The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 698

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 698 Return To The Larson Group          

Within the span of one month, two of the Larson Group’s founders had left. Charis was gone due to therapy, whereas Garrett resigned to go back and handle his family’s business. These two major events made everyone in the Larson Group panic.

After dealing with Garrett’s resignation, Brandon called Charis’s psychologist.

“How is she?”

“Miss Turner is doing very well. Her mental state has almost completely recovered; she’s practically back to her normal self. Just a few more rehabilitation sessions and she should be fit for work,” the psychologist reported. Brandon had known him for many years and trusted him very much.

After thinking for a while, Brandon said, “I’ll visit her this afternoon.”


When Brandon arrived, Charis was in the middle of a painting compet*ition with some other patients.

This activity was sponsored by the hospital, and the prize was a basket of chocolate bars. In the end, Charis’s painting won first prize.

Brandon watched quietly as she kindly distributed the chocolate to the other patients. Although she was still wearing a mask, she wasn’t as bundled up as before and her overall temperament seemed to have improved. She didn’t seem to be as irritable as before.

“You seem to have recovered well,” Brandon commented lightly as soon as he approached.

Charis looked at him in surprise. “Brandon, why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

“I happened to be in the area.” When Brandon’s eyes landed on the small patch of exposed skin on her neck, he smiled and said, “You look as graceful and confident as before.”

Charis waved her hand dismissively. “The burns on my neck aren’t as bad as the rest of my body. Still, I made mountains out of molehills before. The doctor helped me overcome my insecurities, making me less sensitive about the scars on my body. I was wrong before. I covered myself from head to toe, which actually sealed my heart.”

Now, she didn’t mind showing some of herself.

“You always had the best stress tolerance among the three of us,” Brendan sighed. He was not exaggerating. Charis’s mental capacity was amazing.

Charis shook her head modestly. “I’m flattered. I did go through something quite stressful, but fortunately, I’m on the road to recovery. After all, my greatest advantage was never my face, but my brain.”

Brandon was relieved. He turned to look out the window pensively. It was a sunny day today. It was almost as though the universe was aligning for them.

After a while, Brandon looked at Charis and said frankly, “It’s good that you’re getting better now. Garrett decided to take over his family business. The Larson Group needs you. Are you ready to come back?”

He wasn’t sugarcoating. The Larson Group truly needed her.

After a moment of silence, Charis broke into a smile. “Of course.”


Three days later, Charis returned to the office and continued to work.

Her sudden return took everyone by surprise. After all, everyone in the Larson Group had seen just how crazy Charis had become. Her presence made them feel uneasy. What if she tried to take revenge on them? However, their worries never became a reality.

Charis’s present att*itude towards everyone was as gentle as the old Charis.

Besides, she was an efficient worker and sure enough, she was still that capable woman.

Brandon also noticed that she was on a roll at work, so he started handing over the important projects to her.

When Janet heard that Charis had recovered and had returned to work, she felt both shocked and helpless. It seemed that Charis would remain a tough opponent.

But Janet didn’t want to focus her energy on taking revenge. She was content with her career and her life with Brandon. It would be a waste to spend all her time thinking about her enemy, e

Since her work schedule was always different from that of Brandon, every time Janet came to Seacisco, she would prepare lunch and take it to Brandon’s office. She and Brandon had made it a point to spend time with each other during lunchtime. Recently, the two had been getting closer and closer, just like a young couple who had just fallen in love.

One day, Janet was bringing lunch to Brandon’s office as usual when she ran into Charis.

Ignoring her, Janet strode past her to the elevator. Suddenly, Charis called her from behind, “Please, wait a minute.”

Janet frowned and turned to look at her. “Yes?”

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about. Care to join me in my office?”

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