The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 714

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 714 Back To The Studio

Because Janet didn’t get anything useful from Charis parents, she felt a bit upset. But she couldn’t give up.

She listed down all the people related to Charis, intending to track them down on her own and talk to them one by one.

Although she didn’t know how long it would take to find a clue, she believed that she would find a way sooner or later.

By the end of December, Janet went back to work in the W Marks Studio in Barnes.

Over the past few months, she often worked remotely. This time, she came here mainly because Brandon was going to work on their branch in Barnes this month. Naturally, she wanted to be with him, and that way, she could go back to work at the studio.

Not long after she returned to work, Draco strolled into the office.

They hadn’t seen each other in a few months. His hair had grown long enough to be braided, which made him look like an artist.

Janet found it strange that he was here. Her colleagues told her that he was on a business trip abroad and wouldn’t be back in a few days. She didn’t expect to meet him in the studio so soon.

“Good morning, Mr. Wesley. Coffee? I was going to buy one for myself downstairs.” Janet was a bit tense. After all, she had been working remotely for the past few months and didn’t know whether Draco was really okay with it or not.

“No, thank you. Have a seat first, Janet.” As usual, Draco was elegant and gentle. He had always been a composed man whose voice was smooth as honey, able to make anyone calm down.

But Janet was far from calm. She sat back in her chair nervously, clenching and unclenching her fingers.

What did he want to talk to her about? Did he want to fire her?

Over the past few months, so much had happened. Most of her attention had been focused on Brandon and Charis. She couldn’t work as hard as before due to this.

Before Draco could say anything, Janet hurriedly blurted, “I’m sorry, Mr. Wesley. I’ve been distracted by some personal affairs over the past few months. But don’t worry. I’ll make up for it. Please give me another chance, Mr. Wesley.”

Draco’s eyebrows shot up in confusion. Then, he realized that Janet had misunderstood him.

He broke into a smile and chuckled. “What’re you talking about? Don’t be nervous. I wasn’t going to fire you, Janet.” He had come back to the studio to see her for himself.

It had been a long time since the last time he saw her, and naturally, he was a little worried about her.

The news of Charis’s sudden death had stirred up quite the sensation in both Barnes and Seacisco. He had a vague feeling that Janet had something to do with it. “Oh. Well, then what did you want to talk about, sir?” Janet smiled crookedly, wondering what was going on. 

Draco tilted his head and thought for a while before saying, “I just wanted to ask how you’ve been recently? I noticed that your work is getting more and more mature. I can clearly see that your mentality has changed a little. If you’d like, or if you need any help, you can always talk to me, Janet.”

Hearing this, Janet’s heart melted. Draco was the perfect boss and mentor. Which was exactly why she didn’t dare to bother him.

“Thank you, sir. Your guidance is already a great help.” After saying that, she touched her nose timidly and added, “By the way, Mr. Wesley, I can work in the studio now. If you need anything, you can call me here.”

Draco looked at her and then quietly nodded.

Hearing that Janet was back, Elizabeth was very happy. She stood up from her chair and exclaimed, “That’s great, Janet! I’m so glad you’re back! How about we have dinner after work? Let’s celebrate your return!”

It was rare for Elizabeth to take the initiative in these social situations, so it could be seen that she was really happy that Janet was back.

And Janet had no reason to refuse. She smiled brightly and replied, “Sure!” Then she looked sideways at Draco and asked, “Mr. Wesley, would you like to join us?”

Janet knew that he didn’t like being around a lot of people, so he rarely ever went out with them to party.

She had asked him out of politeness, thinking that he would decline. However, Draco stood up and said in a calm voice, “Okay. I’d love that.” 

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