The Half Blood Luna Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Klaus’s POV:

“Klaus, have you been listening to me for the past ten minutes or have I been talking to myself?” Joseph waves his hand in front of my face, pulling me out of my recently constant distraction, Ella.

She has been occupying a big part of my mind for quite some time now; ever since the first time I saw her, and I can’t seem to stop thinking about her. She was the first person to have that effect on me after Kate. And that was freaking the sh*t out of me. I didn’t want to end up having feelings for her. Falling for another woman after my mate was out of the question for me. You only get one true mate in your lifetime. One true love. If that person is gone, a part of you will go with her and nothing will ever be able to replace that part.

Yet, where the hell did the part of me that kept thinking about Ella come from? Was it just guilt that brought that part on or was it something else?

I sighed in frustration, ran my hands through my hair, and ran any thoughts of Ella out of my mind.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” I asked Joseph in a frustrated tone.

He stares at me for a while then says “I was just telling you that we need to start preparing for the annual Alpha ceremony. It’s in two weeks”

“Yes, you are right. Why hasn’t Sara said anything about Ella’s condition yet?” dammit, so much for running her out of my mind.

I have no idea where that question that I just asked came from. Joseph gave me a puzzled look, probably confused about the sudden interest in Ella, which made me more pissed at myself. Get it together Klaus, she is just like any other member of your pack.

Whatever Joseph was about to say was interrupted by Sara’s voice through the pack link.

“I knocked on Ella’s door and when she didn’t answer I went inside and found her shaking badly on the sofa. She has a very high fever. I called a doctor to come check on her. She’s on her way. Don’t worry about her I will stay with her until she recovers. Just wanted to update you”

“Where did the fever come from? I thought you said her st*itches were healing perfectly, no infection,” I asked Joseph in confusion.

“Yes, it is healing properly according to the doctor. There is no reason for her to develop such a high fever” Joseph confirmed.

I got up from my desk and headed towards the door in a hurry. Joseph followed behind me. So, she has a fever, why am I so concerned? Concerned enough to drop everything and go check on her. I wasn’t making any sense to myself. All this behavior cannot just be out of guilt, can it?

I reach her room and knock twice.

“Come in” Sara’s voice invites us in. I enter and find Ella on the sofa in a fetal position shaking and murmuring in a very low voice. Her eyes were closed but tears were running down her face. Sara was kneeling on the ground next to her head.

“Where is the doctor?” I asked Sara in a tight voice.

“She’ll be here in two minutes, let’s move her to the bed, it’s more comfortable for her than the sofa”

I moved instinctively towards her and bent to lift her up, but before I could touch her I stopped. It didn’t feel right for me to touch her without her permission. I straightened and looked at Joseph meaningfully.

As soon as Joseph put her on the bed, she started shaking even harder and M0@ning in pain “No, not the bed please. Please don’t touch me. I’ll do anything just don’t touch me” she wrapped up on herself even more and kept holding on to her clothes.

My heart tore apart at the sight of her trying to cover herself up and the sound of her agony.

There was a knock on the door followed by the doctor’s voice “Doctor Sara, it’s doctor Megan. Can I come in?”

“Yes dear, you can,” answered Sara in a concerned tone.

The doctor started examining Ella, while Joseph and I gave them our backs and stared at the window overlooking the huge forest.

I heard Ella scream and turned to see her pulling down her sweater hysterically as the doctor was trying to lift it up to examine her chest “No! No please. Don’t touch me alpha. Please don’t,” she M0@ned in pain.

“I need to examine her wound to confirm if there is any infection around the st*itches,” said the doctor to Sara.

Sara tried to speak to Ella in a comforting voice “Ella sweetie, you are safe here. It’s just the doctor. No one can hurt you anymore.”

The doctor tried to lift the sweater again, but Ella thrashed against her even harder begging and crying.

The doctor turned to us and said apologetically “I am really sorry but you need to hold her down just for one minute. I have to look at the incision. Her fever is causing her hallucinations, she can’t hear anything we are trying to say to her.”

