The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 687

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 687 Ugly Beast

Ever since Brandon’s talk with Charis, she seldom went out of her office or talked to anyone.

She didn’t want to face the stares of the intrigued employees, nor did she want to quarrel with anyone and give Brandon all the more reason to drive her away.

Given her fragile mental state now, it was hard for her to control her temper now. She knew better than anyone else that she could barely keep herself together these days. The harder she tried, the worse things got.

Just then, she heard the door of her office being pushed open. Thinking it was just her a*s*sistant who came to deliver some documents, she didn’t bother to look up from her desk. “Just leave the documents on the table.” “Miss Turner, I am not your a*s*sistant.” A familiar voice sounded.

Charis raised her head and met Janet’s smiling eyes. “Mrs. Larson, do you have an appointment? If not, please leave my office,” Charis said with unconcealed hatred. This b*tch must’ve come just to laugh at her.

Ignoring her refusal, Janet strode into the office and looked at Charis up and down calmly.

It had been less than a month since they last saw each other, yet Charis seemed to have transformed into a completely different woman. Although Janet couldn’t see her face with the mask and scarf, she could tell that the woman was close to losing her temper.

“We need to talk, Miss Turner.” Janet kept her smile. They were in the Larson Group headquarters, and she was certain Charis wouldn’t dare to drive her away.

Charis gnashed her teeth angrily. Just looking at Janet made her want to skin the b*tch alive. But since Janet was the wife of the CEO, she had to be polite with her. “Then please have a seat, Mrs. Larson,” she said stiffly. Charis subconsciously wrapped her coat around herself more tightly, feeling uncomfortable and even a little timid under Janet’s intense gaze.

Janet sat on the sofa and elegantly crossed her legs. “You set the haunted house on fire to k*ll me, didn’t you?”

Charis’s whole body stiffened, as though she had been struck by lightning.

After a long time, she stuttered, “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Do you need a mirror to see what you look like now?” Janet’s smile widened and her eyes flashed dangerously. “You got what you deserve, Charis. You failed to k*ll me in that fire and even managed to turn yourself into a beast. How does it feel, Charis?”

Charis bit down on her lower lip hard, forcing herself to calm down. She wasn’t a fool. She could tell that Janet was deliberately trying to get her to confess the truth. She was probably even recording their conversation right now.

“I said, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why would I want to k*ll you? You’re Mrs. Larson, and I respect that. For the sake of my friendship with Brandon, I’ll forget what you said just now. I have work to do. You can leave when you’re done with that cup of tea.” Charis refused to have this conversation with Janet. She was afraid that she’d lose control of her emotions and fight her.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. I just enjoy seeing you like this,” Janet said with a chuckle. “I mean, you bundle up to cover your whole body now, right? Which makes you stink. I know that my husband is so disgusted whenever he sees you like that.”

Charis’s nostrils flared, but she still tried her best calm down. However, every word that left Janet’s mouth hurt her deeply. The b*tch even had the audacity to mention Brandon!

How could Charis bear such a blow!

“Get out of my sight right now!” Charis suddenly stood up and roared at the top of her lungs.

Seeing that she had gotten what she wanted, Janet picked up her bag and sneered proudly, “I was about to leave anyway. I feel sick just looking at you like this. Now that you’re an ugly monster, you should give up your dream of being with Brandon. You don’t deserve him!”  Her last words finally made Charis snap. She flew into a rage and completely lost her mind. She picked up the kettle of hot water on the table and splashed it at Janet. 

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