The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 1165

The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 1165 Accompanying Laney

As the first rays of sunlight crept through the window, Janet stirred from her sleep. She struggled to sit up as her body felt sore all over after a night of action. She checked the time on her phone. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw it was already half past nine.

“Oh, s*hi*t! I’m late!” Janet exclaimed. She sprang up from the bed and began to put on her clothes with haste.

In a fit of panic, she accidentally stepped on Brandon, who was still in a deep sleep.

Brandon jolted awake and cried out in pain. Upon seeing the flustered look on Janet’s face, he chuckled and asked, “Do you know what day it is today?”

Janet checked the date on her phone. The anxiety and panic that had crept into her vanished in an instant upon seeing it was

“Saturday. Oh my, God. I was so scared. I thought it was Friday.”

“Come back here then,” Brandon said while looking at Janet with an affectionate gaze. “We don’t usually get to sleep in together.”

However, Janet turned down his suggestion without hesitation. When she started working, she had grown accustomed to early mornings and eschewed sleeping in. To her, it was a waste of her precious time.

Seeing that Janet had no intention of going back to bed, Brandon decided to get up as well. With that, they went downstairs to prepare their breakfast.

In the kitchen, just as Janet was about to make a sandwich, her phone rang.

It was a message from Laney.

Mr. and Mrs. Harding wanted Laney to go to another hospital as they were unhappy with the one Garrett had chosen. As Laney could not make her mind, she called Janet and asked for her opinion.

Upon reviewing the hospital info Laney had sent, Janet furrowed her brows and asked, “Where’s Garrett? Why didn’t he say anything when you were being moved to another hospital?”

“He’s so busy with the company affairs right now. I don’t want to burden him with these matters,” Laney explained shortly after. Janet could feel her friend’s helplessness through the message.

Janet sighed. Ever since Garrett had agreed to return to the Harding Group in order to marry Laney, he had become extremely busy. Nevertheless, Janet believed he should not have left Laney alone in the hospital. Suddenly, the complication during Tasha’s delivery crossed her mind. Anxious, Janet decided to accompany Laney in the hospital.

It was not every day Brandon and Janet got to have a day off together. So, his face darkened upon learning that she planned to leave him alone and accompany her friend in the hospital.

“Are you jealous of Laney?” Janet jokingly asked seeing that Brandon was in a bad mood. Laney is pregnant, and she shouldn’t be alone. Besides, Garrett is a good friend of ours. Shouldn’t I help Laney?”

Brandon raised his eyebrows and wrapped Janet in a tight embrace. “In that case, shouldn’t you compensate me? Hmm?” he whispered in her ear.

A shiver went down Janet’s spine. She jumped out of Brandon’s arms and said, “We have to go after breakfast. I’ll meet with Laney at 10 o’clock.”

Meanwhile, Brandon had no choice but to give up for now. Of course, he would not let Janet go He had plenty of time later in the evening, anyway.

When the two of them had finished eating breakfast, Brandon drove Janet to meet with Laney.

As soon as they got out of the car, Laney waddled to them with her huge baby bump. She was in her last trimester, making it arduous for her to walk. Upon seeing the discontentment on Brandon’s face, she realized that she had inconvenienced them. “I’m sorry for disturbing you on the weekend,” she said in a low and apologetic tone.

“It’s okay.” Janet stepped forward and held Laney’s hand comfortingly. “I’m free today anyway.”

It’s Garrett’s fault for not accompanying his wife. Now, my wife has to,” Brandon shot up. Janet shot daggers at him, signaling him to shut up.

Being stared at by Janet and seeing the heavily pregnant Laney, Brandon had no choice but to restrain himself.

“Sorry to have bothered you,” Laney repeated with a bitter smile.

Of course, she wanted to be with her husband. But given the situation, she had to endure everything by herself.

“Don’t mention it. Besides, I want to spend more time with you. If I ever get pregnant in the future, I won’t be all clueless,” Janet assured her friend. Laney was on her last term, and the last thing she needed was a psychological burden.

It was only then did Laney feel better. Meanwhile, seeing that his work here as the driver had done, Brandon turned around and left.

As Janet was about to hold Laney, she caught sight of Laney’s assistant, Lola, who was staring blankly at Brandon’s receding figure. She was dissatisfied with Lola. It did not stem from jealously but rather because Lola had not been attending to Laney since they had arrived. She had remained motionless by her side from the moment they got out of the car until now.

Laney was about to give birth, but her assistant was negligent. What if something happened to Laney?

“Lola, go and get Laney’s things,” Janet reminded her.

It was not until that moment that Lola snapped out of it and realized what was happening. Upon meeting Janet’s gaze, she quickly proceeded to pick up the bags.

“What’s wrong with Lola?” Janet asked Laney. “Her attitude doesn’t seem to be as good as it was before.”

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