The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire Chapter 752

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 752 Behave

“Okay, I’ll forgive you if you spread your l*egs.” Brandon’s breath brushed against her sensitive ear, making her turn red. The secret garden between her l*egs instantly became w*et.

Without hesitation, Janet wrapped her arms around Brandon’s neck and k*issed him.

Brandon k*issed her back and made her sit up in bed. With her l*egs parted, Janet straddled his waist.

The two k*issed like there was no tomorrow, the tips of their tongues intertwined in a passionate dance. Janet m*oaned slightly, which instantly sparked his desire. Things were more tempting when the sun went down. Janet was wearing a silk nightdress, outlining her curvy figure delicately. She sat on Brendan’s lean waist, her thin lace underwear brushing against his pajamas.

Brandon stroked Janet’s smooth and tender t*high with one hand and rubbed her b*reas*t with the other hand through the thin fabric. The two k*issed, their breaths intertwined and their bodies hot.

Brandon’s fingers finally wandered to Janet’s u*nderwear, and he could feel that the fabric had already been soaked through. His fingers tinkered with her labia. Through the thin fabric, he could feel her slight quiver.

Janet threw her head back and m*oaned, thoroughly enjoying Brandon’s touch.

Finally, Brandon took off his pants, revealing the e*rect c*oc*k between his l*egs.

He slapped her b*ttocks and commanded in a voice thick with desire, “Sit up on me.”

“Are you still mad at me?” Brandon had already started pulling off Janet’s w*et underwear, and it had gotten stuck between her t*highs. Janet looked up at him with glassy eyes, and he knew that she wanted it, too.

Janet reached out and started stroking Brandon’s hot c*oc*k. This wasn’t the first time the two had had sex, but she was still a little nervous as she tried to wrap her small hand around the man’s thick p*eni*s.

Gritting his teeth, Brandon pinched Janet’s chin and forced his l*ips against hers. At the same time, his hand reached under her n*ightgown and rubbed her l*abia. Soon, a finger sl*ipped into her w*et p*uss*y. Brandon could feel the clear liquid d*ripping down the back of his hand.

He could hardly control himself anymore, but he still managed to keep his voice steady. “If you behave, I’ll consider forgiving you. Just look at how w*et you are.”

He withdrew his hand from Janet’s nether region and held it up in front of her. The slightly sticky l*iquid rolled down his finger and formed a clear droplet.

Biting her l*ips, Janet leaned back and spread her l*egs out. Looking at the huge c*oc*k in front of her, she slowly lifted herself and guided her p*uss*y to his p*eni*s.

The second they touched, she gritted her teeth and slowly sat down on him, receiving his c*oc*k in all its glory. “Hmm… Ahhh.” She was only able to swallow half of his long member, but it was enough to satisfy a little of their desire.

Brandon’s eyes had been bloodshot because he had been holding himself back. At this point, he couldn’t take it anymore. He held her waist and pulled her towards him quickly. 

“Ah!” Having been caught off guard, Janet couldn’t help but scream, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. “Brandon… Oh, my God…”

Brandon lifted her nightgown above her b*reas*ts and rubbed her pink n*ipples while simultaneously t*hrus*ting inside her violently.

Janet couldn’t even think straight now, she could only support herself by putting her hands on Brandon’s shoulders.

Holding her smooth t*highs tightly, Brandon’s eyes remained fixed on her. Her curvy b*reas*ts bounced as he fucked her. “Having fun?”

Janet was also bouncing on top of him so that he could go d*eeper and d*eeper insider of her. “Hmm…”

She had already lost her mind. All she could think about was that she was about to climax soon.

Brandon sensed this as well, and he kept t*hrus*ting inside of her as hard as he could. Soon, Janet’s l*ips parted and her back arched. Looking at the man under her, she climaxed.

At the same time, Brandon also came. The two of them savored the moment.

But before Janet could climb off of Brandon, he stopped her by grabbing her waist and then… He started all over again.

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