The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 719

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 719 The Website

Allie knew that Janet wouldn’t believe her, so she had come prepared. She lifted the computer bag she had brought with her and placed it on the table. “Everything you need is in this laptop. I’ll give it to you in exchange for the money I need.”

Janet’s eyes landed on the laptop. She had a gut feeling that she’d find something in there.

“Alright. How much do you want?” She gestured to the computer bag on the table. Naturally, she wanted to see it first.

“Give me the money first.” Allie held the bag protectively. “Give me the money now, or no deal. I want two million. Cash.”

Janet had had some doubts about Allie, but seeing the anxious look on her face made her believe her.

But two million was no trifle amount.

She had been living off of her humble salary. She had never touched the Whites’ nor Brandon’s money.

“Well… Could I pay you in installments?” Janet asked shamefacedly.

Allie was so shocked at Janet’s words. She couldn’t believe that the wife of the Larson Group’s CEO and the daughter of the White family would ask such a ridiculous question.

“You don’t have two million on-hand? Stop kidding me!” Allie didn’t believe it at all. She clutched the laptop even tighter.

“I don’t use my parents’ money,” Janet explained. “Nor do I use my husband’s money. I only spend the money I earn on my own.”

Since she was capable of making a living on her own, she refused to rely on her family and her husband.

Allie snorted in disbelief and rolled her eyes at her mockingly. “You’re the daughter of a wealthy family and the wife of a CEO, yet you’re still so poor. It seems your family isn’t treating you so well.”

Janet turned a deaf ear to Allie’s mockery and fixed her eyes on the computer bag. “Since you claim that all the information I need is in that laptop, can you show it to me first? If you’re telling me the truth, I’m willing to pay the cash up front.”

Allie hesitated. After all, she couldn’t seem to get a penny out of Janet otherwise.

After mulling over it for a while, she finally agreed. Two million dollars was at stake here.

“Okay, but you only have five minutes.” She cautiously put the computer bag on the table, unzipped it, and pulled out the laptop from inside.

As soon as the laptop was turned on, Janet immediately started searching through it.

Unfortunately, everything had been wiped clean by Charis. There wasn’t even a single file in the trash bin.

Then she clicked on the browser history. A strange website caught her eye.

She clicked on it and fortunately, it logged in automatically. Suddenly, a chat box popped up. The last message was from a mysterious guys selling drugs. He was saying that he wished Charis could succeed.

Succeed in what? Frowning tightly, Janet started scrolling upwards, hoping to read their prior conversation.

“I think you’ve found what you want.” Allie sneered and immediately shut the laptop.

Janet felt that the answers were on this website, but she had only touched the surface. Smiling confidently, Allie packed up the laptop again and then looked at Janet. “Give me the money first, Mrs. Larson.”

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