The Half Blood Luna Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

Ella’s POV:

Klaus and Joseph head for their offices and I hang back with Sara before she heads to work too.

I had ten minutes before my studying session with Jake, so I decided to open the subject with Sara.

“What’s on your mind Ella?” asks Sara curiously.

She could always read me like an open book. I wondered if I was the only one she could read so easily, or she had a special gift of reading people.

“I don’t know if Klaus talked to you about this, but he and I have real feelings for each other. We’ve had them well before we got married, but we were both scared of our own feelings” I said awkwardly.

She speaks tenderly “I know, not just because Klaus confirmed it last night, but because Joseph and I suspected it from the beginning”

I suppress my snort as I wonder to myself. How come everyone but us, was so sure that we had feelings for each other?

She laughs under her breath as she says “We probably figured it out before you two even admitted it to yourselves. We didn’t say anything because we wanted you to both be ready for it, ready to confront it and embrace it. It’s not something that should be rushed into at the first spark of interest, that’s not enough.

You need to wait until that spark takes you to the next level and starts fireworks that lightens your whole world with it, that’s how you make sure that you could carry that love forever in your hearts”

She was right, my world is currently exploding with a million colorful fireworks lighting up everything and everywhere that was drowning in the darkness for so long.

“Well, I am experiencing those fireworks right now, and so is Klaus. But…” I hesitate as I try to convey my struggles to her.

“But you’re afraid of taking the next step” she confirmed for me.

“I am not afraid of him or anything. on the contrary, whenever he holds my hands or hugs me I feel so safe and warm inside; my body even responds to him. But these are gestures I was never exposed to before, I am just not sure if I will be able to feel the same way, to let go of the feelings that became hardwired into me whenever I got touched s3xually. I’m afraid of hurting him if I flinch away, or getting too overwhelmed and asking him to stop. I need your help with this because I really want to take this to the next level” I say desperately.

“I will help you in everyway I can, but the hard work is going to fall on you. You have to believe in your heart that this is going to completely and utterly feel different from what you experienced at the old pack.

I guarantee you, once you get the full taste of it, all those hardwired feelings you mentioned, will obliterate to dust” she spoke with such confidence, I couldn’t help but take her word for it, trustfully.

We agree to have a session everyday after Jake finishes with me, starting today.

As she heads out to work, Jake comes inside and hugs me excitedly.

“Hey you beautiful shining bride, how is married life?”

I chuckle as I answer him “It’s been only two days, it’s too early to judge yet”

“By the way, I wasn’t able to tell you then, but you looked so stunning on your wedding day, everyone was so mesmerized by their new Luna, everyone really likes you Ella”

While he has little knowledge of my past, he unknowingly said the exact words that made my heart beat with pride and relief that the pack accepted me as their Luna without expressing doubts about my inexperience in fighting or my lack of education. Although I did feel it during the Luna vows, it felt rea*s*suring to hear it from a reliable source.

“Come on we are two days behind our schedule. Don’t expect me to go easy on you just because you’re my Luna now” he said teasingly.

“I wouldn’t dare to expect such a thing, professor Jake” I said tauntingly.

“However, I do have a rather important question before we start our studying. How are things between you and Linda?” I ask curiously, hoping for the best.

His face softened lovingly as he said “Oh Ella, she is the most amazing woman I have evet met. I am so lucky she fell in love with me because I can’t imagine spending my life with someone else. I am also so lucky because she got a*s*signed as your guardian or I would have probably never ran into her”

My eyes tear up in response to his words and his dazzled expression.

“I am super glad you found each other Jake. She has almost given up on happiness and it fills my heart to see her get a happy ending” I said sincerely.

The day ends in a blink of an eye, or it appeared like this to me because I didn’t have a lot of free time to think about anything. After I finished with Jake, I went over to Sara’s office for our one hour session. After that we had lunch together outside the pack house because Klaus and Joseph had a meeting to attend to.

During our lunch at a local restaurant, I gathered the courage to ask her about my sister.

“I want to ask you about something, but I don’t want you to talk if you don’t feel like going there” I said sheepishly.

“You can ask me about anything. Even if it was hard for me to talk about it, I want you to know that you can always come to me with anything on your mind and I will be here to listen to you and answer you” said Sara earnestly.

“Can you tell me about Kate? I want to know more about her, especially after I found out she was my sister; while I no longer feel guilty about somehow being responsible for her death because of that man, I’m still bothered that I don’t feel connected to her at all. I thought maybe if you tell me more about her, I would be able to feel something” I said honestly, opening up to her.

