The Half Blood Luna Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Klaus’s POV:

I burn a hole through the floor as I pace back and forth in front of the room Ella was being treated in.

Something was wrong with Sara, but Joseph wouldn’t tell me anything until we were face to face.

I was repeating the same prayer over and over again. Please, god let her be okay, I cannot bear to lose someone else.

“Klaus,” Joseph said as he reached for me.

“What happened? Tell me that she’s okay. Tell me that she’s alive, please Joseph,” I pleaded while holding him tightly.

“She’s alive. She’s still in surgery, the doctors didn’t finish yet. But she will live my son. She will be fine. We just have to wait,” he said in a*s*surance.

“What happened? You told me she was fine.”

“You needed to save Ella, I didn’t want you to be distracted and waste time on explaining what happened. How is Ella?” he asks in concern.

“She’s injured, I don’t know the extent though, they just took her inside. She had a deep wound on the side of her head and probably a broken arm, these were the injuries I saw I don’t know if there was something else I couldn’t see.”

“And the man?”

“He was taken to one of our cells. We will deal with him later. Right now, I just need to make sure Ella and Sara will be okay. Tell me everything Joseph.”

“I was searching for her in every room and constantly trying to reach her through the link until she responded. The man who took her from the bathroom held a napkin to her face and made her inhale it, it was some kind of a sedative. As soon as she realized what was happening she held her breath and pretended to faint, but she already inhaled a little so eventually she passed out for real. The amount she already inhaled wasn’t much so she was able to wake up very soon after. She tried to figure out where she was without alerting the guy. He was holding her in one of the meeting rooms.”

“When I told her that the man has Ella somewhere, and that she was refusing to tell us where she was because she didn’t want to risk her life, she took matters into her own hands and jumped the man herself. I had just burst into the room when I saw him shoot her in the stomach twice. It was the scariest moment of my life. After I K*lled him, I mind linked you, and took her straight to the hospital, she was unresponsive and bleeding so much. They took her straight into surgery. One of the nurses in the OR mind linked and told me that everything was under control half an hour later.”

I put my hand on the wall for support. That was so damn close. Joseph patted my shoulder and said gently “We saved them both son. And we finally captured him. They are safe now,” he hugged me tightly.

Both of us really needed that hug. Both of us just lived through our worst nightmare again. But this time, we ended up saving them. We didn’t stand helpless, unable to do anything like the last time. We fought tooth and nail to save them.

We weren’t the only ones who fought too, Sara and Ella fought so hard for each other as well. They both came to care for one another deeply in this short period of time, to the extent of sacrificing themselves to save the other.

Half an hour later, a doctor comes out of the ER.

I walk over to him and instantly ask him, “Is she okay?”

“Yes, alpha Klaus she is okay. She had a skull fracture and a dislocated shoulder. She lost a lot of blood, and her fracture was very serious, so we transferred blood to her system, her condition improved greatly. After that, we just had to pop her shoulder back in its place and the blood will take care of the rest. She is currently sleeping but there is no need for her to stay here. She can be taken home if you wish,” the doctor said.

I nod at him and say gratefully, “Thank you doctor”

I look at Joseph and see relief filling his features.

“I will take her back to her room and stay with her until she wakes up. Please update me as soon as Sara gets out of surgery,” I tell Joseph

“I will keep you updated, don’t worry.”

I take Ella back to her room and watch her sleep, while sitting at the edge of her bed. Listening to the sound of her breathing was a constant comfort and relief.

My mind goes back to that moment after our dance was over.

I felt her body change 180 degrees. Her soft admiring big brown eyes became filled with terror and panic, her hands tightened around my neck as if she was holding on to me for support, her flushed red cheeks started losing their color as if the blood was draining from her face.

I urged her to talk to me, to tell me what was wrong. That’s when she took a gun and shot me right in the heart with it, or it almost felt like that.

“I was lying to myself. I will always be afraid of you, always hate you for what you said and did to me in the past. I don’t want anything to do with you. Stay away from me and don’t come near me ever again.”

These words punched a hole right through my heart. I wouldn’t have been able to believe her if it wasn’t for the unmistakable tone of hatred and loath she spoke in.

She left right after that without a second glance in my direction.

I stood glued to the ground for a couple of minutes. Unable to understand how five minutes ago, she was dancing so enthusiastically, so passionately with me and now she wanted nothing to do with me. Was I imagining things? Did she not feel the amazing connection and chemistry that we shared together on that dance floor?

I went back to where Joseph was and sat down on the first chair I could get my hands on.

No matter how much I try, no matter what I do, she will never be able to forget what I did. Even though I promised her that she will never get hurt from me again, she still fears me.

“What happened? Why did she take off like this?” asked Joseph in concern.

I just shook my head at him, unable to form any words.

Suddenly, Joseph jerked up from his chair so fast, it fell backwards with a thud.

His expression was something I have seen once before, only once.

“What happened?” I asked tightly, almost afraid of hearing his next words.

He closed his eyes briefly and threw a series of curses in a low voice.

“Joseph!” there was a disaster approaching, certainly.

“The man who attacked Ella at her old pack, he had one of his people kidnap Sara and hid her somewhere then f0rced Ella to meet him alone. She won’t tell me where she is, the man threatened her that he’ll K*ll Sara if someone comes anywhere near them”

My heart jumps out of my chest. Now her behavior made perfect sense. She was trying to get rid of me. She was sacrificing herself for Sara.

“Damn it! What are we going to do Joseph? My mind is paralyzed I can’t think straight,” I almost scream at him.

“Now is not the time to panic. We have to look for them everywhere. There is nothing else we can do. I’m trying to reach Sara but she’s not responding. I’ll keep trying. I just alerted everyone on duty. We are going to tear the whole pack house looking for them.”

We both sprinted out of the hall and went in a different direction to start searching.

I was beyond mad at Ella. How could she do this? Why would she take matters into her own hands and put her life in danger like this? She could have told me and we would have tried to save Sara together.

I mind link her in rage “Where the f*uc*k are you?”

She replies firmly “Go save Sara. Forget about me”

I grit my teeth in frustration.

“Tell me where you are right now, or so help me god Ella, I’ll never forgive you for this” I threatened her.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, whether you forgive me or not, because I’ll be…”

Her sentence got cut off and I stopped dead in my tracks.

I kept shouting for her but she wouldn’t reply back.

I ran my hands through my hair and murmured in a low voice “No, no, no you can’t do this to me. You can’t d*ie on me. Not you too”

I resume tearing through the pack house room by room in a blinded frenzy.

I can’t fail to protect the people I care about again, I can’t fail someone else again. I kept repeating to myself the whole time…

I sigh loudly as I gaze at Ella sleeping. Willing myself to take a deep breath and believe that she is safe now.

I can’t keep denying my feelings for her anymore or burying them like they don’t exist, especially after what happened today.

She makes me feel a lot of things when I am with her, or just thinking about her. Good things and bad things. She brings out feelings in me that I thought I would never feel again after Kate, she also brings out a new mix of feelings; I have never felt before, that make me want to scream at her and hug her all at the same time. She tests my patience extremely with her challenging att*itude. She breaks my heart in half with her kindness despite the hardships she had to endure.

When I held her in my arms at the roof of the pack house, I made a decision.

I will take her up on her offer. Not because I just want to use her to extend my line. Because I want to make it up to her. I want to make up for everything she has lost, everything she was f0rced into, everything she suffered from, the tenderness and love that she was never shown.

I am willing to do this for her and much more, but I needed to know one thing from her first.

I want to know if there was any part of her that actually meant what she said to me before she took off.

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