The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 1167

The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 1167 A Tour

“Is it okay for us to do that?” Glancing back at Lola far behind them, Laney felt uneasy.

Janet held Laney’s hand and comforted her. “You’re Garrett’s wife and the future matriarch of the Harding family. People cannot order you around.”

“But she works for Garrett’s father.” Although Laney knew Janet was right, she was worried. “What if Garrett quarrels with his family again?” Janet sighed. Laney cared too much about Garrett. She was no longer the carefree person she used to be.

“Don’t worry. We aren’t actually disobeying Garrett’s father. Besides, I’ll be with you. Lola won’t dare to say anything.” With a gentle smile, Janet squeezed Laney’s hand to reassure her.

Laney finally felt relieved. Janet was right. She worried too much.

While the two talked, their car arrived at the hospital.

As soon as Laney got out of the car, several doctors rushed toward her. The balding doctor in front was very courteous. “Are you Mrs. Harding?”

“Yes, I am. You…” Laney paused, feeling confused.

“I’m the director of this hospital. My name is Emmitt Watts,” the doctor introduced himself. “Mr. Harding told me you would visit. We are eager to serve you well. We have been waiting for you to arrive.”

Laney was not used to this kind of scene. She waved her hand awkwardly and said, “I didn’t expect an entourage.”

Emmitt Watts turned around and ordered the other doctors to leave. He made a gesture of welcome to Laney. “I’m happy to show you around.”

Laney nodded and glanced at Janet before smiling helplessly and following Emmitt inside. Emmitt gave the two ladies the grand tour. When they arrived at the neonatal unit, they gazed through the glass wall at the new-borns inside. The two of them were thrilled. Especially Laney. She was going to be a mother soon. Seeing the tiny babies in their cribs, she was moved to tears.

She imagined her baby would be even cuter. A baby cried, and a nurse entered the room, took the baby’s temperature, checked his diaper, and fed him.

The nurse’s calm and gentle expertise impressed Janet and Laney, who watched from outside.

Nurses constantly patrolled the rooms and corridors to ensure there were no accidents. Laney was satisfied with the professional management and the nurses’ attitudes.

After a thorough investigation, Janet had discovered this hospital had received the highest praise on the Internet. According to data, the probability of new mothers getting postpartum depression after giving birth in this hospital was tiny.

Leo had put his heart into it. After learning this and seeing it all first-hand, Laney was in a far brighter mood. “No wonder Garrett’s father chose this hospital. There are no problems with the levels of professionalism or the service here.”

Janet nodded. “Have you made up your mind?”

“I have no objection.” Laney nodded, smiling Her heart felt light.

Leo’s past behavior had caused problems, but she knew after visiting the hospital he’d recommended that she was not despised. On the contrary, the Harding family must attach great importance to her and the baby in her belly.

She would not oppose their choice simply to go against the Hardings. After confirming the hospital, Laney sent someone to move her luggage into her ward and inform Lola of her decision.

Lola was restless. After receiving the message, she breathed a sigh of relief and reported the matter to Leo.

However, Lola was unhappy. She kept thinking about the way Laney had left her alone.

Although she was merely an assistant, Leo had appointed her personally. She felt humiliated that Laney allowed Janet to treat her badly.

While she couldn’t afford to offend the noble Janet, Laney was a softer target. Before Laney got married, she was a bodyguard. Her marriage to Garrett elevated her status, and she became part of a wealthy and powerful family.

The more Lola thought about it, the more she disliked Laney.

Laney didn’t know how Lola felt. She remained blissfully unaware of her assistant’s resentment. She was leaving the hospital after the tour when she saw Garrett there smiling broadly.

Laney was overjoyed. She started to approach him but stopped when she realized Garrett was not here to meet her.

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