The Half Blood Luna Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Ella’s POV:

Death was painful. I was so disappointed. It should have been only peaceful. Hate, hurt, agony, despair, anger, hopelessness, they shouldn’t exist when someone d*ies. There should only be good things like pure unending happiness and laughter. I don’t remember laughing at all after I was ten and f0rced to drop out of school to serve in the pack house. I don’t even remember how to smile let alone laugh. I only know how to cry and scream in pain. Death was supposed to be the start of something good, like finally meeting my mother. Running into her arms and hugging her. Breathing in her scent. God, what I would do to hug her. I would never let her go, not for months.

Why isn’t she here with me?

Why even death was painful as hell, unless….

Am I in hell?

Is that why there is nothing but hurt and darkness here?

No, no way, I was a good person. I don’t deserve to end up in hell. I never hurt anyone. Never K*lled anyone.

What the hell is happening then?

I tried to get my eyes open but nothing was happening.

Were they already open and there was really nothing but darkness here?

“Why isn’t she waking up yet?”

A deep male voice interrupted my panic attack from surfacing.

I recognized that voice. It belonged to alpha Klaus. Why was he in here?

Am I in hell because he swore, he would cause me pain every day?

Why would he have a hand in me ending up in hell? It wasn’t his call. He doesn’t get to sentence me to hell when I d*ie. He can cause me pain all he wants if I was alive, not dead.

That’s when it hit me. I am not dead. I am still alive. That’s why it was so painful.

My breathing accelerated. I should have been dead. With all those injuries I sustained, there was no way I would have survived. I shouldn’t have.

“Something is happening”

It was beta Joseph’s voice.

God, what do they want from me? I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to stay asleep for eternity.

I became aware of a loud beeping sound. It was probably my heart monitor. It was beeping increasingly blowing my attempt to go back to sleep.

“Ella, can you hear me? Open your eyes. It’s ok, you’re safe” alpha Klaus said gently.

Safe? Yeah sure, with you I am perfectly safe.

I have no choice. They know I am awake. I open my eyes slowly. A harsh white light blinds my vision. I blink several times to adjust.

Now I miss the darkness. I wish I could go back to it.

My eyes focus on both of them. They were standing to my left, staring at me in concern.

“Can you hear me?” alpha Klaus asks me.

I open my mouth but my voice comes out in whimpers.

Pain is everywhere. It is all I could feel. I can’t focus enough on speaking. I nod my head slightly.

“Ella, I know it hurts. The doctor will put you back to sleep in a little bit. But I need to ask you a few things, it is very important. I need you to focus for me and find your voice” alpha Klaus says gently.

I try to speak for several seconds. It takes me a few tries but I eventually manage to say “It hurts so much.”

Beta Joseph closes his eyes in pain, while alpha Klaus tries to get me to focus on him “Ella, who attacked you?”

The memories flood my mind immediately. I remember everything. The huge man, our conversation, my struggle to save my life, my failure.

“I don’t know his name. He was one of beta Sam’s spies,” I whisper.

“Why did he attack you?”

“He heard my conversation with you in the backyard. He said I made a huge mistake by coming clean. He thought I knew something else from alpha Grey and didn’t want me to tell you about it. But he was wrong, I told you everything I knew.”

He looked at me in suspicion then asked, “Did he specify exactly what he thought you knew?”

“No, I have no idea what he was talking about”

He stares at me for a while. He doesn’t believe I am telling him the truth obviously.

“If you are hiding something about alpha Grey or beta Sam, you need to tell me right now. And I mean anything, even if you don’t think it concerns me”

I stare at him in annoyance. He is always going to a*s*sume that I am lying or hiding something and it is making me annoyed. He is right, my abuse does not concern him at all.

I take too long to answer but stick to my earlier statement “I have no idea what he was talking about” I say stubbornly.

“You are lying to me Ella. Something you shouldn’t dare to do to me again. Tell me the truth right now” he screams the last sentence at me.

