The Half Blood Luna Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Ella’s POV:

I couldn’t breath for a few seconds. Despite the horrible discovery I just made about my father and alpha Klaus, that was not the reason for my inability to breath. A sudden sense of déjà vu hit me. I was in this kitchen serving alpha Grey and beta Sam, when I accidentally dropped the alpha’s glassof wine shattering it to the floor. I have known unimaginable agony ever sense that night.

I looked up at my new alpha and beta. They were staring at the mess I made in surprise. Alpha Klaus took a few steps towards me, and I immediately flinched and backed away to a corner raising my hands to my face to protect it from his slap.

“I’m sorry alpha, please don’t hurt me. It slipped from my hands” I begged in a shaky voice.

I saw through my fingers the shocked face of alpha Klaus.

“Why would I hurt you for breaking a bottle of wine Ella? What kind of monster do you think I am?” he asked angrily.

I kept staring at him through my shaky fingers.

Beta Joseph walked over to me slowly and said gently “Ella, please calm down. No one is going to hurt you here. We are nothing like your old alpha and beta. It’s okay, It was just a bottle of wine”

I break out of my déjà vu, lower my hands and stare at them through my tearful eyes. They might not hurt me over a bottle of wine, but I was sure that they will K*ll me when they find out whose daughter I am. Alpha Klaus is seeking revenge on my father. But he doesn’t know that my father was K*lled to protect alpha Grey’s secret. Once he finds out, I will be the one left to take his revenge on. How can I sign my own death sentence and confess everything? There was no hiding this either. While names can be faked, photos can’t be faked. Alpha Klaus will recognize my father as soon as he gets his hands on my pack’s personal data.

I try to open my mouth, but nothing comes out. Beta Joseph kneels down and says gently “Ok, let me help you clean this up, you’ve been through enough today”

I cut him off and start collecting the shards avoiding both their eyes, while saying as calmly as I could manage “No, it’s ok beta, I am fine I will clean this myself”

I could feel their eyes on me. I wasn’t making a lot of sense to them. They were becoming suspicious, and I needed to pull myself together so I can figure out what do with this mess that I got s*cked into against my will.

“Ok, I am full. What about you Joseph?” asked alpha Klaus.

“Yeah, me too. Good night Ella” said beta Joseph. They both turned their backs and left me alone.

I concentrated on collecting all the shards from the floor and cleaning the spelled wine. After I was done, I cleaned the table and washed all the dishes. I was barely holding myself together, but my grip on myself was slipping.

My stomach was turning viciously and I barely had time to open the back door of the kitchen and run outside, before what little dinner I just had came out. I heaved and coughed until there was nothing left. I stayed kneeling on the ground shaking uncontrollably and for the second time today, I broke down again. I lost control of myself and started sobbing loudly and screaming.

“Why? Why is this happening to me? What the f*uc*k did I do in my life to deserve this for god’s sake? First alpha Grey and now alpha Klaus!”

I shouted at the three most hateful people on planet earth, hoping they could hear me wherever they were.

“I hate you! All three of you! I hope you are rotting in hell you bastards! What the hell am I supposed to do now? You d*ied and left me to deal with this while I had nothing to do with it. How the hell am I going to tell alpha Klaus now?”

“Tell me what Ella?” asked alpha Klaus in a shocked voice.

I turned around and saw both alpha Klaus and beta Joseph staring down at me. From the looks on their faces, they heard everything I was just screaming out loud. While a part of me was going to regret that they found out about this, another part of me was relieved that I didn’t need to hide this any longer. I wanted to get this burden off me.

I stood up shakily and looked up at alpha Klaus. He was staring at me in concentration. I could tell he suspected that whatever I was hiding was related to what I just overheard in the kitchen.

“Speak!” he shouted at me.

I flinched and said shakily barely controlling my sobs “The person who was sent to K*ll your father and mate by alpha Grey was my father, his name was Bill Forbes. Alpha Grey had him K*lled immediately after their murder, to protect himself”

He looked at me in disgust “And you knew everything from the beginning didn’t you? That’s why you were running away from the pack. Because you knew I will eventually find out. God, and I believed you like an idiot”

I let out a sob “No, I… I didn’t know it was your pack alpha I swear to god. I never knew the name of the pack he was sent to nor the alpha. I only connected things when I overheard you talking about it in the kitchen. I’m telling you the truth I swear”

“Swear all you want Ella, I will never believe anything that comes out of a murderer’s daughter” he spits out in anger.

“How long have you known about this, Ella?” asked beta Joseph in suspicion. Even he was doubting me, I could tell.

I have to lie. Even though I just swore to telling the truth, but I can’t tell them that I found out about my father when alpha Grey was too drunk to abuse me that night.

“4 months ago, I overheard alpha Grey and beta Sam talking about this behind a closed door. I only stopped to listen because I heard my father’s name. Before that, I never knew where my father went or what he did, I never knew how he d*ied or where. But I swear they didn’t say anything about who the pack was. The only name I heard was my father’s” I told them as honestly as I could manage.

“Do you have anything else you want to tell me?” alpha Klaus asked in a cold voice.

“No, I don’t” I answered him.

He stared at me for a few seconds, then said harshly “The old alpha and beta; the masterminds about this are dead, your father; the murderer, is dead, everyone who had a hand in my father and mate’s murder is dead. That leaves only you, the murderer’s lying daughter. Close enough for me”

I stare at him in terror and ask him in a terrified tone “Are you going to K*ll me?”

“K*lling you would be a kindness that you do not deserve. No, you need to suffer the way I have been suffering and struggling every single day without them. Pain and agony will be the only thing you feel from now on, I promise you. You will be the one paying for your father’s betrayal” alpha Klaus said coldly and viciously.

I stare at him in shock. I can’t live like that, not anymore. I have had enough pain and agony for the past 10 months to last me a life time. “No, you either K*ll me and get your revenge over with right now, or I will do it for you” I tell him in a challenging tone.

I gasp as he suddenly grabs me by my shoulders and brings me closer to him. Our faces were inches apart. I was looking at his eyes and he was looking at mine. There was more anger and hurt hiding in them than he was letting on.

“You will not K*ll or hurt yourself without my permission. You will not let yourself be K*lled or d*ie without fighting with all your strength until your last breath” commanded alpha Klaus coldly.

I felt my head bow down in submission automatically. It took me a minute to realize what just happened. Alpha Klaus commanded me as my alpha. An alpha’s command is absolute. If he tells someone to jump off a building, there is no escaping that command.

I look up at him in rage. How could he do that to me? Even alpha Grey never commanded me to submission. He took everything from me against my will, but at least he let me fight him until he won. Somehow, what alpha Klaus just did made him worse than alpha Grey.

“Go back to your room. I can’t even look at you anymore” he commanded while barely controlling his rage. He let go of my shoulders.

Whatever pity I ever felt for him was long gone now. I gave him the most hateful stare I could muster up, before turning around and going back to my room through the kitchen’s back door.

I opened the door to my room and closed it behind me, then turned on the light. As soon as I turned, I saw a huge man waiting for me. Before I could open my mouth to scream, he backed me against the door so fast and put his hand on my mouth while whispering “If you don’t want to d*ie in the next two seconds, I suggest you keep your mouth shut little girl”

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