The Half Blood Luna Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Ella’s POV:

I was having a nightmare. Well, it wasn’t a nightmare exactly but more of a memory. Every day in the morning before I woke up, I would always have one of the memories of my one-on-one sessions with alpha Grey. Sometimes even beta Sam. I believe that’s called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, although in my case it’s not really post-traumatic as much as continuing traumatic t0rturing disorder.

I think it was our one-month anniversary. He was just finished r@ping me for the fourth time, as he removed himself from me and fell asleep instantly on the other side of where I was laying. Being r@ped four times made him p@ssout immediately, as it takes a lot of fvcking effort to rob a girl of her free will. It would have been fine by me if the bastard gave me his blood before passing out, but he didn’t. It’s not like I wasn’t whipped on my back and behind until I passed out from the pain or anything. As if he didn’t want to take a hint from my p@ssout, he gave me just a drop of his blood so I could wake up and he could resume his t0rture to me.

Point is, I was beyond exhausted, that words couldn’t even describe it. So I did a very stupid thing, unintentionally of course. I passed out on his super comfortable bed.

Until morning came, and I paid for it, in punishment. I woke up to pain that morning. As his bullwhip bit into the flesh on my back and I screamed out in pain. I tried to wake up from the nightmare but couldn’t, as his second whip made its cut on my skin, I realized that it wasn’t a nightmare. I tried to get off the bed, as far away from the pain as possible. But alpha Grey must have chained my hands and feet to the bed while I was sleeping. I was trapped.

“Are you awake servant?” hissed the alpha in rage as he was standing next to me.


All I could do was scream.

“How dare you think you could sleep in my fvcking bed servant?”


“Alpha Grey I am so sorry I passed out from the pain last night I didn’t do it on purpose, please stop I am not even healed from the last whipping” I cried in pain


I was writing in agony, pure agony.

“I don’t give a single fvck about your reasons for sleeping, the only thing I care about is that after I am done with you at night, you get your filthy @ssoff my bed. And now you need to learn your lesson well.”

He walked over to the bedside table where he was sleeping and pulled out a black flogger whip with tiny little spikes sticking out from all the whips. It was the first time I saw it and it made my eyes water already just from the mere sight of it.

“For sleeping the night in my bed, I punish you to 50 whips on your back and behind, so that next time, you do well to remember not to do that mistake twice. Now count out loud and I suggest you do not mess a number”


I woke up screaming from the memory. The sting of the whip was very real it made me touch my back instantly. I winced as my hands touched a cut from the bull whip from last night’s punishment. Of course, it wasn’t healed. Nothing on my body was healed. I was covered in red marks from his whips as well as the cuts that the bull whip made on my back. The wolfs bane I drank last night made sure of it. It would be at least three days until my healing abilities would kick off.

I wondered what time it is. My room didn’t have any windows of course, as that would be a luxury a servant like me does not deserve. I did have a wall clock though, but that was a necessity to make sure I start my duties on time. sh*t! I was 15 minutes late. I was in charge of making breakfast this morning. Why didn’t anyone come knocking on my door?

I got up painfully, put on the shirt that was still a little damp from the herb’s water and grabbed another long sleeved one from the closet. I put on my worn-out slippers, and was out the door. I hurried as fast as my body could to the kitchen and found it full of servants chatting with each other.

That was weird. At this hour the only people who are supposed to be in the kitchen were the ones in charge of making breakfast. Everyone else would be scattered everywhere around the pack house to do their a*s*signed chores. I approached the first two servants closest to where I was standing near the door. They were two middle aged women who actually knew me from the few little exchanges I had with them when we were a*s*signed together.

“Umm did I miss something? Why is everyone here?” I asked them in confusion

“You will never believe this Ella!” said one of them in a shocked tone. I think her name is Maggie

“What happened?” I asked nervously, my heart beating fast as I felt there was something of extreme importance happening here

“Alpha Grey and beta Sam… they were K*lled this morning in battle against the Crescent Moon pack, its alpha, alpha Klaus will take over our pack tomorrow morning and make us submit to him as our new alpha”

I took a step back. I was dreaming, I’m going to wake up now and realize it was just a dream, and feel disappointed. Could it be real? Am I finally free from them?

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