The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 733

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 733 A Fair Choice

When Dalores saw Draco come in, she practically ran to him.

She stuck out her lower lip and complained to Draco, “Mr. Wesley, Janet knew this applicant Tasha beforehand. How can she interview her fairly? I know Janet is still young and inexperienced, which probably biases her judgment. I don’t blame her, but I’m just saying it for the sake of our studio.”

Although Dalores was speaking in a hushed voice, Janet clearly heard her.

How dare Dalores accuse her of such a thing right in front of her face? Did she really think that Janet was a pushover who wouldn’t know how to defend herself?

Unable to contain her anger any longer, Janet said coldly, “She’s talking bullsh*t.”

Janet finally realized what a two-faced b*tch Dalores really was. Dalores not only wanted to make Janet look bad in front of Draco, but also wanted to rid Tasha of the opportunity to work in W Marks.

Draco pulled a long face. He had always been a fair and just person, so he refused to take sides. Frowning slightly, he clarified, “Janet, do you you know this applicant or not?”

“Yes, we do know each other. But—”

She wanted to say more, but Draco interrupted her calmly, “There’s no need to explain.” 

Janet lowered her head, pursed her lips, and remained silent. She felt wronged. It wasn’t like what Dalores said. Dalores, on the other hand, smiled smugly. Her plan had worked! She just knew that Janet was still too young and naive to fight her!

“Mr. Wesley, please have a look at this portfolio. This is the most excellent candidate we’ve had today.” Dalores enthusiastically handed her friend’s resume and portfolio over to Draco. “His design is relatively novel, and is aligned with the aesthetic of our studio.”

Draco nodded. After turning a few pages, he raised his hand and said simply, “Give me Tasha’s resume.”

Dalores’s smile stiffened, but she had no choice but to hand over Tasha’s resume to Draco.

Draco quietly compared Tasha’s work with that of Dalores’s friend’s and soon came to a conclusion. “I want Tasha.”

Janet abruptly looked up at Draco in disbelief.

But Draco looked as calm as ever, as though he was just talking about the weather.

Dalores was speechless for a second. But she refused to give up.

As a pregnant woman who was clearly about to give birth, how could Tasha be qualified to join their studio? She glared at Janet and felt that she really underestimated this b*tch.

It had only been a short period of time since Janet had started working here, yet she already had their boss wrapped around her little finger. What sorcery was this?

Tasha was also so shocked to hear what Draco said that she couldn’t move a muscle.

Draco gently put the resume down and said calmly, “I don’t care whether the interviewees know people from my studio or not. Tasha is clearly the best candidate for the job just by looking at her works.”

His calm eyes turned unusually sharp as he turned to look at Dalores. “But you, Dalores—what’s the matter with you? Even though Janet has less experience than you, she was able to tell that Tasha’s work is superior to this other applicant. And how could you tell me that the other one’s work is novel when it’s totally worthless? It seems that you’ve forgotten all the things you’ve learned from W Marks in the past few years. Do you really think this immature design entry is qualified for a studio like ours? Since when did our standards get so low?”

After being scolded relentlessly by Draco, Dalores’s face turned red with anger and humiliation.

Still, she refused to accept defeat. Twiddling her thumbs awkwardly, she blurted, “Tasha’s pregnant. It won’t be convenient to work with her. Besides, she’ll soon ask for a maternity leave once she gives birth, which will undoubtedly drag us down. It was only after much deliberate consideration that I decided not to hire her.”

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