The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 700

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 700 Never Recovered

Janet was scared out of her wits. She desperately clung to the frame of the French window, hoping that Charis wouldn’t be able to push her out.

At this critical moment, the door to the office was suddenly pushed open. Brandon strode in.

“There is something wrong with this—”

He was looking down at a document in his hand as he walked inside Charis’s office. Suddenly, he heard a blood -curdling scream. He looked up abruptly and saw the two women by the French window.

“Charis! What the hell are you doing?!” Brandon was shocked cold. He clearly saw that Charis holding Janet’s head outside the broken window. One false move and Janet could plummet to her death.

All the color drained from Brandon’s face.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have expected to see such a scene when Charis asked him to come to her office to talk about work.

Seeing that he was about to take a step towards them, Charis’s eyes widened and she shouted, “Don’t come over! If you take one more step, I’ll throw her out!”

She was so worked up that the veins on her forehead bulged.

Brandon stopped in his tracks and raised his hands in surrender. “Okay, I won’t move. Please, Charis. Don’t do this.”

“Brandon, do you feel hurt yet? I asked you to come here so that you could watch Janet d*ie with your own eyes!” Charis raised her head and laughed hysterically. At this moment, what with her disfigured face, she looked like a real brutal monster.

Brandon was overwhelmed with shock and confusion. “Why are you doing this? The psychologist said that you had recovered!”

“Recovered?” Charis laughed again. “Brandon, you think life is that simple? I’ll never be cured! Yes! That fire turned me into a monster inside and out! My life is ruined! Yet you’re still so happy with Janet! It’s driving me crazy!”

She roared like an injured beast. The scars of the fire had been imprinted on her face and her heart. She had never felt so ugly in her life. Seeing the crazed look in her eye, Brandon instantly understood.

Charis had never recovered. She had deceived everyone, including her doctor, into believing that she had recovered. Secretly, her craziness only festered and grew to unprecedented heights.

“You came back just to hurt Janet?” Brandon’s eyes darkened.

“Exactly. I deliberately waited until you put your guard down so that you could let me come back to the Larson Group. I planned everything so you could watch Janet d*ie in front of you!” With her bloodshot eyes as wide as saucers, Charis burst into crazed laughter. She looked like a madwoman!

Brandon didn’t dare to act rashly. Janet was by the very edge of the window, being held in place only by Charis. As long as Charis let go, Janet would plummet over twenty floors down.

He didn’t dare to call the police or ask for help, which would only provoke the crazy Charis even more.

He was caught between a rock and a hard place. What should he do?

For the first time in his life, he felt so much regret. He was the one who asked Charis to come back to work. He was the one who put Janet in danger! He gritted his teeth, wishing that he was the one that Charis wanted to k*ll.

Brandon tried to stay calm. He subtly covered his phone with the document in his hand and dialed Garrett’s number while Charis wasn’t looking.

In order to buy more time, Brandon tried to negotiate. “If you let her go unharmed, I’ll pretend that nothing happened. I promise I’ll let this go, okay?”

Charis threw her head back and laughed even more hysterically. “Brandon, are you seriously trying to negotiate with me right now? Do you think I want to live after this? I’m ready to go down with her! I’ll take away the woman you love and make sure you live the rest of your life in pain and regret!”

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