The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 662

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 662 The Real Janet

Clenching her teeth, Charis put her phone away. She couldn’t conceal her jealousy and anger any longer.

Brandon had just gone back to live with Janet for one night, and today, he was late for work.

Charis took a deep breath and then proceeded to walk into the office as if nothing had happened. But deep inside, she knew that things were getting out of hand.

Previously, Charis was secretly elated when she saw that Janet kept pestering Brandon. She knew that Janet’s insistence would only push Brandon further and further away. And just as she had expected, the more Janet tried to reach out to Brandon, the more obvious his aversion to Janet grew.

Everything was going smoothly until Janet proposed to divorce Brandon.

When Charis heard her say this, she was ecstatic. She couldn’t believe her ears. She hadn’t even done anything to separate them yet, but Janet actually took the initiative to leave Brandon!

But when Charis came to her senses, she immediately realized that what Janet wanted was not that simple.

Janet didn’t really want a divorce. She just wanted to threaten Brandon with it!

During Janet’s negotiation with Brandon, Charis secretly stood outside the door and heard everything clearly.  Janet threatened Brandon with the power of the White family and the potential alimony should they divorce, asking him to fulfill his duty as a husband.

This move caught Charis completely off guard.

Brandon and Janet were legally married. It was reasonable for Janet to ask him to perform his duty as her spouse. As an outsider, Charis had no grounds to interfere.

Seeing that Brandon was going to live with Janet again, Charis grew anxious but didn’t know how to stop it. If things went on like this, everything she worked for would be for naught. Back then, Brandon married Janet, lived with her, and slowly fell in love with her. Of course, the same thing could happen once more.

After talking to Brandon on the phone just now, Charis grew even more restless. Brandon had always put the company first. He had only stayed with Janet one night and yet he already started to change!

No matter how hard she racked her brains, Charis couldn’t think of a good way to drive a wedge between Brandon and Janet. She had learned from her previous mistakes that if she interfered too much, Brandon would see right through her.

Now that things had come to this point, she could do nothing but remind herself that she should be patient and not act rashly.


After living with Brandon for a few days, Janet found that he seemed to have completely forgotten the way they got along with each other before.

But she decided not to think too much about it. Whether Brandon intentionally concealed something or there was an inside story, she was willing to continue this act with him until he came clean.

Having spent more time with him, Janet had figured out the rules of getting along with this new Brandon. She realized that this Brandon didn’t like it when she got too close to him. Only by keeping a certain distance from him could she keep his interest.

Until now, Janet was on leave from W Marks, so she asked if she could work remotely. Her boss agreed and immediately gave her a bunch of tasks. Since then, she had become too busy to bother Brandon.

The design task was urgent. Because Janet got into an accident and was away for weeks, her work had been delayed. In order to get back on track, she had to shut herself in her room every day, burying herself in work until late at night.

When Brandon got home from work, he didn’t see Janet in the living room.

He didn’t think too much of it. He just took his briefcase to the study to continue working. When he passed by the bedroom though, he heard some noise inside.

Brandon opened the door a little and peeked inside. He saw through the crack that Janet was hard at work.

He couldn’t help but stop and look at her for a while before gently closing the door.

Over the next few days, although they lived under the same roof, Brandon didn’t see much of Janet. Right after breakfast, she’d retreat to the bedroom to work until bedtime.

Brandon gradually found that the real Janet was nothing like what Charis had said. She wasn’t a clingy, love- struck woman. Janet was ambitious and devoted to her work.

After returning to his study, Brandon turned on his computer and searched for Janet White on the Internet.

Brandon had secretly looked into her background and saw that Janet’s talents and capabilities were outstanding. Moreover, she once worked in the Larson Group. And right after leaving the Larson Group, she worked in W Marks Studio as Draco Wesley’s design a*s*sistant.

Janet poured over her work for days on end. And Brandon gradually got used to coming home every night. He soon grew relaxed even when sleeping in the same bed as Janet.

One day, Brandon impulsively bought two strawberry croissants when he saw them on display through the window of the dessert shop. On his way back home, he found himself wondering how Janet would feel when she saw such beautiful desserts.

However, when Brandon got home, Janet was nowhere to be found. She wasn’t in the bedroom or the living room or anywhere of the house.

He waited for her until late at night but she didn’t come back. The following morning, she still wasn’t home, i

For some reason, Brandon felt a bit bad.

He seemed to have grown used to this woman’s quiet company. Without her, he felt as if he had lost something very important.

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