We went over to her bed, joseph held her legs while I held her hands above her head.

“No, please! Please let me go! Don’t hurt me please! Don’t touch me I beg you!” her whole body was shaking badly from the fear she was experiencing. She was fighting us so hard. The louder she begged and screamed, the deeper my heart broke for her.

Joseph was murmuring to her with pain in his voice “Ella it’s ok I am right here with you. No one is going to touch you I promise.”

“Ok you can let her go, I am done,” said doctor Megan.

As soon as we let her go, her screaming stopped but she kept begging us not to hurt or touch her in a low voice. She wrapped up on herself again and held on tightly to her clothes.

“Her wound is almost healed there is no sign of infection” confirmed doctor Megan.

“Then what is the cause of the fever?” Joseph asked.

“It is most likely a psychogenic fever caused by stress. I presume from her current condition that she has been through a traumatic event. I think that’s the main cause of the fever and hallucinations. There is nothing wrong with her physically. I will give her an IV to keep her hydrated and an injection to reduce the fever every four hours until the fever goes down. As soon as she is responsive you need to get her to eat and hydrate. As for the trauma that caused the fever, I believe that is on you, doctor Sara.”

Sara nods in understanding and thanks the doctor.

We end up having to hold Ella down again in order to get the IV needle inside her hand, while she shakes and begs in agony. As soon as we let her go, she tried to rip the needle out. So, the doctor had to give her a sedative.

After the doctor left, we all stood around her bed looking at her with anguish.

“We can’t let her go through this again, Sara. As soon as she wakes up you need to start working with her” I say to her in a tight voice.

Her screams were still ringing in my head, the intensity of her fear was tearing me apart. I would do anything, and I mean anything, to never make her feel this way again.

We stayed in her room for a long time. I pushed my regular meeting with my betas because I couldn’t leave until I saw with my own eyes that she was okay, that when the sedative wears off, she wouldn’t try to rip out her IV again.

After about three hours, she started to shake and stir again. I prepared myself to hold her if she showed signs of ripping out the needle. Sara held out her hands at us “Wait, we need to use restraining only as a last resort. We don’t want her to get so emotional and have to give her another sedative, it’s not good for her condition to stay asleep for a long time, let me try something”

She gets on the other side of the bed, and lays next to her. Ella was starting to whisper in pain. Sara puts her hand on her hair and pats it gently while whispering in her ear in a calm and tender tone “Ella honey, you are safe I swear. You are going to be okay. There is nothing to be scared of anymore”

Ella froze as soon as Sara touched her hair. I prepared myself thinking that the physical contact was going to push her off the edge again. Surprisingly, her breathing calmed down and her whimpering stopped.

“It’s… so cold… mom” she whispered in sadness.

Sara got so emotional at hearing what Ella said, her tears fell down in pain.

“Come here, let me warm you up,” said Sara as she wrapped her in her arms, positioned Ella’s head against her chest, and started comforting her with her soothing touch.

“You smell so… good…just like…I always imagined,” whispered Ella with a smile on her face.

“Don’t…. leave me again…please…I can’t live… without you,” begged Ella in a low voice.

“I am right here. I am not going anywhere I promise you” said Sara tearfully as she kissed the top of her head.

“Don’t let me go, mom, please.”

“I won’t Ella. I will never let you go.”

She kept begging Sara not to leave her alone as she clutched her tight afraid of letting her go. Sara kept rea*s*suring her that she will be right there with her with tears streaming down her face from the emotional state Ella’s words left her in.

My heart broke wide open at the sight in front of me. Even my tears were threatening to fall down. The intensity with which Ella held on to Sara hallucinating her own mother almost brought me to my knees.

I looked over at Joseph and saw him wiping his face with his hand while looking at Ella in heartbreak.

An unconscious seventeen-year-old girl just brought three adults into tears, how I ever doubted her innocence made me ashamed.

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