Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 30

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 30 Not Fated Mates

Ann’s heart sank as she realized that Alpha Nocturne had gotten all the way through the company building and actually made it into the area where her offices were located.

The fact that he was here at all was going to spread through the rumor mill at the company building like wildfire.

She groaned internally just imagining what sort of interrogation she was going to face from her father. She knew that her father disliked Alpha Nocturne, she had heard far too many rants over dinners together to think otherwise.

Now, he would want to know exactly why he was in his building and when he found out it was because of Ann … well, she shuddered to imagine the fallout.

At least she no longer had to worry about a wall of silence waiting for her when she got home and the sneaky tricks of her stepmother and stepsister.

“What are you doing here, Adam?” She asked with a sigh. He rushed over to her and stopped abruptly in front of her, just short of taking hold of her, but she could feel his eyes raking over her in an attempt to a*s*ses her for injuries.

“Are you hurt?” He asked gruffly.

His wolf sat just behind his eyes, glaring out menacingly. “Really, I’m fine. I’m sorry to have bothered you with all of this, I know you must be busy. It was Maeve, she can be a little… willful at times.”

Adam frowned.

“That’s not the version of events that I heard…”

“No? Well… you should learn to treat me as your Luna, shouldn’t you? I handled it. It’s no big deal.”

His eyes found the bruise marks around Ann’s neck and he growled.

“That doesn’t look like nothing, or that you handled it effectively. Who did this?”

“Really, Adam it’s…”

“I asked you a question, Luna. If I am to trust you then you need to be honest with me, as I will be with you.” He interrupted fiercely.

Ann scowled at him defensively.

“I don’t know why you’re so worked up…”

“Answer the question, Ann…” He growled as he took a few steps closer until his face was almost touching her own.

He wrapped his arms around her as if embracing his mate and murmured quietly in her ear.

“I need you to tell me, Ann. If you are disobedient… it won’t go unpunished…”

A shiver of anticipation ran through her body and she forcibly suppressed a whimper as Maeve purred happily inside her.

‘Oooo a punishment sounds like it would be fun…’

‘You’re not helping, Maeve!’ Ann replied, furious that not only was Adam ordering her around but that she was very much turned on by the thought of what his punishment might entail.

‘I know I’m not helping… I’m not trying to. I want him to punish us… I want him to…’ Maeve smirked before she was abruptly cut off.

‘THAT’S ENOUGH, MAEVE!’ Ann roared internally as she shut her out.

Adam chuckled beside her as he traced his lips along her cheek.

“I can smell you, you know… your w*etness…” He murmured huskily as Ann’s heart rate increased. “You’re making me want to sip inside your slick w*et folds all over again…”

“Well, that’s lovely for you, but I don’t have time for this, Adam,” she replied testily, stepping away from him as he glowered at her with his smoldering eyes.

For the first time in her life, Ann was completely fl*stered and she wrapped her arms around herself in a protective gesture.

“Ann, I do not like people touching what is mine. Like it or not, you are mine… and you have been treated badly. I cannot let this go unpunished.” Adam insisted as he stepped towards her again with a look full of meaning in his eyes.

Ann glanced towards the men that he had brought into the room with him nervously and he paused in his advance, turning his head slightly towards them.

Adam realized that the presence of his men was making Ann self-conscious and with a wave of his hand he dismissed them.

Ann swallowed a little nervously as she realized that she was alone in the room with him.

“You didn’t have to send them out, Adam..” She offered weakly as she took a step back. 

He almost looked like he was stalking her as he moved toward her purposefully.

Ann flinched as her backside came to rest against the table and watched Adam with wide eyes.

“You don’t need to be scared of me, Ann. Although we’re not fated mates, I still intend to treat you as one, and this…” He growled softly as he indicated the finger marks on her neck, “should be punishable by death in my eyes.”

“Adam, please…” Ann whispered softly as his fingertips traced the marks on her neck and his brows furrowed in concern.

“There is no begging Ann… not unless it’s for my c*oc*k.” He smirked.

His fingers trailed their way down her neck and across her bre@sts as held her gaze firmly. His fingertips continued lower, trailing down along her stomach and along the surface of her thighs.

Adam leaned forward until his lips were mere centimeters from her own and smiled softly.

“Tell me who did this, Ann…”

“I… I can’t…” she began, but her words were cut off by a breathless m*oa*n as Adam slipped his hand up her skirt and traced the outline of her folds with his fingers. He pressed firmly on her sensitive nub and chuckled at the m*oa*n that escaped her lips.

“Just their name, Ann…” he coaxed.

“I… Ohh, f*uc*k… Adam… we can’t., not here..”

“There’s no such thing as can’t. I am your Alpha, and you are my Luna. You are mine to f*uc*k and mine to ple@sure… and mine… to protect.” He growled huskily as he moved her p*an*tie*s to the side and ran his fingers along her slick folds.

Ann gasped as his head dropped to her neck, and he lightly bit the tender skin.

“You have no idea how much I want to bury myself inside you right now, Ann…”

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