Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 92

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan By Kellie Brown

Chapter 92 Sweet Night

Tanya’s POV:

As our lips finally part again to catch our breaths, I stare into the depths of his ocean eyes, finding myself roaming across the waves of his deep blues. He smiles. And I smile back, and we both can’t help breaking out into a chorus of laughter. My giggles and his playful chuckling weave into a glorious happy melody.

“From now on,” Marco whispers. “I’m never letting anyone get in between us ever again. You’re the love of my life,” I find myself staring at him in awestruck, before propping myself up, leaving my lips inches from his as I whisper.

“And I promise, to never let anyone stop me from loving you again,” but before, I allow him to lower himself towards me. One of my hands gently grabs his arms, pulling one side of his body towards me, whilst my other hand pushes against his chest. And he soon understands what I’m after.

We tumble again into array of kisses, and the duvet wrestles with our moving bodies. Floating gracefully into the air momentarily as Marco pulls me on top, before the blanket settles back down again over my body and his. I straddle him, leaning forward to let my hair cascade around us like a curtain, shielding our love from a world that can be cruel and despicable.

But our bubble is what is safe.

Without him asking, I lift my top over my head in eagerness, before lowering down again to hungrily kiss his lips. My hand goes to cuff him just beneath his chin to hold him in place. And I smile as a lustful growl edge past his lips.

An Omega, or an Alpha. With a wolf, or without one. None of that matters with Marco at my side. The world can have all the opinions it wants on who I am and what I’m capable of. It can beat me down, pull me under, and tear me limb from limb. But I will fight. I will fight for myself, fight for Claire, and fight for Marco.

Despite him being beneath, my growing desire and renewed Alpha strength, Marco still finds a way to display his dominance. His fingers slip into the crevices of my hair, fisting his hand, and tightening his grip to push my head down and pressing me harder into his lips.

Of course, that’s until I find the space to drop my face just an inch. My teeth clasp his lower lip and I gently but firmly and sensually tug with a defiant smile. I sense he’s surprised, and another dominant growl edges past me. But I don’t fear his authority. I relish in it, finding pleasure with pushing his boundaries and teasing him endlessly.

In reaction to my playfulness, Marco tugs my head to the side, pulling me closer so that he has full access to my neck. I press against him further as my eyes roll back from the pleasure of his lips grazing my bare skin.

But I wasn’t done fighting. With his focus taken up by his hand in my hair and his lips trying to find his favourite mark on my neck, my hand sneakily glides down to his c*rotc*h, and without warning my hand grips the bulge that sits firm and solid beneath the fabric of his pants.

The pressure I apply is sudden, and a surprise. He jolts beneath me, his g*roi*n jerking upwards in a reflex to my sudden touch. He grabs my head harder, pressing my neck further against his lips as his teeth nip my skin. “Watch yourself Princess,” he mutters with a sly smile. Princess….

Even if I may have been a princess when I first signed his marriage contract so many years ago. I never truly felt like a princess. I felt like an imposter, someone in the wrong body, and all you had to do was peel away a layer of my skin to reveal the horrible truth.

But now… the title doesn’t scare me. No… something within me embraces the term. It feels right, but not in the way one would a*s*sume. It’s not that I really care for being royalty, but rather that I belong beside Marco. I am his princess. And one day… as crazy and as absurd it still seems to be. I will one day be the queen standing at his side.

“Is Tanya still in there?” his playful chuckle brings me back to reality, a beautiful reality. And whilst I have still been hungrily kissing his lips, he can sense I have been away with the fairies for a moment. “Everything okay?”

I smile. “Everything is just perfect.”

Without warning, I pull away from his hold and begin planting kisses down his chest. I can feel his eyes on me as I trail down his body before finally coming down onto what I was wanting all along. He helps me undo the button of his pants and I hastily pull them off, tossing the clothing off bed.

I situate myself between his legs.

Marco’s POV:

Although lying on my back, I prop myself on my elbows so I can watch her. She leans forward on her knees, scrunched up into nearly a ball so all I can see is her head at the base of my g*roi*n, her eyes peering into mine as she runs her fingers and nails along my sides, teasing my throbbing manhood.

I can’t help the grunt that escapes me, that only fuels her playful display. Before finally…. finally…. her hand wraps round my length. My breath hitches as the touch sparks fires beneath my skin, and I find myself hypnotized by the emerald hue of her forestry eyes, their green shade reminding me of woods, the wolfish safe heaven I knew and loved. Tanya is a forest, sprawling with beauty, with growth, with fauna. Like a tranquil woody landscape, she soothed my inner wolf, drawn to her aroma.

And then my mind blanks as her mouth suddenly encompasses my length. My head tilts back in undeniable pleasure as her head bobs up and down with expertise. I’m blanketed in a wave of pleasure as the soft w*et noises coming from her suckling on my length and the mounds at its base leave me both feeling exposed and yet comforted. I know I am safe in her hands, and I let her control the pace.

For a little while.

Though I am in love with her slow and methodical movements, my wolf is hungry. Hasty for more. My hands reach down, palms planting themselves on the back of her head, prepping her. When I can tell she’s understood my wants my g*roi*n begins to thrust itself, hard and fast. Her gasps and the tight seal of her lips only urge me to pump her face harder.

I release, giving her a moment to let up for air, before pushing her head down onto my manhood, and thrusting hard again, drowning in the pleasure it gives me. I do this a couple more times before I can tell she’s eager to have my length elsewhere.

I grab her wrist and pull her towards me, and she obliges. But she stops not exactly where I want her just yet. “Wait. It’s your turn.”

She’s slightly confused at first, before eventually I pull her all the way, forcing her to crawl up my body and past my throbbing length crying for her. Soon she understands what I’m after, and I hold her thighs just above my face before allowing her opening to lower it down near my lips.

I lick furiously at her flower. It’s already so w*et and flush with liquid, driving my hormones up the wall, but I continue to slurp and tickle her delicates, loving how she squirms and quivers on top of me. I have to wrap my arms around her thighs to hold her down as she m*oa*ns in absolute pleasure.

“Marco please. I want to you. I don’t want to cum just yet….”

At first I don’t listen to her pleas, continuing to ramp up the intensity of my touch. But eventually her pleas rile up my wolf, desperate to have myself inside her. Finally, I comply. “I want you on top,” I command.

She’s breathless as I finally break away, trying to regain her composure as she pulls herself off my face. But she can’t hide the charming smile. “Typical male,” she teases with a giggle, planting another kiss on my lips before going to straddle me.

I let her lower herself onto my length in her own time. But of course, as the head invades her glorious hole, I have to stop myself from rocketing upwards in want and need. To distract myself, I unclasp her bra, letting her mounds hang loose and grip them fiercely. I lower her down so I can devour them whilst she starts to move against me.

I wrap an arm over her back and waist and begin pumping fast and hard. All the build-up has sent me over the edge, and I can’t stop myself. But she doesn’t complain, rather she screams in unrelenting pleasure as I grunt and m*oa*n in ecstasy.

The two of us rock the bed and grip onto one another as the entire world falls away, encompassed in our own curated bliss with nothing but each other, hitting climax and collapsing in each other’s arms.  

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