The Half Blood Luna Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Klaus’s POV:

We kept running for what felt like hours in the forest. We didn’t speak to each other the whole time. Both of us were drowning in our own misery, in our own intolerable heartache.

How many months did my mother suffer at the hands of Grey? Was it for months or for years? Was she ever able to heal from his abuse?

Most importantly, how the fvck could she carry that monster’s son? How could my father… alpha Mathew allow this to happen? I should have never been born. I should have never been alpha of this pack, pretending that I was from the Morgan bloodline when I was of that as*sh0le Grey’s blood.

How will I ever be able to extend that line now? The only line I will be extending is Grey’s, and I will be damned if I do that.

What am I supposed to do with this knowledge now? Am I expected to just keep lying to my whole pack and carry on with my fake last name? Should I hand the alpha position over to someone more deserving of this title and come clean to my pack?

I was genuinely lost. Torn between my huge responsibility to my pack and my huge shame of my true ident*ity.

Why didn’t alpha Mathew tell me the truth? Why did he put that burden on my shoulders? How was he able to raise Grey’s son as his own after everything the monster has done to my mother?

My whole life with him, he never made me feel or suspect that he wasn’t my real father. He was everything a son would want in a father. He was kind, passionate, tender, and supportive in every way possible. He became my everything after my mother d*ied. He became my whole life, my role model, my mentor. Everything I have become today was all because he was my rock, my anchor.

He trusted me with his pack way before he was supposed to retire. He could have stayed alpha for many years, but he handed the position over to me as soon as I became of age. He really believed in me and trusted me that much. He truly believed that I was his son from his own flesh and blood.

That realization brought a new wave of pain with it.

I howled deeply, trying to let go of all of the frustration and grief over his loss, and all of the anger and resentment for Grey and his followers out of my system.

Joseph stopped running suddenly, and collapsed on the ground with a low whimper. I came over to him and rubbed the top of my head on his neck.

“Joseph…” I started to mind link him but didn’t know how to console him.

“I failed her Klaus. I failed her so bad. She will never forgive us, she will hate us and she has every right to. While she was suffering for years, we were living our lives in happiness and bliss. While she was screaming in pain alone and helpless, we were laughing and enjoying our time together as a family. I couldn’t protect her, I couldn’t keep my little girl safe from that monster.

I never held her as a baby, never bathed her or sang to her, never soothed her or heard her laughter, never heard her first word and saw her first steps. He took all that away from me and so much more! He left her at the hands of that murderer. Who knows how many times he mistreated her, how many times she needed a tender shoulder to lean on and didn’t find it.

She has never even been fvcking hugged before she came here Klaus! Not once! They were all so cruel to her. She didn’t deserve any of it. She shouldn’t have lived that miserable painful life. She was never meant to know such pain. It was all because she was mine. It was all because of me,” he said all of this with great torment.

“No Joseph, it wasn’t because of you, it was because of Grey. He was an evil resentful bastard who wanted everyone around him to suffer for his amusem*nt. This is not your fault. Ella would never hate you. She loves you and Sara so much even though she doesn’t know you are her real parents. The three of you felt a strong connection to each other from the beginning, and that kind of warmth could never be diminished. The truth will hit her so hard, but we will all stand together for her. You can’t fall apart like this, she needs you strong, she needs you to be strong for her,” I said with determination, forgetting all about my own pain. Because compared to Joseph, Sara, and Ella, my suffering was relatively insignificant.

“Oh god, Sara! How am I going to tell her? How is she going to feel? She will definitely fall apart. How are we supposed to tell Ella all of this, when we can’t even handle it ourselves?” he asked in bewilderment.

I didn’t know what to tell him. I couldn’t imagine telling Sara that her seventeen-year-old girl is still alive and was put through hell just for being their daughter. My heart was breaking for Joseph. His pain was so raw, it ate at him profoundly.

“You can’t tell Ella anything, not until you and Sara both get over the shock and compose yourselves. You both need to stand strong together to handle her reaction. We have to go back to the pack house now, you will go to Sara and tell her everything. I will go and keep Ella busy until you are ready”

“Yes, you’re right” he said with a little more strength as he stood up on all fours and started running back towards the pack house, I was running right beside him.

“But first, that traitorous son of a b!tch does not get to breath for another second. I want to be the one to K*ll him Klaus, please. Let me be the one to K*ll him. He deserves to be in hell with his bastard alpha as soon as possible.”

“Ok, let’s go” I said in agreement.

We shift back to our human forms as we enter the pack house and head for the first room on our left.

It is was a huge closet, with lots of clothes for everyone to use whenever they come back n@ked after their shifting.

We change in a hurry and head for the basem*nt.

As we reach the cell door, I take one of the guardian’s knives, hand it over to Joseph, and wait outside the cell.