I flinch and say in a scared tone “It’s the truth”

“Klaus, she…” Joseph begins to intervene when suddenly, he holds my eyes and says in a deep voice “Tell me everything you are hiding about your old alpha and beta”

I gasp in surprise. He did it again!

The bastard alpha-commanded me again.

My mouth begins to open against my will and I know exactly what my next words are going to be: I was r@ped and t0rtured by them for the past 10 months. Words that I will d*ie before saying out loud to anyone.

I put my hand over my mouth and keep it shut, while shaking my head at him.

He leans over me and puts his hands over my head.

“Speak” he commands again.

Although I was already in pain, but I felt another pain I have never felt before. Pain in my head. It was like a million needles were drilling themselves into my brain. I scream like I have never screamed before. My hands automatically reaching for my head. I was fighting so hard against his command, and the more I fought, the more I hurt, the louder I screamed.

“Klaus stop it right now” beta Joseph says to him angrily.

“Speak now so the pain will stop Ella. It is the only way” alpha Klaus says sternly.

I thrash in pain while begging him “Don’t do this to me please”

Abruptly, I watch as beta Joseph lifts alpha Klaus off me and throws him across the room. He hits the wall hard causing the painting behind him to drop and crash to the ground.

“SHE’S BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH KLAUS” beta Joseph screams at him.

Alpha Klaus stares at him in shock, while I stare at both of them in fear, my pain forgotten for the moment. I was always more scared of alpha Klaus than beta Joseph, but right now he was scarier than him.

“Don’t stand in my way Joseph, or I will have you punished for disobeying me. She will tell me everything she was hiding” alpha Klaus spits in anger.

“Punish me or K*ll me, I don’t care. But right now, if you want to get to her, you will have to go through me first. I will not stand here and watch you hurt her more than she has already been hurt” beta Joseph says in determination.

Alpha Klaus stares at him in hurt. “You would rather stand against me rather than finding out the truth about your daughter’s murder? If I didn’t know you, I’d say you don’t care about her”

“Your daughter?” the words come out of my mouth in a whisper.

Beta Joseph turns to me and says sadly, “Yes. Kate was my only daughter.” He then turns to look at alpha Klaus and says, “And I do care about her, don’t you dare imply otherwise. But I will not let you hurt an innocent girl just because you are too blinded by anger and revenge that you don’t see what you are doing to her. You just commanded her. And it wasn’t the first time. You are losing control and I have to stop you, as your beta, and your father-in-law. You can’t go around throwing alpha commands at people. It is cruel and you know it”

He stares at him stubbornly, “I wouldn’t have to if she speaks the damn truth for once instead of lying and hiding secrets. She brought that upon herself.”

He looks at me coldly and says, “Are you going to speak now, or should I call Marcel to come arrest your bodyguard for disobed*ience first? Because either way, I will get my answer.”

I stare at him in hate. Whatever I was hiding didn’t concern him at all, yet he will not rest until he makes me say it. I gather my courage, take a deep breath, and turn my emotions off so I could get this over with.

“Ella, you don’t have to say anything. I will not let anyone make you say or do something against your will. Even the alpha” he says so gently, my eyes tear up in response to his kind words. No one has ever stood up for me the way he just did. He is willing to be punished for me. I felt so bad for misjudging him from the start. He was always so kind to me, but I was too scared to trust anyone before. I look at him now and know that he is the only person in this world I can trust not to hurt me or let anyone hurt me. And just for that, I was willing to stand up for him and protect him from being punished just like he was standing up for me.

“It is okay beta. Thank you for trying to protect me. No one ever did that for me before. But, I will not let someone else get punished for me.” I tell him tearfully, then turn my eyes towards alpha Klaus and get this over with before beta Joseph stops me.

“I was r@ped and t0rtured by alpha Grey and beta Sam for the last ten months.”

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