Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 87

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan By Kellie Brown

Chapter 87 A Drunken Kiss

Marco’s POV:

My heart rate accelerates, every inch of my skin trembles at her touch, and my body buzzes with desire as she pulls me in. But I only get a quick taste. Her soft kiss only lasts for a couple of seconds, before she pulls away again.

Not that I’m interested in ending it now. My thoughts are erratic, and the only thing I can focus on is her, my mate. My wolfish need for raw s*e*x and my primal possessiveness override everything else. Fisting the collar of her top, I yank her towards me, causing a hitch in her breath before I begin sucking on her lips hungrily. With her drunken state, there less rigidness or shyness in her movements. She doesn’t stop me, lacing her fingers round my neck as she kisses me back. I press my throbbing member against the fabric concealing her female parts and she reciprocates, slowly moving against me, forcing a growl to edge between my lips. “Mine,” I whisper.

I can feel her smile against my lips. My dominance only escalates, and my hand finds its way into the strands of her hair. My fingers slide up through to the roots of her long locks and I scrunch hold of them, gently tugging her head to the side. She obeys my silent demand, exposing her neck to me.

I drop my head into the crook of her jugular, kissing and licking at her flesh, swirling my tongue over my visible mark, making her m*oa*n at the sensations it causes. I mouth at her neck before returning hungrily to her lips before backing her up against the wall behind us.

“I want that skirt and those p*an*tie*s off. Now,” I say, almost speaking into her mouth as our lips still touch.

She complies, and in an instant her skirt and underwear drop to the floor, surging my arousal. My hands race to clasp her butt cheeks, squeezing them hard enough to make her wine. I can’t stop myself from slapping them once or twice for good measure, before my fingers suddenly slip back front.

She gasps as I push through her folds and into her. At first, I swirl gently, and her m*oa*ns are soft and subtle. But I soon grow ravenous and begin to pump her quicker. Her body trembles and shudders with the motions. I feel her hand wrap over mine to enf*orc*e the thrusting, moving her hips in rhythm.

Her screams grow louder, and my wolf and manhood crave more and more to be inside her. She’s warm and tight. Soon she can’t keep herself standing, Tanya has to lean against me for support, body falling limp from pure desire as I finger her to climax.

She shakes when she finally reaches her peak, and I groan in greater need to have her. She easily folds into my arms, and I carry her towards the bed.

And just as I get there, snoring emits from the female werewolf in my arms. I can’t help but sigh, and I can almost feel my manhood wail in sadness. But I smile, nevertheless. Careful not to wake her, I tuck her into bed and crawl in beside her, falling asleep with her wrapped in my arms.

Eric’s POV:

Due to my speed and strength I manage to evade my father’s men. Following the trail Lily left me, I travel beyond the border of the capital, heading deep into rogue territory, never stopping for breaks. Leaving the world of royalty behind. For now.

Finally, my keen nose picks up the scent of another pack, and not long after stepping past their borders, a couple of scouts come to ward me off. But my size is intimidating, as a Lycan, I am triple the size of any werewolf. I snarl at them with an air of dominance, standing on my hind legs, outstretching my claws and baring my chest in a show of f*orc*e.

They glance at each other, but they must’ve known who I was. There are only three living Lycans, and the other two wouldn’t have known Dorian’s pack existed. Once they display that they aren’t going to attack me, I shift back into my human form, and they take me to Dorian and Lily.

I knew the rogues had it rough, my father made sure they had difficult lives, always keeping them on their toes and frightened by the ruling family. It was the only way to prevent any sort of uprising, but I never realized how poor their lives were. Hush little campfires, crumbling abandoned buildings, camping trailers and tents… My royal attire is a stark and harsh contrast to my surroundings. Yet I care little, I’m here for one thing and one thing only.

I’m escorted into one of the buildings and Dorian is sitting in a chair whilst Lily stands beside him. Her escape has brought light back into her eyes. The dangerous fiery spirit now sparks in her gaze again as she stands dressed in a sporty outdoor attire, obviously given to her by the rogues to replace the prison rags. “Prince Eric,” says Dorian with a grin. “How kind of youto join us.”

