The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 729

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 729 New Colleague

“Mr. Wesley, are you okay?” Janet hurriedly apologized to Draco and checked if his hand got scalded.

Draco waved his hand dismissively and set the glasson the table. “I’m fine, but what about you? You were so absent-minded just now.”

Janet averted her gaze. “I’m sorry. My mind was elsewhere…”

Draco looked at her kindly. “What’s wrong? Is the stress getting to you?”

Janet shook her head with a faint smile, but it still seemed that she hadn’t come back to her senses yet. Her eyes were glassy as she said, “No…”

What she saw on her laptop last night was so weird that it really scared her.

She clearly didn’t want to talk about it, and Draco didn’t plan on forcing her. He trusted that Janet was more than capable of dealing with whatever was bothering her.

“By the way, are you free this afternoon? A new colleague is coming today.”

When it came to work, Janet’s eyes lit up. “We have a new designer?”

Ever since Rosa left, W Marks only had two a*s*sistant designers: Janet and Elizabeth. It was high time they got a new designer.

“Well, Dalores isn’t exactly a newcomer. She used to work here before, and she’s coming back now. You’ll get to meet her this afternoon,” Draco explained.

Seeing that Janet looked fine, Draco didn’t say anything more and went back to his office.

Sure enough, later that afternoon, Dalores came to the studio.

Female designers were usually slender, but Dalores was on the plumper side. She wasn’t tall either and had shoulder-length curly hair. She was very approachable and greeted everyone in the studio warmly, as if they were old acquaintances.

Dalores used to work for W Marks but had left for a while. Now, she was back again. She was an experienced a*s*sistant designer, so she was on the same level as Janet and Elizabeth.

Janet briefly introduced herself, whereas Elizabeth didn’t say a word. She didn’t even look at Dalores.

Finding this strange, Janet soon realized that everyone had a good relationship with Dalores except for Elizabeth. “Did something happen between you and Dalores?” Janet asked Elizabeth in private during lunch time.

Elizabeth fell silent for a while before finally sighing. “No, nothing happened. It’s just that we weren’t really friends or something. Mr. Wesley had trained her for two years. After that, she felt that she was capable enough to go out on her own and insisted on leaving W Marks to be an independent designer. But her work didn’t gain any traction over the past few years, so she asked if she could come back to work here. The studio was in need of an extra hand, so Mr. Wesley agreed.”

Janet didn’t know if there was more to the story, but she could definitely tell that Elizabeth didn’t like Dalores very much. 

But she figured she’d learn more about what really happened as time went on.

However, a lot of work had piled up in the studio recently. Even with Dalores now present, Draco still said that he needed one more a*s*sistant and then put Dalores and Janet in charge of the interview.

W Marks was a well-known studio thanks to Draco’s fame. A few days after they announced that they were hiring, there was a line of interviewees.

Janet didn’t want to take part in the interview. After all, she didn’t find herself as qualified as Dalores.

“You’re more than capable to handle this, Janet. I believe you’ll be a great help to the new a*s*sistant.” Draco didn’t give Janet the chance to refuse.

Smiling crookedly, Janet thanked Draco for recognizing her, but at the same time, she still felt uneasy.

The following day, after their lunch break, Dalores came to Janet’s desk to chat. However, she didn’t talk to Elizabeth at all.

Elizabeth also ignored her. She kept a straight face and said nothing.

Janet really wanted to know what had happened between them. Out of curiosity, she asked Elizabeth again in a low voice, “What happened between you two?” 

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