The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 678

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 678 Take Care Of Her

Janet spent the next few days recuperating in the hospital. Every day, nurses would come and go to change the dressing on her wounds.

Janet was often absent-minded these days, wondering how to deal with Charis.

A cunning woman like Charis was much more dangerous than those fierce villains in the movies. Because she did these evil things in secret, not to mention the fact that she came from a prominent family, it was extremely tricky to deal with her.

“What’s on your mind? Have breakfast first.”

Brandon’s voice pulled Janet back to reality and she loosened her clenched teeth. Brandon was holding up a takeout bag of breakfast food in front of her.

Now that they had made things clear, they were able to manage to get along with each other.

The relationship between the two actually seemed harmonious. However, Janet felt that there was an insurmountable gap between them that hadn’t been there before.

After all, Brandon had lost all his memories of her. She didn’t know how to face him now.

“Oh, I see. Thanks.” Not knowing what to say, Janet accepted the food and began to dig in. The awkward silence was deafening.

After what felt like an eternity, Brandon attempted to break the ice. “Does your back still hurt? I heard you whimpering last night.”

Janet dabbed her lips carefully to hide her embarra*s*sment. When she turned over in bed last night, she accidentally hit the wounds on her back. It was so painful that her face contorted, but she didn’t know that she had gr0@ned aloud.

“It’s much better, thanks for asking. Aren’t you going to work today? Usually, you’d be on your second meeting of the day by now.” Janet really wanted some time away from Brandon.

She could only imagine how messy she looked right now. It had been days since she last washed her face, and she even needed help when going to the bathroom. She didn’t want Brandon to see how embarra*s*sed she was.

Brandon already didn’t have a good impression of her previously. Now, she was afraid that Brandon would be even less interested in her.

After all, women always cared about what they looked like in front of their crushes.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already asked for a leave. Taking care of you is more important,” Brandon explained casually while he cleared the table.

Maybe it was because he knew that he used to be affectionate with Janet, or perhaps it was because he appreciated this woman for risking her life to save him. Brandon didn’t think too much of it and actually wanted to take care of her.

Janet chuckled. She wrapped herself in the quilt and leaned against the headboard leisurely. “Dad told me he found you a good doctor. Is the treatment working?”

Brandon paused for a few seconds. Then he tossed the rubbish into the trash can and took two pieces of tissue to wipe the table.

He then replied lightly, “I’ve received psychotherapy twice. It’s not so bad.”

Truth be told, his situation wasn’t looking too good.

Whenever the doctor asked Brandon to try to recall the past, he’d immediately have a splitting headache. It was almost as though an invisible hand was yanking at the nerves in his brain, e

Janet squinted at Brandon and noticed the dark circles under his eyes. He looked a lot more haggard than the day before. Worried, she pursed her lips and asked, “Does the therapy involve some sort of drug? You look kind of listless.”

“I’m fine. I was up late last night dealing with some work.” Brandon didn’t want Janet to worry about him, so he concealed the fact that he had a severe headache whenever he tried to recall the past, i

He sighed tiredly and changed the topic, “Did you know? No one was K*lled in the fire.”

Janet nodded and turned on the TV with the remote control idly. “I heard that Charis got badly burnt though. Is that true? The firemen said that she ran all the way out of the big blazing fire. Fortunately, she’s safe now.” Even Janet couldn’t help but admire Charis.

That woman had guts.

Brandon was visibly confused. “Charis didn’t go into the haunted house with us. How could she have gotten burnt?”

Truth be told, Janet already knew the answer.

The only possible reason why Charis had rushed into the haunted house was that Brandon had gone back in to save Janet. She then ran inside to save Brandon. But she never ran into Brandon. Instead, she ran into Janet. Thinking she could trap Janet in the burning establishment, she tried locking Janet in a room. Little did she know that her little ploy would end up in a near death experience other own.

Janet didn’t have any evidence to prove that that was what happened, nor was it the right time to tell Brandon what she made of the situation. So she simply shook her head wordlessly.

Brandon also dropped the subject.

At noon, Brandon went out to buy lunch, Janet took this as an opportunity to call the men of the White family. “How’s it going?” she asked.

The man reported, “We caught the man who started the fire.” Smiling coldly, Janet ordered, “Get the truth out of him.” 

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