The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 727

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 727

In fact, it had been a long time since Janet and Brandon last had s*e*x.

She could see the lust in Brandon’s d*eep-set eyes, which made her nether regions tingle in anticipation. Her red l*ips parted slightly, and her breathing grew erratic.

Brandon slowly unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and started k*issing her chin, neck, and collarbone. He expertly took off Janet’s dress and started licking the corner of her b*reas*t.

Janet breathed heavily and arched her back, begging the man to take her n*ipple in his mouth.

And the man obliged. He sucked on her pink n*ipple, instantly sending a wave of electricity through her body. She couldn’t help but moan loudly. “I want you, Brandon.” Brandon sl*ipped his fingers between her l*egs with one hand and undid his belt with the other. Then he parted her l*egs and shoved his thick, h*ard c*oc*k in.

He f*uc*ked her so h*ard, it made her tremble and scream. Janet wrapped her l*egs around his waist, arching her back to let him in d*eeper. Her muscles went tense whenever he thrust inside of her.

“Oh, God… Brandon…” Brandon suddenly stuffed his fingers into her mouth, which she suckled on obediently. Saliva soon dribbled from the corner of her l*ips.

“Ah… B-Brandon…” Janet tried to moan, but he kept shoving his fingers d*eeper. She had no choice but to obey, e

The man’s other hand stroked the inner side of her t*hig*h and then lifted her l*eg slightly. “Baby, just relax.”

Only then did Brandon notice that the sofa cushion was stained with liquid.

“You get w*et so easily…” Brandon said in a hoarse voice. Because he had lost his memories, to him, he had never had s*e*x before. This was a completely new experience for him.

The w*etness and tightness of Janet’s p*uss*y excited him to the extreme.

He lifted her chin and pressed his l*ips against hers. He seemed almost desperate as he f*uc*ked and k*issed her.

Still, he wasn’t satisfied. He drew circles around her n*ipples and squeezed her b*reas*ts, sometimes forcefully, sometimes lightly. He wanted her to beg him for more. His lingering k*iss left Janet dazed. Before she knew what was happening, she felt herself being lifted up and then pressed against the wall between the two glass windows. Brandon kicked off his pants completely and f*uc*ked Janet h*ard from behind.

She was getting even tighter in this position!

“Ahhh…” With great difficulty, Janet pressed her hands against the wall, wincing in both pain and pleasure. “It’s so big, Brandon… Oh, God…”

Brandon planted his hands on Janet’s waist, f*uc*king her as h*ard as he could. “Is it, baby?”

If he hadn’t held her up, she would’ve fallen to her knees. Her l*egs were giving way, hot tears and saliva dripping. “Honey… It’s so d*eep…”  

She felt as though the tip of his c*oc*k was poking into her w*omb already. She bent over, letting Brandon f*uc*k her like crazy, and her b*reas*ts bounced with every thrust. Gradually, she lost consciousness. 

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