After a minute, he walks out of the cell, his face devoid of any emotion, and exits the basem*nt to go shatter Sara’s world with the truth.

I instruct the guardians strictly as I hand the knife back to one of them “Dispose of his body, and return to your original a*s*signments.”

I pause for a second then add firmly, “Whatever you heard or didn’t hear while standing outside this cell, you will immediately forget as soon as you walk out those doors, understood?”

“It is already forgotten alpha,” they said sincerely.

I stood in my place while still looking at them, as the depth of their sincerity was so clear on their faces, it hit me so hard. I was positive they heard everything Daniel confessed to us earlier. Yet, they looked at me with so much loyalty; without an ounce of doubt or distrust, as if they were telling me that the truth does not change that I am still alpha Mathew’s son and will always be his son.

I nod my head at them in a gesture of appreciation for their faith in me.

I head back towards my place, silently hoping that Sara will be able to pull them both out of this tragedy. She was the strongest one among us. I hope she remains that way after hearing the truth.

I open the door to my house, and find Ella deeply concentrating on her studying. She had her head buried in one of the many books that were sprawled on the dining table. She looked up in surprise as I walked through the door.

“Hey, you’re early… What’s wrong?” she started out enthusiastically then noticed my gloomy expression and my rigid form, as she asked in a tight scared voice.

I had to tell her my part of the truth. She deserved to hear that from me at least.

For a second, I was scared she might end up despising me for who I really am, the monster’s son who terrorized her life when he was alive, and her nightmares even after his death.

It was such an ironic situation. I despised her so much at the beginning for being her father’s daughter, made so damn sure she knew it too, and now I was afraid she will return the favor.

I, myself treated her badly from the beginning. I blamed it all on grief, but was it really grief or was it me becoming like my real father? I punished her hard just like my father did so many times.

My blood boils in my veins every time I remember that public punishment. How could I have been so cruel? How did I ever have the heart to hurt her like this?

I didn’t have a warm, beating heart then like I had now. My heart was as cold as ice, numb and dead inside.

She got up from the chair and walked slowly towards me until we were standing close, face to face.

Her face was full of concern and something else I achingly recognized immediately.

She was afraid.

My body language was screaming rage and fury, and she was afraid of me because I always end up snapping at her during those times.

But not this time.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she said ever so softly, repeating back my own question from last night.

I don’t know what will happen to me if she ends up hating me and asking for a divorce. It will break my heart again. she helped put it back together after Kate, helped mend it and gave it its warmth and pulse back. If she leaves me, nothing can ever put my heart back in its place again.

“I finally got the truth out of Daniel. And the truth fvcked me up nine ways to Sunday, Ella. It is too much to handle, too much to comprehend even,” I whispered in a low voice.

She looked at me tenderly as she took my hand in hers, and dragged me towards the bedroom.

She made me sit on the sofa, then sat next to me, while still holding onto my hand. She put her other hand over it and squeezed softly.

“Let me help you handle it, Klaus. Don’t battle this on your own, it will only eat you from the inside out. Let me in please,” she begged softly.

“I’m afraid,” I said shakily.

Only she can make my voice break and waver like this. Only she and my family can make me show and express my vulnerabilities in front of them.

“Of what?” she asked warily.

“Of losing you,” I admit weakly.

I was so open in front of her at that moment, so open like I have never been before. I find myself unable to stop the next flow of words that came out of me in a rush.

“I can’t imagine losing you Ella. I just found you. You made me come back to life again. You made me feel such emotions I never thought myself possible of ever feeling again with anyone else. With you, I can breathe again, I can feel again, and I can live again. My existence before you were so dark, dark and tasteless and full of struggling, until you came. You slowly chased away every single dark thought that kept invading my head. You became the only thing constantly on my mind. Your beautiful big brown eyes, your golden curls, and your addicting red roses smell, became my sweet distraction, my support system that keeps me from falling off the wagon again. You keep me sane Ella. If you hate me after revealing the truth…”

“Just say it,” she urged me with tears in her eyes. I saw how much my indirect love confession made her emotional. I saw; without needing her to admit anything, that she was feeling the same way. But, she also felt that what I was about to say was going to shatter her, and possibly change her feelings towards me.

I took a deep breath and said steadily while looking deep into her eyes.

“Daniel said that this whole thing started because of my mother. She was Grey’s sl*ve when my father found her and claimed her as his mate. When he took her back to this pack, Grey vowed that he will make everyone involved suffer for it. But that’s not the only thing that broke me. He said that my mother was pregnant before she left the Grey’s pack but she and my father hid the truth from everyone. I…”

I wanted to say I am Grey’s son, but the words couldn’t get past my lips. She kept staring at me for a long time, trying to process what I couldn’t express out loud.

Finally, she whispered so low, “You’re alpha Grey’s son.”

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