The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 669

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 669 Well Prepared

Not long after Janet returned to Barnes, she received a call from Brandon, asking her to move back into their villa.

She knew that since Brandon was in Barnes now, Charis would definitely follow him here. So, she asked Johanna to monitor Charis’ movements, lest an emergency arise. Charis was always around Brandon, clinging to him like a parasite. As expected, she came to Barnes not long after he arrived.

Janet figured that Charis must be very anxious now. Given Charis’s unrelenting personality, she wouldn’t just sit and watch Janet get closer and closer to Brandon without doing anything.

Charis had visited their villa twice, but both times, she didn’t say much, nor did she try to sow dissension between Janet and Brandon.

Janet had a bad feeling that something big was going to happen. Because Charis wasn’t resorting to cheap tricks anymore, she was likely brewing big trouble behind the scenes. In fact, she was probably coming up with a plan to K*ll Janet directly.

Of course, Janet was just guessing, but she wasn’t about to let things develop to a point of endangering her life. This wasn’t the first time Charis had plotted against her, and she had come to learn that once Charis took action, her vicious plan would most likely implicate other innocent people.

Halloween was coming up and Janet asked Brandon if he wanted to go to a haunted house in the amusement park with her for fun.

When Charis heard about their plan, she suddenly announced that she also wanted to take her subordinates there, which took Janet aback. She was almost sure that Charis would take advantage of this opportunity to strike.

Therefore, Janet called Johanna two days before Halloween.

“My people say that Charis has already contacted the staff of the haunted house. Charis is more cunning than she looks, Janet. Even if you want to get to the bottom of this, I don’t want you risking your life,” Johanna warned her.

“Don’t worry, Mom. That’s why I called. I want you to arrange for our men to hide in the haunted house to ensure my safety. I’ll take care of the rest.” Of course, Janet already knew just how cunning Charis could be. If she didn’t go into the haunted house, Charis wouldn’t be able to take action.

“Fine. I’ll prepare helicopters and rescue teams and station our men to stand by near the amusement park. But you still have to watch your back, okay?” Johanna didn’t know what Janet was going to do, but she believed in her daughter.

In fact, Janet was doing this not only to protect herself, but to catch Charis in the act. She was fed up with this boring game of cat and mouse. She wanted to get rid of this terrible woman once and for all. ?

On Halloween, not long after Janet and Brandon entered the haunted house, a staff member asked them to look for the cards for the decoders separately.

Janet walked forward while Brandon walked backward. 

Not long after they parted, the smell of smoke came from the room in front of Janet. She wanted to head back, but unexpectedly, the path behind her was blocked by a sudden flame.

Janet didn’t panic. She understood that this was Charis’s plan. It turned out that the evil woman wanted to burn her alive!

Janet calmly took out her phone and called the White family’s subordinates, who were hiding in the haunted house. “A fire has just started. The arsonist must still be in the area. Catch him.”

Their subordinates immediately took action as soon as they received the order.

Next, Janet called a helicopter to rescue her. As she spoke on the phone, she ran towards the only room with a window in the haunted house.

Just then, Charis rushed in.

This took Janet by surprise. She couldn’t understand why Charis would take such a big risk to come inside the burning establishment in person. Although the fire in the haunted house wasn’t too serious yet, now that she was inside, it would be difficult to escape. Moreover, it was a windy day in late autumn. The blazing flames could easily turn bigger and devour a person in the blink of an eye.

After Charis rushed in, she locked Janet inside the room, thinking that the latter would definitely d*ie.

But to her horror, Janet had escaped from the window, whereas Charis herself was still trapped in the fire. Charis was in a daze for a long time before finally coming to her senses. Only then did she realize that she had been set up by Janet!

She looked back at the corridor and found that the fire was even fiercer than before. She had wasted too much time just now. The fire surrounded her mercilessly. The scorching heat blurred her vision and the thick smoke clogged her throat. At this moment, the haunted house was like a living hell.

Would she make it out of here alive?

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