The Half Blood Luna Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Ella’s POV:

The expression on their faces was priceless. They were not expecting me to say this at all. I wasn’t expecting myself to say this out loud to anyone, if it wasn’t for that jerk of an alpha.

I cleared my throat and tried to speak the next words in a flat tone. I didn’t want to feel anything I was saying because if I did, I would break down completely in front of them. I kept my eyes down and fixed on my hands. I didn’t want to see their pity or sympathy for me.

“After my father d*ied in a few weeks, I was serving them dinner one night and I accidentally broke the alpha’s glassof wine. He slapped me then took me to his bedroom to punish me. After he was done… he took away my virginity. Ever since that night he noticed me, he made me come to his bedroom almost every night and did the same thing to me over and over. When alpha Grey got too drunk to touch me or when he was busy, his beta Sam would take his place. Alpha Grey never knew that his beta was abusing me too. I was threatened by beta Sam to keep my mouth shut, and I did. At the end of the night, whoever I was spending the night with would give me some of his blood so that no scars remain on my body. But when alpha Grey goes away for a couple of days, he makes me drink some wolfs bane so that I wouldn’t heal until he returned. So that he’ll always cause me pain even when he is too far to do it himself” I stop to take a deep breath. I don’t dare to look up at them.

No one speaks for while. I keep my eyes on my hands. While I tried my best to speak unemotionally, my tears fell down anyway.

When the silence becomes too much to bare, I carry on. I figured since he wanted the whole truth, I’ll give him his damn truth.

“In the prison cell, when you asked me why I was running away from the pack I didn’t tell you the whole truth. You thought I was running away from you because I knew who K*lled your family, but I didn’t. I didn’t know it was your pack my father was sent to. I ran away because even if the alpha and beta were dead, I was afraid you two would be the same or worse. I didn’t want to live like this anymore.”

I carried on, “In the backyard, when you asked how long I have known about my father, I lied. I didn’t hear it from the alpha and beta behind a closed door. I was going to the alpha’s bedroom as usual, and found the alpha too drunk to move. As I was leaving his room, he called me back and started telling me everything about my father. That he K*lled him, that he sent him to another pack to K*ll the alpha’s father and mate. That he didn’t K*ll the alpha too because he wanted him to be broken before he took over his pack with his own power and…”

I stopped talking as suddenly, something else came to my mind about that night.

“And what?” said alpha Klaus tightly.

I looked up for the first time since I started talking and saw his face. I couldn’t put my hand on his expression precisely, but it was a mix of anger, hurt, and something else I couldn’t catch.

“I just remembered something about that night. It might have been the reason that man tried to K*ll me. After alpha Grey told me about my father and that pack, I asked him if he wanted to get something else off his chest. He said that he hated that pack so much because its old alpha took something from him many years ago, so to retaliate he took something from that pack too, many years ago. Before I could ask him to explain what he meant, he fell asleep and I couldn’t get more out of him. He never got that kind of drunk again.”

I took another breath, the room was starting to spin a little. I wanted this interrogation to end, so I could go back to the darkness I was in before I woke up. My wild emotions were threatening to explode on him for forcing me to speak about my abuse.

I looked at him again and said overwhelmingly “That is everything I am hiding about the ex-alpha and beta. But of course, you don’t believe me, so go ahead. Alpha-command the truth out of me again. Ask me if I lied or hid something else from you. Ask me if I made the whole thing up because you wouldn’t expect anything less to come out of a murderer’s daughter”

I saw regret, the expression I couldn’t decipher before, fill his features. I didn’t expect him to be capable of showing that emotion. It caught me off guard.

He opened the door and took off without saying anything.

Yeah, don’t bother to apologize for being a d*ic*k or anything.

While he was obviously capable of showing regret, he was incapable of giving a decent apology.

I look over at beta Joseph and see him watching me sadly. He pitied me and I hated to see someone look at me like this.

“I am really sorry you had to go through all of this alone Ella. I am really sorry you were f0rced to speak about this to us against your will. I…”

I cut him off angrily, “You shouldn’t be the one to apologize to me, beta. He should be ashamed of himself for everything he has done to me since last night in the back yard. I actually believed that you were the good guys. That he was going to make everything better for half-bloods. We were finally free to choose for ourselves. But it turns out he is worse than alpha Grey. Do you know alpha Grey never alpha commanded me? Even when he took everything from me, he let me fight him, he took my innocence from me, but he let me fight him, he could have made me surrender myself to him completely with a simple command, but even he didn’t dare to be that cruel.”

I was this close to breaking down, and I didn’t want to do it in front of him.

“Please, beta. Leave me alone. I don’t want to talk about this anymore” I said while keeping my eyes closed.

I heard the door open and close. I opened my eyes and found myself alone, like I have always been.

I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. I sobbed uncontrollably. What the alpha just f0rced me to say out loud made something break inside me. Keeping what happened to me to myself, made it bearable. Saying it out loud made it so damn horrible, so damn real.

