The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 666

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 666 Fire In The Haunted House

When the day came, Brandon and Janet went to the largest amusement park in Barnes and headed over to the famous haunted house attraction.

Most people were dressed as monsters and witches, and they wandered merrily in the streets, reveling in the festivities.

Before leaving the villa, Janet had prepared a few bags of cand*ies for children who might be trick-or-treating.

Sure enough, they ran into the kids at the amusement park. She happily handed them the good*ie bags and praised their costumes. When she straightened, she caught sight of Charis looking at her in faint disdain.

“Miss Turner, didn’t you say that you would organize a party for your employees here? Where are they? How come there’s only the three of us here?” Janet was on high alert.

Except for Brandon and Charis, there was no one else from the Larson Group had joined them.

Charis had lied, of course. She didn’t intend to involve her staff in the first place, since they would hinder her plans.

She chuckled awkwardly and looked away. “Well, they’ll be here a little later. I haven’t been to this place before. As their boss, I thought it would be best for me to check the safety policies of the establishment in advance. Some of them are very timid, you see. I wanted to speak with the management of the haunted house and see if they could tone down the horrors they offered. It might spook my team and cause and accident.”

She clapped her hands and smiled at them. “And on that note, I’ll go and look for the manager now. You and Brandon don’t have to wait for me. Go ahead and enjoy ourselves.”

Janet didn’t need to be told twice. She turned to Brandon and said, “Let’s hurry inside. There will be too many people if we dally a much longer.”

Brandon was looking around in curious amazement. He had never been to such a place before. Hearing what she said, he nodded at Janet and took her hand. They walked into the haunted house together.

Charis watched them go. Once they were completely out of sight, she discarded her mask of courtesy, and her face twisted in utter hatred.

Long before they had arrived at the park, Charis had already made the necessary arrangements.

She had sent someone to the haunted house to hide and wait for the perfect timing. His task was to separate Brandon and Janet. After getting the woman alone, he would then lock her into one of the rooms and set fire to the attraction, trapping her inside.

Given Brandon’s current feelings toward his wife, Charis was convinced that he would never run into the fire to save Janet. Even if he did, Charis’ henchman would be there to stop him.

The night grew darker, and soon, the moon appeared in the sky.

Less than ten minutes later, Charis received a message from the hired thug.

“Miss Turner, I’ve successfully isolated the woman. What should we do next?” Charis replied immediately.

“Set the fire, right now.”

No sooner had she sent the message than thick, black smoke rose from the direction of the haunted house. A mere few seconds later, the whole attraction was ablaze. The once fun and enjoyable park was now filled with the acrid smell of smoke and burning wood.

Screams of panic replaced the laughter that had been ringing out just moments ago as people fled the scene.

The manager in charge of the haunted house acted quickly. He called the fire department and the police, and then proceeded to evacuate the staff and customers who were still inside.

The poor people covered their faces as they ran out of the haunted house. One of them, a woman, spotted Charis standing by the entrance, seemingly in a daze. “Don’t just stand there!” the woman shouted. “Run! The fire will be all over the place at any minute!”

Charis grabbed the frantic woman and asked, “What happened? What’s going on in there?”

“Let me go! Are you out of your goddamned mind? Don’t hold me up!” The woman was furious.

“My friend is inside!” Charis snapped impatiently. “Tell me what’s happening in there!”

To her credit, the woman looked somewhat embarra*s*sed after hearing this. “I don’t really know. I was running for my life, so why should I care about anything else? But on my way out, I did hear that a woman is trapped in a room. And the man who came with her had rushed back inside to find her.”

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