The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 713

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 713 A New Plot

Vivian recalled a conversation she had with Charis.

Charis had told her that Janet had gone to such lengths to make Brandon fall in love with her. Naturally, she wouldn’t let go of any chance to help him regain his memory.

Vivian figured that in order to help Brandon regain his memory, Janet would definitely keep coming back. Vivian also knew that if she could be one step ahead of Janet, she could avenge Charis and get rid of Janet once and for all.

She just needed to figure out who Janet might go to next and where to find them…

Although Charis had been somewhat of a social b*tterfly when she was alive, she didn’t have many true friends. Most people knew her on the surface level only. Very few knew her deeply.

After returning home, Vivian had thought about it carefully and suddenly remembered that Charis had mentioned a person to her before…


When Vivian saw Allie Olson, she was working a minimum wage job in a coffee shop far away from downtown.

Vivian ordered a latte and then sat at a table near the window, waiting for Allie to serve the coffee.

“Excuse me, are you Allie Olson? Miss Turner often mentioned you to me before.” Resting her cheek on her hand, Vivian smiled sweetly. She looked very approachable.

At the mention of Charis’s surname, Allie’s face suddenly became unnatural. Without saying a word, she set the cup of coffee down and was about to turn around and leave.

In fact, Allie had worked as Charis’s a*s*sistant for three years. She had come to work for Charis right after graduating from a prestigious university. She had always been one of Charis’s right-hand subordinates.

Charis’s death turned her life upside down. Not only did she suddenly lose her job, she was also questioned about Charis wherever she went. It was impossible for her to find another job.

She used to be the top student in a top university, but now she had to work minimum wage as a waitress. Even in a place as obscure as this one, she ran into someone who came to ask about Charis.

“Don’t leave. Why don’t you sit down?” Seeing that Allie was about to leave, Vivian immediately stood up and stopped her.

Allie’s grip on the tray tightened until her knuckles turned white. Finally, she turned to look at Vivian and said through gritted teeth, “I don’t know her.”

Naturally, since a strange woman was visiting to ask about Charis, Allie was very vigilant.

It seemed that Vivian had expected this, because then she took a credit card out of her bag.

Smiling brightly, she explained, “Calm down, okay? I came to see you on behalf of Charis’s parents. They asked me to compensate you as thanks for your loyalty for Charis. They are very sorry that you lost your job because of the incident.” 

Allie’s eyes landed on the card on the table and her heart stirred.

She walked awkwardly to Vivian and sat down opposite her. She reached for the card and her expression softened, her lower lip trembling slightly. “The Larson Group has fired a lot of employees who had worked with Miss Turner. I thought no one would remember me.”

Hearing this, Vivian reached for her hand and patted it comfortingly. “How could that be? Do you think we’re as ruthless as the Larson Group?”

Allie thought about her own terrible experience with the company, and then she thought about Charis’s tragic death. She couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer. She clutched the card close to her heart and burst into sobs. “If it weren’t for Janet, Miss Turner wouldn’t have died so miserably! It’s so unfair that Janet is still alive, living her best life!”

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and locked eyes with Vivian seriously. “You must avenge her!”  “You’ve gone through a lot.” Vivian handed her a piece of tissue. While waiting for Allie to wipe her tears, she asked meaningfully, “Allie, since you had such a good relationship with Miss Turner, do you want to help me avenge her?”

Allie paused. Was this woman serious?

She was a poor and powerless woman. How was she going to fight against the Larson Group and its powerful CEO?

Vivian seemed to understand her concern. “Don’t worry. You’ll have the Turner family to support you. After everything’s finished, the Turner family will give you more money and get you a better job.”

Although Allie was highly tempted, she hesitated.

Was it worth fighting the Larson Group for Charis? Vivian could see Allie’s gears turning, so she added in a low voice, “I have a plan.”

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