I try to stop my crying as each sob made everything hurt worse. I wish I could feel nothing, I wish I could be numb. None of it would matter then.

Out of the blue, the door opens and someone walks in, probably a nurse, judging by his blue scrubs. He was holding a large needle in his hand filled with a clear liquid. As soon as I saw it, I jumped off the bed, grabbed the end of my IV stand, and pointed it at the nurse.

“Don’t come near me” I threaten him while backing further away from him into the corner of the room.

He looked shocked by my reaction, so was I. I don’t know what came over me, but the needle in his hand was freaking me out. What if he was sent by that guy to K*ll me. I am sure that by now, he must have heard that his attempt was unsuccessful.

“I am not going to hurt you. It is just a needle to put you back to sleep so you could heal quickly”

He takes another step towards me, and I loose my sh*t.

“Don’t come any closer!” I scream at him.

He freezes and backs away slowly.

A few seconds later, I hear running footsteps, then see the alpha and beta rushing into the room in panic.

“What’s happening in here?” the alpha asks the nurse sharply.

“Dr. Hunt instructed me to inject the patient with a sedative to put her back to sleep. She freaked out as soon as she saw me. I didn’t do anything to her, alpha I swear” the nurse stammered in fear.

“You are not injecting me with anything” I look at beta Joseph and plead “Get him out of here, please. Don’t let him come near me”

Beta Joseph gives the nurse a nod towards the door, and the nurse complies quickly.

“Ella, he is gone. You can put the stand down, you are safe with us,” beta Joseph says in a*s*surance.

I don’t relax a muscle. There was a bigger threat still inside the room giving me a hard look.

I stare the alpha down hoping he would take a hint and get the hell out of my room without the need to yell it at him.

He finally breaks eye contact and says to joseph in a tight voice “I’ll be waiting in the car”

Beta Joseph nods in understanding. The alpha leaves without a second glance at me.

I sigh and put down the stand. I was shaking from head to toe, and my head was spinning slightly. I hold on tight to the stand to support myself.

“Ella, are you ok? Can I come closer to you?” beta Joseph asks gently.

I nod in agreement. He takes careful slow steps towards me, probably afraid of scaring me. When he is standing a few feet away from me, he offers me his hand and says “Let me help you get back to bed”

He waits for me patiently until I make up my mind and accept his help. When my hand touches his, a warm feeling that I have never felt before finds its way inside my body. A feeling of safety sweeps over me at once. He helps me up on the bed and puts back the IV stand in its place. He sits at the edge of my bed and says “Ella, I have to tell you something, but I don’t want you to freak out, okay?”

I gulp and nod at him.

“You couldn’t identify the name of the man who tried to K*ll you. And we have no idea what he looks like or where he is right now. Alpha Klaus and I have decided that it is best if you come back with us to the head pack. That way we can always keep you protected and safe.”

I feel a panic attack starting to build inside me. “You and alpha Klaus or just alpha Klaus? He wants to make me come with him so that he’ll make good on his promise to make me suffer every day. Protection is just an excuse and you know it.”

Beta Joseph shakes his head and says calmly “First of all, it was really both our decision to take you back with us. You are not safe here, I know you know that. Second, I know what Klaus did was inexcusable and I want you to believe me when I tell you that he regrets everything he said and did to you deeply. Especially after he found out what the old alpha and beta did to you. His promise to make you suffer was bullsh*t. He’s not capable of making anyone suffer but himself. He will not hurt you, he just wants to protect you, and so do I. Ella, you have my word, I will not let anyone hurt you anymore, as long as I live.”

My tears start falling at his last words. It feels so good to know that someone cares enough about me that he would keep me safe from anything. I never felt that kind of safe, even when my father was alive.

“Are you coming with us, Ella?” beta Joseph asked.

The idea of staying in the same place as alpha Klaus sits my teeth on edge. I have made up my mind about him. He can be regretful all he wants, he is a control freak a*s*s. Beta Joseph was right about one thing though, I am not safe here anymore. I can’t protect myself. If I refuse to go with them, I will probably end up dead tonight. If it wasn’t for beta Joseph, I would have refused to go anywhere with that jerk, I’d rather d*ie.

“Ok. I will go with you” I answer weakly.

Beta Joseph smiles and says “Ok. We have to go right now. Klaus is waiting for us in the car. But we have to give you a sedative because you have a skull fracture that needs to be completely healed while you sleep.”

I start to shake my head in panic, imagining that nurse coming near me again. Beta Joseph says calmly “I called for a female nurse to give you the sedative, don’t be scared Ella.”

I take a few deep breaths and keep my eyes on his. His deep blue eyes are so relaxing, it is like staring at the ocean.

He smiles at me in rea*s*surance, as the nurse walks in with a needle.

“I will be here when you wake up ok?” says beta Joseph gently.

I nod and do something I have never done before. I reach for his hand. I needed his touch again, I needed that feeling of safety to stay with me when I fall asleep.

He squeezes my hand in tenderness as my eyelids become too heavy to lift and I drift into sleep.

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