The Half Blood Luna Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

Klaus’s POV:

“If I doze off behind the wheel and hit a tree, I will haunt your as*s for eternity Klaus. Why couldn’t we just spend the night and travel back to the head pack first thing in the morning?” asked Joseph while stifling a yawn.

We were on our way back home from visiting our last pack. It was almost midnight and the path we were driving through was barely visible in the poorly lit, uncemented dirt road.

“It’s just an hour and a half drive Joseph, I’ll keep you awake don’t worry,” I said firmly.

“That still doesn’t answer my question. What’s the rush?” he asked curiously.

I sighed heavily. The rush was because of Ella. If I thought the three days before our wedding were torturous, I was so wrong. I wasn’t as attached to her then as I was now.

I wanted to return back to the head pack since the first night. Hell, I wanted to return the second we drove past the border.

I have no idea how I’m going to do this again next time.

She was an addiction I never wanted to sober up from. She always keeps me coming back for more. And it’s getting difficult to restrain myself from touching her. She was so alluring and I was so curious to explore every inch of her. I was even afraid to k!ss her on the cheek for fear of freaking her out. Her intoxicating smell alone drove me wild and filled me with an aching desire. God, how I missed that damn smell.

She asked me to be patient and I was willing to be extremely patient until she feels ready, then I would make damn sure I obliterate every fvcking bad memory about s3x from her mind.

She will get the true taste of what making love is all about. And when that happens, she will come asking for it herself, I will see to it.

“Ella has nightmares every night. I don’t even think they are just nightmares, but more like memories of her t*ortur*e. She gets so trapped in them, she feels everything as if she is living them again, and it is near impossible to pull her out of them.

She wakes up a complete mess and can’t get back to sleep again easily. But ever since I started sleeping next to her every night, her nightmares stopped.

Although she told me she didn’t have any since I left, but I think she’s lying to me so I don’t get worried about her. I can’t bear to know she is suffering while I can do something to stop it” I explained agonizingly.

Joseph nods his head in understanding as he tries to hide the pain from his face.

“Yeah I got a glimpse of those nightmares. You’re right, if your presence makes her subconscious feel safe, then we better get there before she goes to sleep” he said determinedly, all traces of sleeping gone from him.

“Are things moving along between you and her?” he asked carefully.

I should probably feel awkward to talk to Joseph about this. But he wasn’t just Ella’s father, he was also mine, my best friend, and my confidant.

“Things are moving slowly. There haven’t been any kind of physical contact if that’s what you’re referring to. She’s working on it with Sara. But we’re in a good place right now. We are more open, more expressive about our feelings and happy around each other. We haven’t had a single argument since we got married, can you believe it? We used to get on each other’s nerves every time we ran into each other, but now things are different, thank god”

“I’m glad things are improving. Sara told me a little about their sessions together. She said things are beginning to improve” said Joseph in relief.

They were willing to do whatever it takes to erase all of her bad memories from the old pack, and so was I.

We arrived a little after midnight. I said good night to Joseph, as we went our separate ways to our homes.

I found my legs moving fast, trying to get me to Ella, as my mind was worrying about her condition excessively.

I walked into the bedroom and found it empty to my surprise.

Then, I saw the bathroom door open and Ella walked out in a short, purple night gown that left little to the imagination. She never dressed like that when I was sharing the room with her.

My eyes swept over her entire body hungrily. I felt my insides tighten with desire instantly at the sight of her s3xiness.

Control yourself dammit, I chastised myself.

She let out a little gasp as her eyes fixed on me in surprise.

She ran so fast for me and threw her arms around me in a heart melting tight embrace.

She buried her face in my chest and mumbled happily “Oh my god Klaus! Thank goodness you’re back. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. I thought you were coming back in the morning?”

I breathed in her sweet savory smell, and felt like I was just coming up for air after a long time of deprival.

“I missed you terribly, love. I couldn’t wait another damn minute. I was also worried about you” I said passionately. I held her face up softly to examine her.

“Are you okay? Did you have nightmares the last three days? Please be honest with me” I asked her gently.

She tried to look down but I held her face firmly, refusing to let her avert her chocolaty big brown eyes from me.

“I didn’t want to trouble you with my nightmares. There was nothing you could’ve done about them when you were far away. They came back the first two nights. I was so miserable without you, they were excruciating and I didn’t want to sleep anymore” she said sadly.

My l!ps instinctively printed a soft k!ss on her forehead trying to ease the sadness that replaced her happiness at the sight of me.

“Oh Ella, I’m so sorry you had to go through this again. I promised you I’d never leave your side at night, and I ended up breaking that promise. Forgive me love. I will never leave without you again, no matter what” I said determinedly.

She smiled at me and said softly “Last night, I went over to my mom and slept next to her. She kept them away thankfully, I was able to sleep soundly in her arms. I was going over to her bedroom tonight too before you showed up”

I sigh in relief “Thank god, that made me feel better. I’m glad you found a way”

She looked at me for a while before she said charmingly “Well, I did. But sleeping in your arms is exceptional. You’re different. I will forgive you for leaving me without those protective, safe, warm arms for three whole nights, on one condition”

I said amusingly “Name it. It’s yours, love”

She gazed at me a while, a flicker of uncertainty and hesitation flared in her eyes before they became trustful and confident as she said sedvctively “K!ss me… on the mouth”

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