Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1192

Fated To The Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1192 Manhunt (Rufus’ POV)

My mind was clouded with rage. It was all I could do not to rush forward and tear everyone limb from limb.

The sharp crack of the door frame snapping in my grip pulled me back to my senses, and Omar took this opportunity to rein me in. “Calm down, Rufus. We both know Crystal is strong and capable. She won’t be killed so easily.”

“I know.” I closed my eyes and took another deep breath, telling myself to stay rational about this.

I needed to take it one at a time, and for now, the most urgent problem is the one before me. I couldn’t let them discover me, or I would be in for even more trouble.

No one would go and save Crystal if I was caught, or Arron, or all those children. First things first. I needed a chance to confirm that the child in the she-wolf’s arms is indeed Arron. Then, I would take her hostage and force her to take me to where Crystal was. And if she refused, I would kill her there and then Now that I had a plan in place, my nerves finally settled down. I resumed my eavesdropping.

They had gathered around and were about to discuss what to do next.

“Don’t let your guard down,” the she-wolf said, her back turned to me. “We checked the surveillance videos and found that the female spy had a tall, male companion. Lee suspects that this other man also disguised himself as one of us and sneaked into our ranks.”

I saw Jack perk up when he heard this. “Is it Mike? If that wench disguised as Crane, then the other one must be pretending to be Mike, right? Those two are practically joined at the hip. I did notice the odd way they were acting. It all makes sense now.”

The others fidgeted and looked at each other. “Where is Mike, though?”

“He’s not here. Hurry and find him! Don’t let him escape?”

“How did he even manage to slip away? We need to find that bastard.”

Sure enough, a large group of clowns barged out of the room.

“When I find him, I will break his legs.”

“Not if I tear him apart first!”

“I can’t believe they dared to challenge Lee like this. He won’t get away!”

“Come on, let’s hunt the bastard down!”

I hurried down the hall and stepped into a nearby room, just in time to see the group march past with a myriad of tools in their hands. I closed the door as quietly as I could Soon, I heard the crashing and banging sounds from outside.

Curious, I risked a crack in the door to see what was happening. Jack was waving a mace around, wreaking havoc in the dressing room across the corridor.

His weapon landed on the dresser mirror, smashing it and the light bulbs around to pieces. He proceeded to hammer down the chair in front of the dresser, and then punched the red flannel hanging next to him.

It revealed some costumes and props, but Jack didn’t even bother opening it all the way. He swung his mace and whacked it at everything. Obviously, he didn’t intend to let me live. Perhaps it would be better for him to smash me to death

The man was destruction incarnate. It didn’t take long before the entire room was trashed. He emerged back into the hallway, panting from exertion.

He took two steps forward, and then landed a powerful kick on the door of the room jut next to where I was. He had used so much force that the door slammed back against the wall, its tremors traveling over to the panel I was leaning against.

I listened as the others filed in and began to destroy the furniture in the next room.

Jack had gone mad with bloodlust. They all had.

I pressed my ear against the door, making sure that the hallway was empty. Every single clown was in the next room.

I pushed the door open as quietly as I could, and then darted into another unlocked room down the hall.

To my dismay, this room was empty I had nowhere to hide.

I couldn’t stay here. I racked my brains for a while, and then remembered the room where the children were imprisoned in. That was the place to go! I didn’t think twice and slipped out into the hallway once more.

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