The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 1166

The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 1166 Defending Laney

Laney’s smile became more and more bitter. “I had picked a hospital for the delivery, but Garrett’s father forced me to go to a different one instead. He said Garrett was born in that hospital. And the Hardings trusts the doctors there.”

A frown formed on Janet’s face. She felt sorry for Laney.

Leo had always been tyrannical. He told Laney to move to another hospital just because of that, without even considering how inconvenient it was for Laney to move around when she was about to give birth. He had gone too far.

“Garrett went against it. He insisted on our initial choice and asked to stay by my side during the delivery. He knew how overwhelming his parents could be so he made sure Vera and Leo wouldn’t distress me.”

Talking about Garrett turned Laney’s bitter smile sweet again. Obviously, Garrett’s parents would never agree. As if reading Janet’s mind, Laney sighed. “Then, Garrett and his father had a huge argument. His father asked Lola to persuade me to change the hospital.”

Anger burned behind Janet’s eyes. “Garrett s father has gone too far. I doubt he cares about you at all. Does he even take you as his daughter-in-law?”

A disappointed expression settled on Laney’s face. She pursed her lips. “Well, they had been against my marriage with Garrett from the start. Perhaps they still haven’t accepted me now.”

She was just a mere bodyguard, after all. And an orphan before that Garrett on the other hand was born into a rich family. Their status couldn’t be more different. The Harding family holding a grudge against her was only predictable.

However, in Janet’s eyes, Laney was a kind- hearted girl with a beautiful face and good fighting skills. Truth be told, Janet didn’t think Garrett deserved her friend. The Harding family was wrong for underestimating Laney.

Looking al Laney’s gaunt face made Janet more sympathetic. She was just about to say something when Lola came over with the bags. Janet looked away and swallowed her words. “Mrs. Harding, we should hurry. We have to go to the hospital arranged by Mr. Harding.” Lola urged Laney as she carried the luggage. Her tone lacked its usual hospitable lilt, replaced with something like impatience.

Feeling helpless, Laney lowered her gaze and was about to follow Lola.

Before she got married, Laney used to be such an energetic girl. Now, her bright personality had greatly dimmed.

A pang of sadness surged in Janet’s heart.

What frustrated her more was Lola’s attitude. She took the luggage and said coldly, “We don’t need you to follow us.”

Lola stopped, looking stunned but still calm, if not impassive. She knew Janet’s identity. Lola couldn’t afford to offend the daughter of the White family and Brandon’s wife.

So, Lola turned at Laney, looking her directly in the eye. With a threatening tone, she said, “Mrs. Harding, this is Mr. Leo Harding’s idea. Do you want to go against him?”

Laney was already opening her lips to speak but Janet stopped her. She looked at Lola coldly. “We didn’t say we wouldn’t go to that hospital. All I’m asking you is to not follow us. Is there a problem with that?”

“But…” Biting her lower lip, Lola stood her ground “This is Mr. Leo Harding’s order. He asked me to take care of Mrs. Harding.”

“Laney is the one who’s pregnant.” Janet didn’t try to placate Lola at all. The Harding family never scared her anyway. “We respect Mr. Harding’s decision, so we’ll go to the hospital he arranged But it’s Laney who will give birth to the baby. If she’s not satisfied, she won’t go. You also have to respect her will.”

Janet’s words made Lola’s face pale, as though the letters were wrapped around her neck. Still, she insisted on following Laney.

“Regardless, my duty is to ensure Mrs. Harding’s safety. I have to stay close to her.” Janet lost all the will to argue with Lola. She carried the luggage and got into the car with Laney.

Seeing that the two were about to leave, Lola quickly clasped the door. “Mrs. Harding, Mr. Leo Harding wouldn’t like this. He will be mad at you!”

“Let go!” Janet’s eyes suddenly turned cold. Her fierce aura sent a chill down Lola’s spine. Lola was so startled by Janet’s imposing manner that she didn’t notice her grip on the door loosened.

It was not until the car drove away that Lola came to her senses. She stamped her feet with hatred.

Janet’s protectiveness of Laney was not something she expected. And the mere thought of offending Janet scared her. All she could do was watch until the two disappeared.

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