The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 716

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 716 Violent Man

Elizabeth hurriedly answered the phone.

“Where are you?” Jorge’s anxious voice sounded from the other end of the line. “Why aren’t you home yet? I’ve been waiting for you for half an hour!”

“I’m having dinner with my friends at the Riverside Restaurant. I’ll be back later,” Elizabeth explained with a long face.

“What the hell are you talking about? Friends? What friends? Come up with a better lie, Elizabeth! Tell me— are you with another man?” Jorge’s voice was so loud and his words so aggressive that everyone at the table could hear him through the phone.

“You’re crazy!” Elizabeth didn’t want to waste her breath on him, so she hung up the phone angrily and downed yet another glassof wine.

By then, she had finished almost a whole bottle of red wine by herself. Worried that she’d get drunk, Janet quickly stopped her. “Let’s eat something first before you have another drink, okay?”

But Elizabeth only turned a deaf ear to her and continued to drink.

In the end, Janet had no choice but to turn to Draco for help. Draco usually didn’t like to meddle in other people’s private affairs, but he couldn’t resist Janet’s pleading look.

So, he stopped Elizabeth. “That’s enough. Getting drunk will solve nothing.”

Draco had never scolded anyone like this before. Apart from being serious at work, he was gentle in private and had a good temper.

Elizabeth obediently stopped, but it was probably too late. Her cheeks were flushed and she seemed to have trouble keeping her head up. She slumped over the table, tears in her eyes. O

After the phone call, Elizabeth didn’t have an appet*ite. She sat quietly as Draco and Janet ate their food.

Janet walked her to the gate of the restaurant after dinner.

She was worried about Elizabeth, so she wanted to drive her home. But their places were on opposite ends of the city. It was too late for her to take Elizabeth home and then go home alone.

It seemed that Draco could tell what was on her mind because he then offered to take Elizabeth home himself. “You should go home now. Drive safely.”

Janet didn’t insist on taking Elizabeth home herself. “Thank you, Mr. Wesley. You, too.”

Draco nodded and approached to take Elizabeth over from her. Elizabeth was so drunk that she couldn’t even stand by herself. Coincidentally, just as Draco came close, she fell into his arms.

Janet didn’t think there was anything wrong. After all, Elizabeth was drunk and Draco had offered to take her home. Of course he had to help her into his car first.

However, someone lurking nearby thought differently. Before Elizabeth could gather herbearings, an angry man stepped in front of Draco, blocking their way.

The man pointed a finger at them aggressively. “So, you’re her new boy toy? b*tch, how dare you cheat on me!”

It was Jorge, Elizabeth’s boyfriend.

Worried that things were getting out of hand, Janet tried to stop him and hurriedly explained, “Sir, calm down. We’re both Elizabeth’s colleagues. We just had dinner together.”

“Go to hell, b*tch!” Jorge refused to listen. He unscrupulously shoved Janet away from him.

Janet didn’t expect him to be so violent. She almost fell down, but fortunately, somebody caught her in time.

She looked back in surprise and saw that Brandon, wearing a black overcoat, was holding her from behind. He helped her up and looked into her eyes with concern. “Are you okay?”

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