The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 689

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 689 Kicked Out A Second Time

“You know what you did! You provoked me on purpose so that I’d make a fool out of myself!” Charis shouted, pointing a trembling finger at Janet.

Since things had come to this, she felt desperate. However, Janet didn’t say anything. The angrier Charis was, the calmer her opponent became.

“Why would Janet want to do that? You have no enmity with her.” Brandon pointed at the water stains on the carpet and added coldly, “Unless you can give me a reasonable explanation for this.”

Charis was rendered speechless. Brandon had lost two years of his memory, which meant that he had completely forgotten about the feud between her and Janet.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Brandon frowned unhappily.

Charis looked into his eyes and saw clearly his unmasked disappointment.

“You already know the answer, don’t you?” A single teardrop rolled out of the corner of her eye and into her mask.

Brandon didn’t know why she kept crying so sadly. She seldom cried before.

How come he chose to believe in Janet instead of Charis, his friend and trusted confidante?

Because he had gotten to know Janet over the past weeks. After spending time with her, he understood what kind of woman Janet was. She was kind, caring, and considerate. She wouldn’t hurt anyone for no reason. Charis, on the other hand, had been extremely sensitive and irritable recently. She was always paranoid, feeling that someone was talking behind her back and laughing at her. It wasn’t the first time she had lost her temper with someone at the company.

Many employees had approached him recently, complaining about her horrendous behavior.

And every single time an employee made a complaint, Brandon didn’t do anything about it because he felt sorry for Charis.

This time, however, she crossed the line. He had to do something now.

The Brandon from two years ago would’ve dealt with things in an even more cold-blooded fashion.

He looked at Charis, his eyes devoid of warmth, and said, “You’ve gone too far this time. Even if Janet did laugh at you, you shouldn’t have tried to hurt her like this. Do you know how badly she would’ve been hurt if the hot water did splash on her?”

Charis snorted indignantly. Again, he picked Janet’s side.

“Your mental state is incredibly fragile now. If you continue to work here, I’d be putting my other employees at risk. You should seek therapy first and come back to work after being treated.” Brandon’s words were cruel. “Otherwise, I will have to resort to firing you.” Charis felt as though her soul was s*cked out of her body. Her feet seemed to have been nailed to the ground, rendering her unable to move.

She turned her head with difficulty and looked at Brandon, too hurt to say a word.

He had kicked her out of the Larson Group for Janet once before, but she never expected that she’d be kicked out again. And this time, he did it in front of so many people.

Charis felt like she was going crazy. Her eyes swept across the crowd, and all the employees were looking back at her with disgust.

Finally, her gaze landed on Brandon. His face was cold, and he looked at her indifferently, as though he was looking at a complete stranger.

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