The Half Blood Luna Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Ella’s POV:

Now that I told you about me and my parents, let me tell you about the alpha and beta of my pack. In fact, I can pretty much describe them both in a single sentence. They were a*s*shole bastards who deserved to d*ie the most horrible and gruesome death possible. Yes, they were that bad. But my opinion of them before I was noticed by them was only that they were a*s*shole bastards. However, after I actually knew them in person, I prayed every day to any god that actually listened to prayers that they would d*ie writhing in pain and wishing for death for days before actually dying. I have never hated someone the way I hated them.

Alpha Grey was 50 something years old. He is very bulky and big with grey eyes and dark grey hair that he always ties into a pony tail. He’s been the alpha of his pack since he turned 18 after K*lling the old alpha, his father. I mean K*lling your own father to become alpha should be reason enough to hate him, but there is more to that hate. After he appointed himself alpha, he murdered anyone who supported his father and wouldn’t submit to him. Punishments like whipping and stoning to death in public were used very much during those days.

They are still used to this day, but not as often as they used to be. I never actually attended a public punishment as it was something I never wanted to remember. Point is, he was very cruel and had a stone for a heart. He never found his mate, so I think that added to his cruelty and inhumanity. His beta Sam was appointed immediately after alpha Grey took over, he was also 18 years old. They were an exact match when it came to enforcing laws and making sure no one steps out of line.

During his years ruling, he waged a lot of wars with different packs. He was always power hungry and didn’t like anyone to challenge him. Whenever he took down another alpha, he would f0rce that alpha’s pack to join him or face dying. It was either this or that, he never gave them an option to leave someplace else.

The very first time I was noticed by alpha Grey was right after my father d*ied. I was serving him dinner along with his beta Sam, when I accidentally knocked over his wine glasswhile lifting up his empty soup bowl. It shattered on the ground into a million pieces. I froze in place unable to believe my idiocy. After a few seconds, I mumbled a low apology while putting back the empty bowl on the table, and I was about to kneel down to retrieve the shards.

That’s when alpha Grey grabbed my arm fiercely and turned me towards him. I didn’t have time to prepare myself for what happened next, as he slapped me very hard across my cheek. If it wasn’t for his other hand grabbing my arm to keep me in place, I would’ve been on the ground from the strength of his slap. Before I had time to register the pain, he slapped me again on my other cheek. I gasped involuntarily as my cheeks were screaming in pain. My eyes were watering and my heart was beating like crazy.

It was the first time anyone has ever laid a hand on me but it certainly wasn’t the last. I thought then that his slaps were the most painful thing I’ll ever feel in my life, but boy was I so very wrong. He was looking at me like he was going to murder me right then and there. My lips were trembling as I tried to find my voice and beg for my life.

“P… please alpha f… f… forgive me I…”

He grabbed my beanie off my head suddenly and made my hair fall down. He kept staring at me for several seconds until beta Sam cleared his throat.

“You are coming with me servant” alpha Grey said in a low menacing voice.

He grabbed me along with him and I was practically running to keep up with his long strides. My heart was going to explode out of fear. A million thoughts ran through my mind as to where he was taking me or what he was going to do to me. Was he going to lock me in a cell for breaking a glassof wine? Was he going to burn my hand? Cut it off? Break it? It was none of those things. It was something much much worse.

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