Lily’s eyes finally lock with mine, and she speaks before I do. “Thank you, for helping me escape, for giving me my freedom,” Lily isn’t known for her sincerities, she must’ve truly been desperate. But I avoid making a mocking remark as she continues. “And as promised, I’ve led you to Dorian, he’s the one able to wield black magic.”

My eyes redirect to Dorian. “So, you’ll teach me then? You’ll teach me how to use black magic?”

I watch Dorian give Lily a playful glance that doesn’t particularly comfort me. Something about him sets me on edge, but only a straight line sits on my lips as he speaks. “Five years ago, I told Lily flower that I returned the kindness her mother offered me, all my debts to her are paid. If she and you, want my help now, then we need to make a deal.”

My lips twitch slightly but I maintain the confidence in my expression. “If you teach me black magic, that in combination with my own Lycan power will give me more than enough strength to defeat Marco. Once he’s eliminated and I become King, I promise I can give you anything you desire.”

Dorian eerily chuckles, leaning his elbows on the table, intertwining his fingers as if in thought. He shakes his head. “Although that is a compelling offer, the future is too uncertain for me to bet on. I have very little patience you see, and teaching you will take time, it may take years if you’re not a fast learner. Not forgetting the fact that you’ll still need to come up with a viable plan of infiltrating the capital and attacking Marco,” he tuts. “No, I can’t wait that long. I want to make a deal where payment is a guarantee.” 

“And what sort of deal is that?”

He smiles. “I want Tanya. Bring her to me, and I will teach you Black magic.”

Tanya’s POV:

I awake the next morning with a pounding headache, and I curse under my breath in protest to the blinding sun as I groan, forcing my sore body to sit up. What on earth had I drunk last night? To my surprise, I’m encased in warmth, and I look over to see Marco, his body pressed against mine.

He’s awake, and he looks at me with a playful smile. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

He chuckles, realising his playful att*itude catches me off guard. “You were full of energy last night. Might I say even, slightly mischievous,” he teases.

I blink at him, as confusion flashes across my face, before embarra*s*sment creeps in. “What happened?”

To my horror, Marco tells me that Freya took over my body, that she grabbed and stuffed her face with candy. And that she also snatched a balloon from a child. I slowly drag a hand across my face as I groan in despair. “Oh god…” I mutter softly.

Marco then adds. “You also said you wanted to tell me something yesterday, but you never finished telling me.” I look at him confused. “What did I tell you?”

To my surprise, Marco jokingly flicks my forehead and says with a light-hearted chuckle. “Well, since you don’t remember. I can wait. But I hope you’ll remember soon, and finish the remaining half of your sentence.”

Despite my pleading, Marco doesn’t break his silence concerning what I told him last night. In utter confusion and slight frustration, I decide to take a walk, hoping the fresh air will help me recall my memories.

It takes me about an hour, but I finally piece together last night, and I realize I was about to tell Marco about what happened five years ago. Unknowingly, my thoughts have walked me into a deserted alleyway. But just as I’m about to turn to leave, an individual appears, walking towards me swiftly.

Eric smiles at me.

And my eyes widen in fear. I don’t have time to call for help or even shift into my wolf form. Eric rushes at me in full f*orc*e, cuffing his hand against my neck and slamming me against one of the walls.

“No!” I scream.

I try and fight him off, but even with my newly attained Alpha abilities, Eric’s Lycan power far surpasses my own. He uppercuts a fist into my gut, and my body hunches over from the pain. I whimper as he slams my head back into the wall. Again, and again and again. I feel the world beginning to spin as the edges of my vision blacken.

My head hurts dreadfully from the impact, but I have enough consciousness to loosen the wedding ring on my finger. I let it drop onto the ground without Eric noticing so that Marco would know I was here. I even have the chance to secretly drop my hand into my pocket, discreetly holding my perfume and pointing the valve at my pocket’s opening, spritzing it into the air. It’s a perfume that will amplify my scent and be highly detectable by my fated mate. Hopefully Marco would catch onto it, and be able to follow it, wherever I’m taken. This is all that I can do however, as Eric once again slams my head into the wall, and the f*orc*e darkens the world completely. His devilish smile is the last thing I see.

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