Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 23

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 23 Fill Me Up

Adam growled as she stared intensely back into his eyes, her boldness and confidence arousing Adam beyond the limits that he thought were possible.

Ann smirked.

“I’m not scared of you, Adam. Quite the opposite. I want you to fill my p*uss*y and f*uc*k me so hard that neither of us will remember the pain that we’ve had f0rced upon us. I might not be very experienced now, but I’m a quick learner and I’ll do my best to draw the same m*oa*ns of ecst@sy from your mouth as you do from mine.”

The huskiness of Ann’s voice, filled with a desire almost drove Adam over the edge, and without wasting any more time he picked her up and headed over to the large bed that dominated the main part of his room.

Adam stared down hungrily at her as he hurriedly removed his shirt and trousers. Ann f0rced herself to watch as he slid his trousers down with a smirk and his boxers followed closely after.

Her heart almost stopped at the sheer size of his c*oc*k. The sh@ft itself looked far too wide for her to accommodate and the bulging head seemed as if it were about to explode.

She swallowed nervously as he stroked himself in front of her and Maeve whistled lowly in her head.

‘Well…f*uc*k.’ Maeve whispered in an awestruck voice, ‘I’ll do my best but this is gonna hurt a little. Our Alpha is a big boy in every sense of the word…’

‘Maeve… he’s going to split me in two with that thing!!! 

How the hell am I going to accommodate THAT!’ Ann answered panic-stricken as Adam advanced towards her, his hand stroking eagerly at his thick sh@ft.

‘Hey! We aren’t quitters, Ann! Get a hold of yourself. If the next Luna Queen can’t handle a c*oc*k, then she’s going to struggle with dealing with the bastards at every event. You’re just going to have to s*ck it up… not literally though…. well… not until you’ve had more practice at least.’

Ann didn’t answer as Adam set upon her. He savaged her mouth with his lips as his hands kneaded roughly at her bre@sts and pulled at her n*pples.

His c*oc*k had found its way between her slick folds and as he rubbed his length against her eagerly she found herself making noises that sounded almost alien to her. His mouth worked lower down her neck until it found her n*pples and he bit down gently at each tender bud before sealing his mouth around them and s*cking greedily at her bre@sts alternating between them both and driving her into a frenzy.

Ann’s hands ran along his back and down his side, reaching for his enormous manhood to stroke it gently. Much to her dismay, she realized that she couldn’t even fit her hands around it and she felt him smirk against her n*pple.

His hand reached for hers and he moved it aside, lifting his head briefly as his mouth hovered above her n*pple. “Don’t worry Ann, I’ll get everything I need from between your legs, tonight I just want you to lay there and enjoy it. There will be time enough for you to repay me for this,” he said huskily.

The sarcastic retort that Ann had been about to utter turned into a scream as he bit down on her n*pple end at the same time as he pushed 2 fingers inside her dripping p*uss*y, as his thumb rolled around her sensitive nub. She felt a slight pressure and a sharp burst of pain as he pushed his fingers deep inside her walls.

The mix of ple@sure and pain rendered her speechless and as he pumped his fingers in and out of her, he gradually added another finger, curling them inside of her and hitting a spot that made her want to explode every time.

“Adam… f*uc*k.. I-It’s too much…” Ann protested as he pushed a fourth finger inside of her and rubbed furiously on her cl*toris with his thumb.

?Adam laughed darkly.

“This is nothing, Ann… there’s so much more to come … your p*uss*y is so tight around my fingers, I can’t wait to fill you with my c*oc*k.” He smirked down at her as he increased the speed of his fingers pumping in and out of her and continued his a*s*sault on her?

She clawed the sheets with her hands as his weight held her in place and stopped her from squirming too much as she reached her first 0rg@sm at his hands. He grinned triumphantly at the pitch of her cries.

As Ann tried to catch her breath, she thought that he would at least give her a chance to recover, but she was sorely mistaken.

As she lay panting on the bed, she felt the head of his c*oc*k at her entrance as he pushed slowly inside her.

The head was enormous and she panted loudly, whimpering under the sound of his curses of ecst@sy. “Fuuuuck, Ann. You’re so tight.” He m*oa*ned as he felt her p*uss*y resisting his insistent advance and her walls wrapping themselves tightly around his member. 

He moved his hand away from the sh@ft of his pen*s and began rubbing furiously at my sensitive nub. The spasms that his frenzied touch sent through her caused her hips to buck towards him, helping his c*oc*k slip deeper inside of her, as her screams of ple@sure tinged with pain echoed in his room.

Adam growled as he fought with his wolf for control. He was of the opinion that he should just bury himself inside of her f0rcefully. In his mind it made perfect sense, this way was prolonging her agony, but if he f0rced himself in, she would adjust to him as he moved slowly after the initial pain.

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