Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1187

Fated To The Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1187 Beauty (Lee’s POV)

Sally heard me and was so terrified that she begged for mercy on her knees. “Boss, I’m sorry. This was our fault. We will immediately shut down the entire amusement park and look for the werewolf.”

“It’s too late. I’m afraid he has already gone to our other lair,” I said with a scoff. Sally looked incredulous. “No way, we have always ensured that our communications remain discreet. How could he find out? Is it…”

She didn’t have the nerve to continue, and her expression changed drastically. “Boss, we know we were wrong. Please spare us! The werewolf definitely wouldn’t have gone to our other hideaway. If he had, we would find him soon and kill him.”

I was actually in a good mood, so I didn’t do anything to her. I nonchalantly said, “Whether he went to our hideout or not… You will only find out when you get there.” Sally’s face was a mask of surprise. In a frightened voice, she asked, “Boss, so you’re not going to punish me?”

“Don’t repeat this mistake, or I’ll feed you to the dogs.” I shot her a forbidding glance and didn’t say anything else. Instead, I began to formulate a new plan. “Okay, okay, I won’t do it again! I’ll immediately go to the other location and see if we can capture him!” Sally scrambled to the door like her feet were on fire.

My voice dripped with contempt as I shouted at her, “Wait! Put your mask on. Don’t let anyone catch the sight of your face.”

The worst thing that could happen in our line of work was to be recognized. Sally had a large tattoo on her face, which made her easily conspicuous. The clowns weren’t allowed to take their masks off without my permission. Sally had worked for me for many years, but she hadn’t even developed this minor habit. It looked like I would have to discipline her at the earliest opportunity, or next time, more than two people might invade the amusement park. They might even directly reach my hideaway.

Sally put on her clown mask with shaking hands and made to leave.

1 stopped her again. “Take this little brat with you. I don’t want to see his face.”

The kid, who was crouching next to the she-wolf, began panicking when he heard my order. He clutched the she-wolf s arm tightly, refusing to let go. “I want to stay with my mommy. You can’t take me away!”

“1 make the decisions around here.” My lips were curled up in disdain as I urged Sally to move quickly. I wasn’t interested in hearing the cries of children. That would only trigger my insomnia.

“No! I don’t want to leave Mommy!” The little brat’s clear eyes welled up with tears, and he was about to start weeping. “Sally, hurry up,” I icily commanded Sally, who was standing in the same position stupidly.

A hint of reluctance flashed on her face before she stammered, “I’ve got it.”

The next second, she knocked the little brat out. The crying ceased abruptly. Peace returned to my world again.

“Boss, I’ll take him away now,” Sally said. “Go ahead, and don’t mess up again.” I waved my hand lightly and allowed her to leave with the kid.

Only the unconscious she-wolf and I remained in this small room now.

I flipped the she-wolf over and removed her mask. Contrary to my expectations, she had a gorgeous face with delicate features that were even more exquisite than fairies.

Her hair was glossy and soft as well. Despite having encountered so many beautiful women, this was the first time I was meeting a woman with such exceptional bone structure. Every bone joint of hers was perfect, with not one trace of imperfection visible.

I couldn’t stop myself from stroking my fingers over her lovely face, wondering what she would look like when her eyes opened.

Cutting her limbs off was a waste. It would be more beneficial to kill her and make her a specimen.

But before that, I had to sleep with her.

After all, she was his woman. This plan was perfect!

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