She took a deep breath as she tried to gather her thoughts, I gave her all the time she needed. Although she was the strongest woman I have ever seen; when it comes to controlling her emotions and getting back up before she even stumbles, it must still be hard on her.

“Kate was a lot like Joseph. Inside and out. She had his deep blue eyes and his generous compassion for everyone around her. She was a little rebellious at times and stubborn; a lot like you in that department actually, she graduated from fashion designing school and was working so hard on starting her own line for c*oc*ktail dresses.

She always got irritated when she was still in high school because she would never find a dress she likes enough, and went into fashion for that sole purpose” she said with a small smile as she spoke about her.

She pulled out her phone from her purse and showed me her picture.

She was right, Kate looked a lot like Joseph. Her only trait from Sara was her wavy golden hair.

I got more traits from Sara than Joseph. The brown eyes, the golden hair color, the slender lean body, and the same full pink lips.

“When she found out she was going to become an older sister, she surprised me greatly by being so excited and happy.

While most kids get jealous and hate the idea of sharing their parent’s attention with another sibling, she was ecstatic. She couldn’t wait for you to grow up so you could play with her all the girly games she loved to play.

She even bought a Barbie doll for you before you were born and said she will give it you once you arrive. It’s still wrapped up in its box at her old room back in our place.

She was broken when she learned that she lost you before having the chance to give you your gift and decided to keep it sealed as a reminder of her angel little sister”

My tears fall as my heart tugs at me in response to her love for me before she even met me. Well, I definitely feel the connection now.

I went over to the empty chair next to Sara and gave her a long, tight hug as I felt she was on the edge of sobbing.

She looked at me fiercely as she said in a trembling voice “You Ella, made the motherhood in me awaken after I thought I lost it forever, you made me feel like I could still be a mother, long before I knew you were mine. You kept that side of me alive from the moment you called me mom on our first day.

You were having a fever and hallucinating your mother; who turned out to be me in the end, you asked me never to leave you and ever since that day I vowed I would never do.

I considered you my daughter for all intents and purposes. My only wish is to make you feel that motherhood and consider me your mother with every fiber of your being. I am willing to wait for how ever long it takes”

“I love you so much… mom” I said emotionally.

She broke into tears and hugged me tightly to her chest.

“You were really the mother I never had, the mother I didn’t know I still had, you made me feel it deeply from the start. Finding out the truth only confirmed what I already felt.

You don’t have to wait for anything because I already considered you and Joseph as my parents long before the truth came to light. The love you showed to a complete stranger; at that time, touched me to my c0re.

You made me believe that some people are capable of sharing their love with someone they are not related to by blood, when I believed it impossible because of how everyone around me treated me before. But you changed my view of the world and lightened it up colorfully” I said tearfully.

She tightened her arms around me and whispered heartily “I love you so much honey, we both do. You should’ve seen Joseph’s face and heard his voice when he talked to me about you for the first time. I saw sparks in his eyes that I haven’t seen since Kate.

He really started to care about you ever since that first night in the woods when he stopped you from running away.

I felt his pain deeply when he told me what Klaus did to you and how desperate he was to make him change his mind about the punishment. He felt like he failed you even though he didn’t really know anything about you back then.

He felt so protective of you after that and instinctively challenged Klaus; his alpha, without fearing or even thinking about the consequences of such actions because the guilt ate at him for not being able to protect you the first time.

He was willing to do anything to keep you from ever being hurt again or f0rced to say something against you will under Klaus’s alpha-command. I instantly knew then, before I even met you, that you were going to become an important part of our lives, and you did”

I sniffled as I broke the hug and admitted to her embarra*s*sedly “I felt his kindness towards me from the beginning too, but I was afraid of him and couldn’t trust him at all. But all of that changed once he risked his life to protect me when he didn’t owe me anything.

I know how much danger he put himself in by challenging Klaus and I admired that about him. He is willing to sacrifice himself to protect the person he cares about.

He is the first person I learned to trust and I will forever be grateful for him for protecting me and loving me despite not knowing anything about me”

“Can you do me a favor Ella?” asked Sara in a small voice.

“Of course, whatever you want” I answered immediately.

“Can you tell Joseph how you really feel about him, without telling him that I asked you. He’s still afraid that there’s a part of you that blames us for what happened to you, he still blames himself deeply for not questioning your death before” said Sara sadly.

“I will talk to him don’t worry about it” I said determinedly.

After our lunch, we went our separate ways. I went back home to change my outfit and hurried to my training with Linda.

I gasped in surprise as I opened the door to the training room and found Klaus waiting for me instead.

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