exiting the room.

In a different part of the kingdom, after Tanya has returned from the hospital, she takes Claire to stay at Vivian’s house, wanting to spend time with her family since Marco is away. And as Claire plays with Vivian, Tanya opens Margaret’s notebook.

She flicks through the pages carefully, looking at each perfume whilst trying to discern what the King had been poisoned with. Finally, she comes across a page that describes all of Joseph’s symptoms perfectly. Tanya’s sure that this is the poison, and this is the perfume she needs to cure him.

But just as she begins prepping her work station to start making it, she hears loud noises coming from the palace. She, Vivian and Claire step out to see what the commotion is all about. Maids and servants are scurrying back and forth like a disturbed ant’s nest, frantic in their efforts.

Finally, when Tanya questions one of the maids, she describes the issue.

“Lily has escaped from prison!”

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