Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1190

Fated To The Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1190 The Iron Cages (Rufus’ POV)

I lit the small torch on the wall with my lighter, and the dim yellow light helped me see further into the room.

It was wider than I had expected it to be. Several iron cages were lined along the walls. I observed them and guessed that the children in those cages must have been caught before, while the ones outside the cages were probably new here. Their clothes looked newer too, supporting my theory.

The iron cages had thick stains, and only a thin layer of straw was scattered on the floor.

Since the children were locked together and huddled in one corner of the cage, I had to crouch down and check them one by one. Compared with the children outside the cages, the ones inside them were much more miserable. Their bodies were mutilated and they were in a dismal state. It looked like they had been locked up for an extended period of time.

The child sitting in one of the corners was even missing a leg. His leg stump was wrapped in a bandage, and blood oozed out.

I stood up straight, wanting to scrutinize it more carefully. The child didn’t say anything, but his innocent eyes tracked my movements warily, which enraged me.

I didn’t have any success in finding Arron in the first row, so I clenched my fists and began looking in the second row of cages. My uncertainty was increasing. At this moment, I suddenly spotted a child with a scar on his face.

There was no bandage on his face. I was not sure, but his figure and build matched Arron’s. I tentatively asked, “Arron? Are you okay?”

The child looked up at me but didn’t respond to the name.

I studied the remaining three children in front of me. Their hair and pupil colors weren’t right. I didn’t need to take a closer look.

“Where are you from?” I didn’t give up and continued questioning the boy.

“The Sliver Moon Pack. My stepmother sold me.”

The boy lowered his head and began crying after answering my question.

It seemed that he wasn’t Arron. Although I was highly disappointed, I still reached out to stroke his hair.

“Don’t worry. I will get you out of here.” The little boy slowly stopped sobbing. I went around to check on the other children. Most of them had either been sold by their parents or had been kidnapped by human traffickers. I memorized their names and backgrounds, snuffed out the torch, and made to leave. It looked like the boy who had been taken away was indeed Arron. Crystal must have had stumbled upon some clues of his whereabouts, and that might be the reason she had abruptly disappeared I had to hurry back there.

However, when I turned around and approached the door, I heard a child sobbing behind me.

“Don’t go. I’m afraid,” a little girl sobbed while grabbing the railing. Her blue eyes looked like sapphires. Tears clung to her long eyelashes. Soon, her face was also drenched with tears. I stopped and turned back to comfort the frightened children. “Hang in there. The royal family has dispatched soldiers to save you. You will soon be free.”

“Really?” a timid voice asked from the corner. A little boy with dust-covered hair walked to the iron railings.

Although he didn’t say that he was afraid, his hands that were holding the railing were shaking slightly. He watched me unblinkingly. His big black eyes covered nearly half his face.

“Of course, I promise,” I answered in an extremely serious voice after a brief pause.

“Okay, I believe you.” After saying that, the little boy picked up some food from the pile in front of him and began eating.

More and more children joined him. Just then, I heard a noise outside. I instantly rushed to the door and hid behind it.

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