The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 1168

The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 1168 Garrett’s Old Acquaintance

Laney hadn’t been seeing Garrett often ever since he took over the family business. The two of them spent very little time together now. As a result, she was surprised to find that he’d be picking her up today.

“You two are so adorable,” Janet teased as she placed a hand on Laney’s shoulder with an affectionate look on her face.

Laney couldn’t help but blush like a little girl. As she walked up to Garrett to hold of his hand, he just went right past her and walked straight ahead. He stopped in front of another woman, with a big smile on his face.

Laney was stunned. The look of excitement she previously had gradually faded away. Wasn’t Garrett there to pick her up?

“Hi, Garrett. Long time no see.” The woman greeted him first. She wore a crisp tailored suit that complemented her tall and slender figure. She had an air of confidence about her, which made her even more captivating.

She seemed like the perfect match for Garrett. Laney unconsciously clenched her fists. As she looked at the handsome man and the gorgeous woman standing in front of her, she felt a slight sense of inferiority.

On the other end of things, Garrett hadn’t noticed Laney not too far away from where he stood, and continued chatting and laughing with the woman.

He had actually come to pick Laney up today, but hadn’t expected to bump into Kailee, his former classmate and first love, there. The two broke up amicably and agreed to stay friends afterwards. Now that they’d unexpectedly met, they naturally had no reason to ignore each other.

“Weren’t you abroad?” Garrett raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile. When did you get back?”

“I’ve been back for a few days. I’d planned on inviting everyone out for dinner sometime, but I’ve been a bit too busy lately,” Kailee said with a helpless look. “I have a lot of business matters to deal with.”

Garrett nodded in understanding, and then asked, “What’re you doing here, though? If I’m not mistaken, this is a maternity and child hospital. Are you married now?”

Waving the documents in her hand, Kailee smiled and replied, “This hospital belongs to my family. I’m here to carry out an inspection.” After speaking, she looked at Garrett up and down and was a little surprised. “I didn’t expect that after so many years, you’d look more mature than ever before.”

Garrett took a look at himself and joked, “Really? Aren’t I still as handsome as ever?”

Kailee shook her head with a smile and said, Stop joking. “What are you doing here, by the way?”

“I’m here to pick up my wife,” Garrett replied. Janet couldn’t stand watching the two of them talk and laugh anymore. She held Laney’s hand, and they made their way towards them and cut their conversation short.

“What’re you doing, Garret? Come help me,” Janet called to him in a harsh tone.

Kailee was visibly shocked by this. She looked at the two women from head to toe, and then fixed her eyes on Janet.

She must be Garrett’s wife. Kailee thought to herself.

As for the other pregnant woman, Kailee didn’t pay her any mind. She didn’t imagine that Garrett, the playboy, would have a child while still young, let alone marry an ordinary woman who didn’t look like a buzzing socialite at first glance.

Janet, on the other hand, looked quite chic and elegant. She seemed more like Garrett’s type.

Despite this, she didn’t look like she came from a wealthy family, so she might not have matched up to Kailee after all.

This put a confident smile on Kailee’s face, as she felt a sense of superiority.


Just as she was about to greet Janet, she was surprised to see Garrett affectionately holding Laney.

“Kailee, this is my wife, Laney. I’m here to pick her up. Honey, this is my old classmate, Kailee Gibson.” Garrett warmly introduced them to each other.

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