The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 695

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 695 Pay The Price

Garrett pursed his lips unhappily. “Laney has been practicing martial arts ever since she was a child. Naturally, her temperament is different from those spoiled rich lad*ies you want me to marry. She’s sensible and reasonable, which is already very hard to find these days.”

Vera remained unfazed. Smiling faintly, she continued, “She isn’t even your wife yet, but you already defend her so much. Garrett, do you really love her? Even so, love fades over time. What will you do if you fall out of love in the future? If you marry a woman with an affluent background, at least you can maintain the marriage with money. But Miss Garcia doesn’t even have a family. How will you maintain your marriage? Getting married on impulse is an injustice to both you and Miss Garcia.”

Garrett clicked his tongue, disappointed in his mother’s stodgy view. “I’ve dated a lot of women before. I know how I feel about Laney. She’s different. Besides, I have to take responsibility for her. It is not like the Harding family is struggling and has to rely on my marriage to stay afloat. Why can’t you let me marry a woman I love? What’s more, she’s pregnant with my child. Do you really have the heart to let this child grow up without its father? Dad, Mom, let me make things simple for you. If I can’t marry Laney, I won’t marry anyone else.”

Garrett employed both hard and soft tactics to convince his parents.

Vera had never seen her son act like this. She sighed and looked her disappointing son up and down.

Finally, she turned to her husband helplessly. “Well, it’s up to you. I can’t control your son. It seems that he’s obsessed with Miss Garcia.”

Leo frowned tightly.

He was distressed. Vera was a shrewd woman who only cared about her image. In giving her husband the responsibility to call the shots, she was secretly asking him to f0rce Garrett into submission.

On the other hand, Leo also wanted to be a kind father and grandfather. So that left him with only one choice.

“Okay.” Leo finally agreed. “I approve of your getting married to her. But on one condition: you have to leave the Larson Group. That way, you can take over the family business and make a plan for future development. Back then, we only let you work in the Larson Group so that you could get some experience. Unexpectedly, you were reluctant to leave after working there for so long, leaving our family businesses in the dust for several years. Now that you’ve chosen to marry Miss Garcia… Well, this marriage won’t bring anything to the table, so you have to make up for it by bringing value to the family in another way.”

Leo spoke solemnly.

Garrett knew that his father was dead serious. He fell into pensive silence.

The Larson Group was founded by both him and Brandon when they were young. Naturally, he was very reluctant to just leave it.

Moreover, the Harding family and the Larson Group were compet*itors in some fields. If he chose to return to the Harding family, it meant that one day in the future, he might end up on the opposite side of the Larson Group. He and Brandon would become rivals.

But he had to make a choice. At present, Laney was his priority.

“Fine. I promise.” Garrett’s eyes took on a fierce light.


Laney had been waiting for Garrett at home for a long time now.

When he finally came back, he beamed at her brightly. “Mom and Dad will choose a perfect date for us to hold the wedding. She is quite fond of you and she also hopes that we can move back and live with them after getting married.”

Garrett plopped down on the sofa and hugged Laney tightly.

Laney pushed him away a little to look at his face carefully. She was confused. “How did you manage to convince them? Your parents didn’t agree to it before. What made them agree now?”

She guessed that Garrett must’ve paid a heavy price to change his parents’ mind.

Smiling brightly, Garrett pinched her cheek and teased, “What’s with the long face? Aren’t you happy you’ll be my bride? They’re my parents. They wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. They just asked me to go back to the Harding family and take over the family business.”  He spoke with calculated casualness, but Laney’s heart still sank. Perhaps it was because of her raging hormones that her emotions fluctuated easily. Tears welled up in her eyes as she said, “Are you stupid? Why would you accept such a condition? You built the Larson Group from the ground up with Brandon! The Larson Group is practically your child, isn’t it?”

She knew that Larson Group was very important to

Garrett, or he wouldn’t have worked there for so many years. Now he was f0rced to abandon what he had built in order to marry her. It must’ve been a very difficult decision for him.

Garrett’s expression softened. He wiped the tears from the corners of Laney’s eyes, wrapped her in his arms, and said gently, “What can I do? I can’t work in Larson Group for the rest of my life. My parents are getting old. I needed to take over the family business sooner or later. Besides, now I have something more important to protect than the Larson Group.”

Looking at him with tears in her eyes, Laney couldn’t help but cry even harder.

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