Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1184

Fated To The Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1184 Find The Base

Crystal’s POV:

Arron was unscathed, which was a blessing in this misfortune.

I released him, held his little hand, and softly said, “Mommy will cook you something delicious when we get back, and we will eat it with Beryl.”

“Okay! I miss Beryl too.” His face lit up, and he pouted. “I really wish we could get out of here soon.”

“Once Mommy deals with all the bad guys, we will be home soon.” I pinched his little cheek, all the sadness in my heart dissipating. I didn’t know Rufus’ situation right now, but his subordinates were probably on their way, and everything was proceeding in the right direction.

Now we just had to meet up with Rufus as soon as possible and uncover the person behind this operation–Lee.

I got to my feet, took Arron’s hand, and walked to the pink-masked clown’s side. I ripped her mask off and saw that she was quite pretty. However, a large black tattoo on her cheek marred her perfect features.

She had nose and lip piercings, and her aesthetic sense was just as sinister and terrifying as her actions.

My action enraged the clown and she began shouting and cursing. “Everyone who has ever seen my face has died! You won’t survive either!”

I clicked my tongue and tossed her mask off to one side. “Stop shouting. You’re the one who is tied up right now. If you piss me off, I can end your life at any time.”

“You!” The clown’s eyes widened, and the tattoo on her face rippled with her facial expressions like a living being. “Don’t get cocky! My boss will be here soon, and he’s going to kill you!”

“The more you give me this threat, the more curious I’m becoming about this boss of yours. You’re better off saving your energy. Since I have captured you, I won’t let you go easily,” 1 raised my chin and said dismissively.

“Stop boasting! You and your son might not even make it out of here alive. And you’re even thinking of punishing me? How ridiculous!” The clown rolled her eyes, completely unafraid. “Once I’m rescued, I’ll turn you and your son into a basketball and a flower vase for people to admire.”

Her voice was annoying me, so I grabbed a rag and stuffed it into her mouth, only to realize that it was someone’s used sock. Nausea overwhelmed the clown and tears streamed down her face. “Do you want me to take the sock out?” I watched her with a smug smile. The clown nodded frantically. “Then answer my question honestly.” As I removed the sock, I demanded, “Tell me the location of your other hideout.”

Judging by the earlier conversations between her colleagues, it was easy to guess that Rufus might have trailed them to the other lair.

To my surprise, the pink-masked clown spat at me and said, “I’d rather d*ie than tell you.”

1 restrained my anger, stuffed the sock back into her mouth, and began searching her body. I reasoned that since they went back and forth between two sites every day, I might find some clues on her phone. I got my hands on it quickly, and indeed, I also found a possible location in the navigation history.

The clown whined and struggled, kicking her legs in anger.

I hauled her up from the ground, intending to take her with us to the other hideout, and also use her as a hostage if necessary.

Just then, I sensed some movement behind me.

Arron yelled, “Mommy, watch out!”

My heart skipped a beat, and by the time my reflexes kicked in, it was too late. When I whirled around, I just caught a glimpse of a black skull mask before I was knocked out.

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