The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 691

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 691 I’m Getting Married

After Garrett took Laney back to Barnes, he made arrangements for her to live in his villa so that he could take care of her and the baby.

“I might get busy with work these days, so it’s possible I won’t come home to see you that often. Don’t worry. The nutritionist and the servants will be there for you. But if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.” This was what he told Laney before leaving Barnes.

“I’m just pregnant, not disabled. I can take care of myself.” Sure enough, Laney’s belly was still flat and one couldn’t tell she was pregnant at a glance. In fact, she was still quite slender.

Garrett smiled wryly. He was determined to marry her.

But first, he needed to go back to his family to get his parents’ approval. The Harding family was a well-educated, prominent family in Seacisco.

Garrett’s mother and father came from two families that had been friends for generations and they practically grew up together.

Vera Harding was the daughter of a prominent family. She had been proficient in many aspects including music and art since childhood. Leo Harding, on the other hand, had a strong sense of family and he was a man with traditional—almost stereotypical—thoughts. All in all, however, he was not a bad person.

The couple were relatively lenient with their son. They had heard a lot of rumors about Garrett fooling around with different women, but knowing that their son was just playing the field, they didn’t say anything. One thing they did mind though, was he marrying a ransom girl just like that.

Garrett knew that gaining his parents’ approval was no easy feat, which was why he made preparations in advance.

After returning to the Harding family, he took over the family business and garnered several important partnerships.

Seeing that her son was finally back on track and even coming home every day from work on time, Vera was very happy. “Garrett has finally grown up, don’t you think, Leo?”

Leo was sitting on the chair in the garden, reading a newspaper. He too had noticed Garrett’s efforts in the past two weeks. He echoed, “He has indeed matured. I hope he can keep up the good work.”

Overhearing this, Garrett thought it was the right time.

He seized this chance. Later that night, he called his parents, who were in a good mood, to the study.

Garrett brought out a freshly brewed pot of tea and carefully poured two cups for his parents. Vera instantly sensed that something was off, and even her smile froze.

Leo, who had never seen his son act so serious before, could also tell that something was on his mind. He took a sip of his tea and said in a low voice, “If there’s something you want to say, just say it.”

Garrett took a deep breath and broke into a smile. “I’m getting married.”

Vera’s hand, which was holding the teacup, trembled, and the liquid inside rippled. She took a shaky sip other tea and glanced at Leo.

Leo was also so shocked that he didn’t even know how to respond. An awkward silence fell over the study. “Dad, Mom, I’m getting married,” Garrett repeated.

Leo squeezed his eyes shut, rubbed the spot between his brows, and asked, “What family is she from?”

“She has no family now, but she’ll have one soon. I’m determined to give her a home.” Garrett’s voice was soft, but his eyes were firm.

“Nonsense!” Leo’s eyes instantly popped open and his face turned livid.

Vera also said seriously, “We don’t care who you date, but this is marriage! I’m sorry, Garrett, but you’re marrying a lady from a noble family, not some orphan! An orphan doesn’t deserve to marry into the Harding family! We will never approve of this union!”

Garrett smiled. He had expected this reaction from his parents. He paused for a second and took a deep breath. “She is pregnant,” he said bluntly.

“What?!” Leo roared incredulously. He pointed a shaky finger at Garrett and shouted, “What a disappointment you are!”

Vera was so angry that she couldn’t breathe properly. Taking staggered breaths, she clutched the armrest tightly with one hand until she calmed down somewhat.

After a long time, she finally said, “You can’t marry her even if she’s pregnant. Make her have an abortion. If she refuses, she will raise the baby on her own after it’s born. We can give her whatever she wants as compensation, but you just can’t marry her. Period!”

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